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Seniors Underclass 


MBMIMi^ -_ . 


3 5899 00108 8651 


_^ K-Tjfl^jd IB 

; »- 

- „, 


1 ^~ 

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##4Myf!« I . 



S^-.'f, 1 


1 B 


** - 

JF^** 1 


1 H 










--■ - - 

King Philip Regional 
High School 

2C 1 franklin Street 
Wrentham, Massachusetts C2C93 

Tel. 5C8-J84-1CCC fA\ 5C8-384-J875 

Hie Chieftain 

Volume 49 


Alicia Gahan, Tanya Willson, 
Ariane Werboff, Janine 

Wolfrum, Hannah Zuckerman, 

Emily Zervos, Cailyn Varkas, 

Lauren Wencus, Chrissy 

Walsh, and Lauren Vesty show 

their spirit during homeroom 

WeVe Get Spirit! 

k fm 

Nick Benson shows 
his spirit with a 
fuzzy hat! 

Jennie Kenniston's 

war paint shows 

her KP spirit! 

Kelsey Brennan 
decked out in her 
class colors! 

Don't mess with . 

Brad Harrison's ' 

spirit! | 


Star Si* 

Kristen Lawler, Sarah Miller, 
and Renae Lessard are livin 1 it 
up at the Senior Pep-Rally! 





A . - t\ 



£ > 


1 fj 


% 3 

J -^ 

^^^^^^^M ,^H ™ ■ i *mf „„ 



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c m 

berger, Kelly PasquaB i^MfiJLfejpall^ 



aitlin Chipman, i 

S^lie Cuozzo, Kelsey Hoi eran 

. Will Sir 

Irs. 1 

/CP M/ 

Marie D'Angelo 
•;-." wears her yellow 
<' proudly! 

John Robbins gets f. 
pumped at the | 
Senior Pep-Rally! 

! Dave Condlin goes 
all out with green 
hair dye! 

Lori Wardner ^L\jll ^ 
lookin' fine in her *** 
green and gold! * 


Star Si. 

Katie Sharron, Jeanne 
Murphy, Stephanie Daniel, 
Kelsi Civitarese hanging out on 
the football field before our 
senior class picture! 

Hmvr Tff Senior f 

-^ 98^ - v 

Dan Pegg is 
bursting with KP 

Kelly Pasquantonio I 
leaps around in her 

Brenna McHale is 
excited to finally be 
a senior! 

Who could have 

more spirit than 

Evan Butler! 



Mic-W "BeASYbossx 3. SUaw^ Clex*^, Will Small, <*kv?I Sam 
U*&Vier c4re«« up Jk-i "tiici- c-oukitry we,«&."terv-» <*Hre. -for 
Spirit" "Pay. 4-. I<vn SulWaio ^e^ W*& wc-"icme, "taV-evi 


Nick I ei i\< 1 1 


I ellv I »isqi fcii itcnic 

\/i/>r I'm 

ftaelyn rodd 


Colleen Ideals 


Elizabeth Abbate 

LIKES: Reading, singing, dancing. Mil's, clogs, (irccn 

Day. opera, Weird Al, Tail & winter, I SPA, snow, 

recitals, chorus, latin, Disney, Europe, BFCCS. 

DISLIKES: Oregano, people who don't work lo their 

FAVORI I E MEMORY: Fly swallci 
stales & districts 04, chorus. MICC'A 

jazz, voice lessons. 


world, meet Billy Joe Armstrong. FAVORI II. 

SAYINCi: "Geez Louis!" OTHER: Thanks to my 

iends and family lor pulling up w ilh me during the 

lasi lour years. Congrats Class of '06! 

Jessica Abramo 

Jess, Jcssalyn 

LIKES: Eire, shiny objects, being w' friends 

DISLIKES: Humidity, lights, loud noises, ni 

objects. FAVORITE MEMORY: Disney. 

At I IVI'I I.S: Diversity, chorus. FOUND 

woods, with a book. AWARDS: MICCA-stf 

Award. FAVORI 1 1. SAYING: "I reject yoi 

and substitute il with my own." 

Eric Anderson 

Lori S. Andrew 

Scott Anderson 

LIKES: Buddies, fires, Cape, beach, all nightcrs, ski 
boarding, the non-cxistant bridge, concerts, bible. 

Jesus. DISLIKES: People who don't wave back, tho: 
who lake things too seriously, ohtrusiv e colognes, 
eating dog food, using other people's toilets. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Beach days. Lake Champit 

ACTIVITIES: Young life, Wyldclifc. FOUND: At the 
beach. AMBITION: To keep on smiling wherever God 

lakes me and to spread joy and love in the process. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I like il! It's ok... ils good! It's 

terrible! It's my favorite! Oh snap!" OTHER: Do not 

transformed by the renew ing of 

Kara Arvidson 


La. Zil. Crunchy 

LIKES: My chicas, SCS. my twix mix. Jasmine. 

Gazebos, concerts, fire-days, turtles, sour patch kids. 

Starbucks, Panera. FOB. Target, noses. Loyally '05. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: 83/03. getaway car. girls' 

night. CC w/SS. JM '04. DC '05. TK '05. slalkin' w/my 

girls. 2/13/04. Cahoon Hollow. Lion King. Stairs 

w KRP. me.\ chase w KE & KP. bike rides v\7 NC. 

k-12 w MH. pirates w ' MA & LD, spa night w, the 

mix, slumbers w MA & Jazz, 16. rain swimmin'. 

SOTP night. FOUND: vv,< SS. w/ the girls. Rodman. 

Clicquot, dri\ ing. Target. AMBITION: Run Boston 

Marathon, always be happy, bean actress, join Peace 

Corps. FAVORITE SAYING: "Whaldidyoujuslsay?" 

OTHER: Mom. Dad. Belle. Scott, and My Girls, thank 

you for everything, I love you all! 

LIKES: Freedom, music, art. snow boarding, friends. 

Phish. summer, parties, weekends. Johnny Depp. 

vacations, lacrosse, soccer. DISLIKES: Gelling in 
trouble, tattle tails, curfews. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Big Summer Classic '05. Trey Concert '05. conventry 
'04, Wrenstock '02. '03. SKI TRIPS '02. '03. '04. Phish 
at Tweeter. ACTIVITIES: Playing piano. Lax '03-'06, 
soccer '02-'05. peer leadership '03-'()6. FOUND: Willi 

B. A. E & L. AWARDS: Silver medal at MICC'A. 
AMBITION: To pursue a life of happiness and obtain 

a job I enjoy. FAVORITE SAYING: "Is all good." 
OTHER: Thanks lo my parents for always supporting 
me 1 00% even through the hardest limes. Thank you 

Dave and Kale for being a great brother & sisler. 

111 - ■ ' " m ll " IJ 




Austin Ashworth 

summer, Mr. Bubbles, food, music. Skittles, Ihe 

beach, friends. Cape Coil, skiing, boartlin', know ledge 

DISI IKES: When people dislike things. FAVORITE 

MI'Ml >RY : Frisbee, crazy summers, going lo Hoslon, 

ACTIVI I'KS: XC, spring/winter Hack, Leo club. 
SNIIS. NIIS, Frishcc, and ski club. FOUND: Runnim 

around Wrcntham. AWARDS: History day award, 
MVP I'or XC, best newcomer lor XC. AMBITION: I. 
travel the world and lo help people along the way. Be 
all I can be. FAVORITE SAYING: ■■When the going 

net lough, the lough uel going!" "L IliIi!" "Raimafa!" 

Kevin Baker 

)e\\ , \ iileo u.amcs, irickhm. mv 

sandwiches, bad cell phone service. FAVORITI: 
MEMORY: Buying my Nissan 350Z. AC" II VI III 
Ealing ramen, motocross. FOUND: Ai Joe's house 
AMBITION: Meet Tifa from Golden Panda. 

Kara Casque 

LIKES: Beach, snow, pink sunsets, snow boarding. 

wakeboarding, skimboarding. shopping. DISLIKES: 

Curlew, liars. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mitchell's 

class, track w/ Allie, Jake Test, Sandhill limes, ski 

trips, CCs w/ crew, Johnny's, summer '04. 

Phish-Manslield '04-Maine-OAR, P'villc kids. Cail's 

1'ri. nights. Brendan's. ACTIVITIES: Varsity lacrosse, 

soccer, track, student council, executive board member. 

Mass elite. AWARDS: Honorable mention-l.AX '05. 

AMBITION: Be happy in whatever I do. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Lire's heller at the beach." OTHER: 

Thanks Mom and Dad lor your patience and lor 

helping me out and everything. I.arissa you will always 

be my best friend. Chris you will always he my favorite 

guy-love you all. 

Danielle Christina 

Danni, D-Block 


LIKES: Family, friends, pizza, movies, animals, the 

beach, summer, vacations, laughing. Jen (i. 

DISLIKES: Cold weather, homework, dresses, gelling 

up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 2005. 

A. A. ACTIVITES: Hanging out with friends, 
babysitting, work. FOUND: At [he movies, driving in 

my car with friends. AMBITION: To become a 

licensed veterinarian. FAVORTIE SAYING: "I didn't 

do anything." Oil IER: Thank you to my family and 

friends for always being there. I love you Mom, Dad. 

and Cody! 

Colleen Beals 

DISLIKES: Bowling, root beer floats, drama, viol 

ACTIVITIES: Student government-Treasurer 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Mlike new friends, but k 

the old. One is silver, but the other is gold." 

Nicholas Charles 

Dobert Belcher 

LIKES: Baseball, football, and technics 

DISLIKES: Soccer, lacrosse, and parking. 

MEMORY: Eire, gas, cold and wale 


than I am. FAVORITE SAYING: "Don't 

John Bermingham 

LIKES: Poker, underdogs, Sox, Pals, Fridays, eon hole, 

summer, persistence, Taco Bell, fishing, outdoors, 
country music, thunderstorms. DISLIKES: Draw outs, 

pessimists, mornings, rude people, disorganization. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: KPWBL, ski trips, hockey 
games. Pals' game, ,lr.& Sr. Proms, poker nights, 

bow ling w/ the crew, late night Taco Bell runs, AL's 
birthday at Acapolco's, bonfire. ACTIVITlES:Tcnnis 

'02-'O6, eapt. '06, class president '04-'06, DECA stale 

officer '05-'06. Found: Home, with friends, Shaw's. 
AMBITION: To be happy in life and become an Army 

officer. FAVORITE SAYING: "I he man that thinks 

Angela At. Bethone? 

Ang, Angebeth 

LIKES: July 4lh, New England, concerts, funk, trees, 

fresh sheels, rain, new CDs, skateboarding. 

DISLIKES: Skipping, broken glass, dehydration. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: BFA in Vigo, weekends @ 

Burlington, Brendy's post prom, Altima ride home. 

Phish 8/10, Coventry '04. Pats' Parades, World Series 

'04. gathering of the Vibes '05. FAVORITE SAYING: 

"Life moves pretty last. If you don't slop to look around 

once in a while, you might miss it." OTHER: Thanks 

Mom for being the coolest mom around. Mall.Thanks 

for being the best, funniest older brother, I look up to 

you. Frank, you're an awesome older brother and one 

of the funniest kids I know. I love you guys! Brenna, 

Kara, Lori thanks for being the best best friends ever! 

Caitlin Elisabeth 

I Ukuiii 

Cailie, Cait, Cat, I urby, (iumhy. Penguin 

LIKES: Coffee, music, computers, penguins, art, 
psych, singing, colored pens, eyes, hands, aninie. rai 

humidity, yankees. FAVORITE MEMORY: Bazooka, 

LI- visiting, Boston with MM. SP's blonde moments, 

my one-track mind! BM'S b'day. ACTIVITIES: 

Diversity. FOUND: My room, friends' houses, work, 

Rumsey's office. FAVORITE SAYING: "Do NOT 

touch the penguin!" "All! DON"! POKE ME!" 

OTHER: My friends: I love you wouldn't have made it 

without you. Manda: You've got so much going for 

you. (iood luck, kid! 

Christie Clack 


LIKES: Puppies, Florida, sunshine, music, movies, 

reality TV shows, shopping, my side kick, my iPod. 
DISLIKES: Snow, being cold, cats, spiders, meatballs, 

mealloaf, hamburgers, sad as... actually most food. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Art class and Kramer's 

"Class." ACTIVITIES: Nothing specific. FOUND: A 

quarter, a dime, and a penny on heads. AMBITION: 

To live in a castle, drive a hot car. and be on the cover 

of every magazine. FAVORITE SAYING: "Row your 

Boat." "Row my boat where? Gently down the 

Samantha Clack 


LIKES: Life, music, DCT'C, artsy stuff, true friends, 

Boston, Jenny's laugh, real hugs, & conversations. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Growing up w/ Beals, 

Snoopy's w7 LP, Jamaica, 

Eronious, NH, Feed the Pede, prom, Ohio. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "If you can't laugh at yourself, life's gonna 

seem a whole lot longer than you'd like." -Garden 

Slate. FOUND: In Natick with Mikey. OTHER: 

Thanks so much to everybody who's been a friend. I'll 

never forget you liuys. 

Christine Bluhm 

Chrissy, Donna, BB 

LIKES: SPM, family, friends, Sox, Pals, buddy, milky 

and hoots, weekends, O.C., cows, summer, 

Anchorman. DISLIKES: Mondays, Yankees, 

drama-girls, Roche Bros, lights, homework. 

FAVORITE~MEMORY: Summer '05, lalle in my gas 

lank days, prom '05, all the good limes '02-06, wolf 

and cowdays, 4-28-05. FOUND: w/ Sean, MB and the 

ladies, in Pepe, "IT." FAVORITE SAYING: 

"Everything happens for a reason." OTHER: Thanks 

Mom. Dad. Kevin. Sean and friends for always being 

there for me. You all mean the world to me. I couldn't 

have done it w/oul you. Good Luck Kevin! Good luck 

and God bless the Class of '06! 

Atatthew Eocock 

LIKES: Summer, pizza, the Camaro, fishing, the Cape, 
poker. Red Sox, BK suns with GS, Harold and Kumar, 

Music, P'ville. DISLIKES: Homework, Dr. Pepper, 
summer reading. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '05 

w/ BS, I'D, (iS, prom '05, Dispatch concert 7/3 1/04 
wilh (iS, SD, Pats' parade, Ari's house w/BS, I'D, AD, 

AM. ACTIVITIES: Soccer freshman and sophmore 

year. FOUND: In the Camaro, at work, w/BS, I'D, 
Mirror Lake, CPA, P'ville. AMBITION: To be 

Kelsey E. Brennan 

Kels, KB. Chef 

LIKES: Patriots, Frisbee, Cape Cod. classic rock. Star 

Wars, fiip Hops. O.C., Wendy's, defkaltanc, soccer, 

boogie boarding, family. Princess Jasmine. DISLIKES: 

Fish, pre-calc, Yankees, slinkbugs. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Reg. Milk v.s. chocolate milk, turkeys in 
the yard, eampouls. Pond Street '05, fire day. O.O.B. 

Dance Contest 2000, Indy, Wendy's, bike rides, 

Quebec City. ACTIVITIES: Jazz '02-'06. soccer, Leo 

club. ILM. 1 0th. NHS. ultimate Frisbee. FOUND: In 

shelldonville with the crew. AWARDS: B.O.A.. IA.IE 


College, become a teacher, live life to the fullest! 

FAVORITE SAYING: "It's just a ride." OTHER: 

Thanks for all the uood limes! 

Brian Briselli 

B, Bopes, Raul 

LIKES: Skateboarding, snowboarding, music, ultimate 
Frisbee, TV, food, sleep, hockey. DISLIKES: English, 
homework, Spanish language as a whole, most modern 

nusic, awkward situations. I-Av 


School ski trips, skateboarding 

villi the bucks crew 

GP), late night hockey, ultimate 

Frisbee wilh frieiK 

"Dedham Jonathan." ACTIVIT 

ES: 1 knew 1 forgot 

something... AWARDS: Hoik 

ir Roll, Team Boh Captain. AMBITION: 

To become a civil 

engineer, stay in contact with c. 

lose friends, and to 

never quit skating. FAVORITI 


(iod. Dave!' 



\\ ira-ii i r*" 

Kristen Crock 

B-Rock, Brocko, Brock, Brockovich, FROG, KB-Ster 

LIKES: Smiles, friends, flamingos, ice cream, writing 

letters to Johnny (KF), chicken, mac 'n cheese, hanging 

out w/my besl friend KF. DISLIKES: Seeing people 

when they're sad, when KF gets mad, grumpy people, 

reading boring books. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going 

to Kelsey's house after soccer, not being able lo walk 

up the stairs, eating mac 'n cheese, drinking lots of 

water. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Softball, NAIIS, Leo 

club, peer leadership, OS. FOUND: On a road trip 

with KF and JM. AMBITION: Go to college, become 

FAVORITE SAYING: "You've got to take the good 

with the bad and smile with the sad, love what you got 

and remember what you had." OTHER: Thanks Mom, 

Dad. and Evan! I love you guys! 

Kelly Crown 

Midge, Cow Bells, DTKB, Kwaz, Moosecakes, Kelso 

LIKES: Loud music, P'villc, old ears, old men, tattoos. 

piercings, art, sunsets, thunderstorms. Red Sox Nation, 

sleeping late, stars, late night phone calls. DISLIKES: 

Fake people, Wrentham, conformity, overly-happy 

people, arrogance. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 

'04, CGN, 

Maine w/ JEL, Boston w/ JL & DB, Cape days, the 

Bubble. AMBITION: To be happy, become a 

successful artist & writer, & have a family. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "You're only as strong as the 

tables you dance on & the friends that you hold on lo." 

OTFIER: Thanks to my Mom for always being there & 

everyone else, thanks for the memories, I love you all 

& I'll never forget you! 

Nicole Buckley 

Elizabeth Bukis 

LIKES: Sleeping in cars in parking lots w/ AW, KM, 

JC, losing weight. Mud, riding, my bike, morning 

chats w/JB. DISLIKES: Authority, dress code, rules, 

war. George W. Bush, organized religion, sand, slow 

people, spatulas, body jewlery, racism. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: DC with LK, KB. Disney with LK, KB. 

Ml). KB, Mb '04, MB 'O2-'03, CG '03, NEIIMF '02. 

FOUND: Anywhere but school, shows. Boston, broken 

down cars. FAVORITE SAYING: "Too fast lo live, too 

young lo die."-Sjd Vicious. "KCARC!" 


LIKES: Summer, boys, parties, sleeping, friends and 

family, hugs, tumbling, turtle ice cream, 

thunderstorms. DISLIKES: Drama, gossip, fake 

people, liars, mornings. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

BUD, recitals, dance, playground. Kiss concert 

5/1 1/05, Oasis and Jet concert, movies w/ TT, chillin' 

with MM. ACTIVITIES: Dance, NAHS, newspaper, 

track '02-'03, winter cheer '03. FOUND: w/SP, @ my 

house, dance, the beach and sleeping. AMBITION: To 

be a graphic designer. FAVORITE SAYING: "And in 

the end it's not the years of life but the life in years." 

OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, Kath, and Joe. I love 

you so much and you mean everything lo me. SP I love 

you and I never would have gollen through wilhoul 

you, thanks for everything. 

Amy E. Bullock 


LIKES: Jesus, good company, laughing, family, tennis. 

spring, country music, friends, long talks, cuddling, 

hugs, pictures, the Volv. singing, cookouts, camping. 

drive-in movies, sales, teamwork. DISLIKES: 

Grudges, regret, lies, waking up early. FAV. 

MEMORY: Being late everyday, Hawaii w/JF '03, 

NARCON '04 & Anaheim '05 w/ J A 3. ACTIVITIES: 

Tennis '02-'06(Capt.'06), f.h. '02-'06, Leo '02-'06, 

STUCO '02-'06, NHS '04-'06, DECA '04-'06, 

Yearbook '03-'06( Editor '06). FOUND: @ JW's house, 

working on the y.b. AMBITION: To have my life 
glorify God! OTHER: Dad & Mom-thank you for all 
your support and encouragement! Jon, Becky-Thanks 
for paving the way for me! Tim, Christine, Jen-enjoy 
being young, never lose your sense of fun!-l love you 
" all. God Bless Class of'06! 

Jonathan Burgess 

Jon, Johnny Burgess 

LIKES: Snowboarding. Frisbec, sleeping late, the 

Grateful Dead, Lake Sebago, Mr. Nadeau, Jeffrey 

Nadeau, Potatoe, Bopes, Diggles, Colin Clark, Lee 

Wee, Mr. Bubbles, Jeff Chin. DISLIKES: Bananas, 

George W. Bush, conservatives, War. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Frantically searching for change with 

Dave, Tim and Ali in order lo pay Ihe toll man. Train 

rides home from Boston. Ski Trips, Bucks Crew RIP. 

ACTIVITIES: Frisbee, NHS, SNHS, being a nerd, 

pulling cobble stones on people's door steps, ski club. 

FOUND: Picking up hitch hikers. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "You can't always get what you want, but if 

you try sometimes you just might find that you get 

what you need" OTHER: You will never forget the 

name of... Ciold Dust! 

Joseph Burgess 

Ashley Lynn Burke 

LIKES: Friends, sleeping, movies. TV. inside jokes. 

laughing, the beach, vacations, food, shopping, driving 

dancing, camping, summer, snow days and music. 

DISLIKES: School, getting up early, cleaning, work. 

sports, being broke, mean people, fast food, winter. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '05, Junior yr. 

random drives w/ SD.BS. and IT. Olive Garden. 

getting lost in Providence and anything w/SD.BS. and 

TT. FOUND: In bed. the mall, out to dinner. w/SD.BS. 

and TT. driving my car. AMBITION: Become a 

teacher, get married and have kids, be happy and 



Atichaela J. Burke 

Mikki. Mikki-Kayla. Hit. Mikey 

I IklS: Red Sox. Cheering, talks on ihe jelly w/ AS. 
laying under ihc stars, DISI ikl S: Yankees, snobs, _ 

faced people, clowns. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Cheering, stales \\ 'the girls. Rage!. quad pod. Jimmv 's 

Pub w Rage & kR. kR. JH, New Bedford al 3 w/ 
kRJ!. summers ai the Cane house w AS & BM, beach 

Ragelles. watching spoils, with AS. CM. kR. Al) anil 

l)S. AMBI I ION: I lave a family, work for a sports. 

team. FAVORITE SAVINCi: "Be who you are and say 

what you feel because those who mind don't matter 

ami those who matter dbn'l mind." OTHER: Mom & 

Dad. thanks for everything & always supporting me in 

my dreams, I love you! To my friends ami family. 

ihanks for always being there! 

Catherine Burt 

LIKES: My uher friends, family, marching band. 

Queen. Ihe Beatles ami Johnn) Depp. DISI IklS: 
[laving to leave high school. I AVORITI: MEMORY: 

Boa '04. mb buses, Aida, Disnev World. Ind) "05. 
uniorAP English. ACTIVITIES: CAPS, Sachem, mb. 
svmphonv band. FOUND: Hand room, mini hallwav 
galliering place. AWARDS: I lonor roll and ke\ club. 


"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is 

islening. Love like you've never been hurl and live like 

il's heaven on faith. '"-Mark I wain. 


^'<^ ■ V^i 





■ A 



Evan Christopher 


IklS: Music, food, friends. Cape Cod, arguing. Re 
Son, competition, tall people, traveling, sleeping. 

nughier. noi working, punctuality, water, ihe bridge 

DISI IklS: Work, people who work, wailing. 

ignorance, losing things, drinks that aren't water. 


relaxing and music. POUND: Where Ihe music is 

laying. FAVORITE SAYING: "Oh snap!" OTHER 

Height 6"5" 

Kevin Byrne 

Cyan At. Cameron 

Ry. Muggsj 

KMH. summers i 

g lo eounlrv .^ 

and Scottish. St. Patrick's Day, Boston, Red So\. be 
snowed in. DISI IklS: Slow drivers. Yankees. 
franklin, working, olives, exams. FAVORI IT 
Ml Ml )RY: Cruise lo Mexico. MV '05. summers ; 

Cape house. ACTIVITIES: Hockey. Baseball 

AMBI I ION: lo succeed in life. OTHER: Ihanks 

mv family. Dad. Mom. Joe ami kev in. 

Robert Campbell 

I IklS: 1 rishee. mils 
iemls. physics. travelli 


iv. I otR. New 

ass. junior AP 

rip. Hood early release day. lire day. I olR. 
Year's. '04. 1 alin elass, physics elass, jnnio 
English. Mahna Malma. ACTIVITIES: Ulti 
shee, GAPS, tennis, jazz. Sachem. I'OUNi: 
mi or auditorium. AWARDS: MIC'C'A (ink 
nld. AMBI I ION: To go lo college, go lo gr 

-Ohi-Wan keno 

Atatthew Cardillo 

I Ikl S: Soccer, planes, living, music, movies 
snow hoarding, family Guy, ami mv friends. 
DISI IklS: I lomcwork, had drivers, getting up e; 
Yankees. FAVORI If MEMORY: Summer '05 
Europe with Pat and Eric. ACTIVITIES: Socci 
'02-'06. DEC A. operation B.A.M.F. FOUND: So. 
fields, snowboarding. Norwood airport, air shows 
friends. AWARDS: Hit place DEC A Stales. 
AMBI HON: I o become a pilot for a major airli 
I AV( >RI If SAYINt i: -Any landing that you e 
walk away front is a gooil one." O II UK: Thank v 
m\ family for always being there. 



Lea Carr 




Miilh. I AVORIII. MEMORY: Winning I he Alice 
Church Award. ACTIVITIES: Metacomel 

I'll grapher. FOUND: Library. AWARDS: Alice 

Church Award. AMIII I ION: Pholographcr, video 
name desiuner, chel". author. I A V( >R1'I I . SA YIN< I: 

Carter Chamberlain 

I.IKF.S: Science, math. DISLIKES: Due dales 
A< I IVI I IIS: RPGClub, Wrcntham Arts' Fesli 
volunteer. AWARDS: Eagle Seoul Award. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I Ibraol how lo think. 

francine Chi 


, eampouls, eamplircs, slecpovei 

rude people, waning, sircss, public rcslrooms. 
AVI >RI IT Ml M( IKY: (I I '(14, < 'hristmas Parly '04, 
( iS '(I.S, lalenighl Wendy's runs. Kl' lire day. wild 
mipoul nighls. AMIil 1 1( IN: I lave Inn and live life lo 
le I'ullesl. I AV( >KI I 1 SAYING "I il'e moves pretty 

Mom <V I lad for your support! 

Jeffery A.f. Chin 

Racists, cloudy 

MEMORY: (ielluir 

school because ol 
ski Irins. ACTIVI 

hccoiiic an cni'incel 

TIMS: Running, biking, tennis. Nl IS. 

HIND: (in my road biking m Norfolk 

AWARDS: Honor roll. AMHIIION: 

mincer. FAVORITE SAYINii; "Pain 

Caitlin C. Chipman 

I I K IS: Alhc. Kelsey, I .ori. Kayse, and Kelly, couni 

music, movies, IV nights with the girls KS Ml I S( i 

A( ', the 1 1.( .. dancing, holidays. II I, choc. chip 

cookies. DISLIKES: Mean Girls/ waking up early 
being sick. I AVORIII: MEMORY: ISIhh'daySVI 

Nil 'II.?. p'ville with Is Mil I, vacation vv/( uo//os. 
( ape Willi I A i Kl'. New Year's. Sally Dobbs, lent 

Is I \s. 7/0-1, Oslcmlle. P.I S„ Olivet iarden vv7 Is I 
\U\ i EJ, Prom, DARI slumbers. Chatham, the dan 
girlies .Hi, KP. I I. MK, SA..IA, JP I Mis. Nulcracl 
costumes. Ihc /oo. Disney, N.I vv/ Isl*. l-laes, videi 

. Mom, I lad, Kclley, 

( 'onor, I love you ! 

Natalie C. Chipman 

vcsly, jil'ovv ll)}' up w/ s 
I > S .V A.I , pottery pal 
wiih I la. bikerides vv/ 

i. bikerides vv/ lor. double dales w/ A 
lallaNc! AC I IVI IMS W.O.A.M. Yi 
en's Financial Network, NAIIS. I co< 
ive hiiartl, AMItl I ION Hi have Inn. 
al Design, and have sonic kids. IAV( 
SAYINd "Work hard plav harder" 

l\elsi Civitarese 

( "ivi, Kciv. Kcls 

IKES; SI). IM. KS. Ml 

ill. US, GM.TR. lal 
Red Sox. Pals, the 
I IKES: I iars. dark. 

c'liinks, 4/10/04. Sehago, Nil, II 

sliniau yi. OTA, hoi di i. Ill) 

dniglll hike ride, loolhall games, 


Shawn t). Clear? I 

spoils. Red So\. 

driving, I 'SMC. |'ci logelhers. 
George W Redemption. DISI II 

makeup, reading, curlews. I'AVi IRI 1 1 Ml M< IRY 
Nl'l It . I'l' ii ; lis. Jimmy HulTcll '(15, Hoslon o:. 

/ '■. and ( "s house, ehillin' with Ihc bovs FOUND 
I .osi black eai with while spots answers lo "Milieus" 

I AVORI 1 1 SAYINO: "Pi s weakness leaving the 

body " 

. Good luck lie 

King Philip's Leading Characters 

Sean Cochrane 

LIKES: Winning, [botball. Pal's, lailgating. PP. K(i. 

cruises, bedazzled, wet mango, lunch, Friday night 

lights, chillin' and Bteam. DISLIKES: New York, 

Yankees. Punks. 

4 am paper deliveries, losing, homework, liars, math 

and slow drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY; P.P "04. 

DMB, mud bowl-Bleam, 7-4. 7-6. sketchy Medl'ield, 

PL w7 1)1). OCI1 and walking the dog w/ Hip. 

AMBITION: Having fan in life. OTHE 
Mom. Dad. Becky and Kalhy. 

Angela Cole 

Ange, Spangey 

I.IKES: #15, laughing, Sox. b'ball, pink, s'ball, friends. 

FH, JT, beach, Cali, Nicky's. Boston, family. 
DISLIKES: Doubles, grudges, immaturity, Franklin, 

losing, rudeness, Yankees, slippery bleachers. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh FH, Girls" Night '05, 
JT w/ LW, World Series '05. New Years w/ AC, CC, 
KP, Turko, Mitch's, watching #30 play. ACTIVITIES: 

FH (1-4), b'ball (1-4), Softball (1-4). SADD (1-4), 
Sluco (2-4), NAHS (4). FOUND: On the field/court. 

Polo, w ilh Lori. AWARDS: SADD VP and Pre/. 

OTHER: Mom - thanks for teaching me how to be so 

strong. you; Christine - yogurt covered raisins or 

the way to swim class; keep up the hard work, you're 

going places; Gram and Gramps - thank you for 

inspiring me; Lor- thanks for being my bestest. 

Greg Cook 


LIKES: Straight edge!. Hardcore, Punk Rock, BHC, 

SXE, my band (The Chase Is On), friends, my 

girlfriend Mary and hangouts. DISLIKES: Drugs. 

alcohol, tobacco, people vv/o common sense, school. 

law enforcement, internet slang, lol and omg. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Ferlands, anything with 

Smurkie, shows, hangouts w 7 friends and being w ith 

the girlfriend. ACTIVITIES: Band practice, going to 

shows, playing shows, hanging vv7 friends and 

girlfriend. FOUND: Raging hard. AMBITION: To 

make something of myself. 

Allie Cove 

LIKES: Friends. Sex & the City, beach. Pats+Sox, 
pre-gaming. dejavu.DP's, scrubs. DISLIKES: Money. 

materialistic girls, good-byes, authority, judgement, 
stress, "that feeling." FAVORITE MEMORY: Miami 
w7 SG, MH. KS. Maine '05, frosh sneak outs, bff day. 

FH w/ BF + JT, Cape w7 KM + KG, Halloween at 
BH's + DF's, New Years in Randolph, Feb vaca '04 - 
'05, xmas vaca vv7 KC. Pats' parades. 4th of July wknd 

'05, Columbus Day wknd '04, Girls Night. 9/10/05, 
proms. Boston w/ KC, SG, MH. DC. b'days. OTHER: 

To my family-thanks for helping me along the way. 
Thanks to KC. SG. MH, - KS- 1 couldn't have asked 
for belter best friends. I love vou. Good Luck Class of 

Thomas C. Cochrane 

loin. I.C.. I 

LIKES: food, sports, music, girls. #30, family. 

summer. Red Sox. Patriots. Celtics, football, lifting. 

lady in red hat. (KB. DISLIKES: Losing. Yankees, 
liars, sprints, running, happy circle. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Football 2003, trips to Dairy Queen. 
football camp 1-4. the firebird, mud bowl bteam. 

AWARDS: freshman football offensive MVP. \arsity 

sophomore defense MVP. varsity junior turkey day 

offensive MVP, 2005 football Captain. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Go big or go home." and "Got to have 

heart." OTF1ER: Thank you Mom and Dad. I love vol 

and thanks for always bcin<: there for me. 

David Condlin 

Dig, Diggley, Dave- 

LIKES: Playing sports, hanging out with friends. 

snow hoarding, filming, music, warm weather, all New 

England sports. DISLIKES: Homework, SATs, high 

gas prices, gelling up early, silling in traffic, spiders. 

the dentist, bad teachers, cold weather. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Playing ultimate Frisbee with friends. 

skiing, visiting my friend in Florida, making skits. 

going to the Red Sox and Pats' parade, getting 

dismissed from school early ACTIVITIES: Frisbee 

basketball, filming, golf, baseball, snow boarding. 

AWARDS: Honor Roll. AMBITION: majoring in 

communications and film studies. FAVORITE 

SAYING: Ugh!, woops, you bet. 

Rebecca Corcoran 

LIKES: Dance, live theater, retail therapy, mes amis 

SR, JW. LA, EP, AG, JA, AK. JR. good books. 

Friends reruns. NYC. DISLIKES: Chocolate, 

disrespect, outdoors. FAVORITE MEMORY: Disney 

'03 vv/Slep Above Dancers. NYC '05, Junior Prom. 

Nutcracker '03. ACTIVITIES: NHS. French club, 

competitive dance company, community theater. 

tutoring. FOUND: dance studio. AWARDS: FNHS, 

honors. AMBITION: To be CEO of a global business. 

OTHER: It's been a fabulous four years and good luck 

to everyone's future endeavors! To all my friends. I'll 

miss you very much! Here's to the class of 2006. 

Jeffrey Crompton 

LIKES: Music, lacrosse, drama. DISLIKES: Country 

Western Music, the unknown, lapses of intrinsic 
morality. FAVORITE MEMORY: Running down my 

street (waving a glow stick) at 1:30 in the morning. 

ACTIVlTIES:l.acrosse. NHS. SNHS. chorus, drama 

& GAPS. Book Club. FOUND: Working odd jobs for 

farmers and handymen. AMBITION: To achieve a 

doctorate in physical therapy and live in New 

Hampshire. FAVORITE SAYING: "Ad Amare Est Ad 






Caitlyn Cronin 


LIKES: Music, Tony Lavato, Cheese-its, Greg, Laura, 

Joss, Hoo!, Friday nights, the summer. DISLIKES: 

(iossip, drama, rude people, bees, spiders, snow, 

school. FAVORITE MEMORY: Warped Tour with 

Jess and Laura, prom with Grey. ACTIVITIES: 

I lorsebaek riding, going lo shows. FOUND: Willi 

Greg or The Hot Tamales. AMBITION: graduate from 

college, be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: "Live for 


Conor Cross 

LIKES: running, 2:25, meal. Coca-Cola, fires. Hoods, 

gas leaks, frisbee, Tun, vacation. DISLIKES: 

vegetables, Pepsi, English. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

hanging with SM, SC, GC, NS, Cape Cod. paper in 

NS's car. ACTIVITIES: XC, track, 1-4, SNHS, 3-4. 

FOUND: Track, sleeping. AWARDS: 2 seasons track 

capl., honors. SNHS officer. 

Tara C. Cuddihy 

LIKES: Girls' nights. 'Footsie's girls. The Crew. 
Disney princesses. Tried chicken, tote bags, flip Hops, 

S.P.N. DISLIKES: Black clothes, cold meal. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh gym w/ KS, Frosh FN 
li days w/ KG. Rools Rock Reggae '04, Camping (« : 

Kl's, 6/5/04. Toronto '04, Girls' Night (a} KE's, 
Vineyard & 1.1)1 w/ SN. Bday celebrations Tor the girl 

JRob's. with Sean. AMBITION: To he successful and 

make enough money to spoil all my children. To 

always be a kid at heart. FAVORITE SAYING: "Just 

because you have lo grow old doesn't mean you have 

lo grow up." Oil IER: Thank you to my family and 

friends Tor always being there Tor me. I love you. 

Alike Cullen 


LIKES: Snowboarding, Red Wing Pizza, money. 

friends, crazy parlies, new socks, and scary movies. 

DISLIKES: Flat tires, cold pizza, gas prices rising. 

people (if Dunkin' Donuls Drive Thru, waking up 

early. ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding, BMX. off reading 

in the Ranger. FAVORITE: SAYING: "The early bird" 

may calch the worm, but the second mouse gels the 



Jamie Cullity 

l:S: High school, ihe beach, v: 
i-CV, LF, LP, MD, & AS, par 
i done, being a tiiilv girl, bovs 

Allison l_. Cuozzo 

, New Years with MD, 

eopie. and neing iinmt 

Sox game with AS. Cape Cod, everything w/ LP, 
soccer w/ MM, hanging out w/ SB I KT. FAVOR1TI 

SAYING: "Life is loo short lo blend in." OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad. Jenn. Jackie, .lodi, CIV, INF Bes 
Friends 4e\ er. Good luck Class of '06. I'll miss you! 

games, weird dreams, Givens. Tjmaxx. The North End, 
Falmouth RR, ladies' evenings w/ my (en. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Florida w/CC, MD, 17th b'day. Cape 

w/family, TobyK, TM in NY, CMF, Nil w/Chipmans, 

Utah & Cali, growing up w/SL. New Year's '05, IB, 

RW. & OC nights, 6/10/05. lax & soccer w/ my sister. 

FOUND: w/ Glenn, in the car w/ KE, al CC's. 
AWARDS: 600 State Champ '04. 12 Varsity Letters. 
OTHER: Cail, Kels. Kel, Lor, Kays- I've been so lucky 
lo have you w/me Tor all Ihe Tun. tears. & laughs. I 
wouldn't have had it any other way. CCC- what we 
have will always be something special. Mom, Dad, 
Kalie & John- Thank you Tor Tor absolutely everything. 

Timothy Czyzewski 

Marie E. D'Angelo 

practice, Ihe next morning. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

PI I 2/26/03, IT, I'll S/I0-I 1/04. 10/31/04, Boys' State, 

BSC 7/23/05. nights at Guild's. 03 Hockey Team, 

NP1.TC nights. ACTIVITIES: Hockey. XC, Sluco. 

NIIS. FOUND: Lakeside, raging il w/ DM. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Success is not final. Failure is 


, pictures, the SO's, Disney, Everybot 

Nomar, speeding, obsessing, yelling, clarinet gloves. 
clarinets, Barney calculators, Pals, musicals, those who 

MEMORY: Randomness w/ I.K and Kl . Indy '05. Sox 

'04. Ozzfest '05, NYC w/ l.K. BOA '04, BC '02-'()5. 

Disney '03. bus trips. I'Ol INI): Band rooms, buses, 

Panera. Dunkin Donuls, Fenway Park. Laurie's. 


mailer how stupid il might seem now. then il was the 

Shaun Daly 

LIKI-.S: KA. Red Sox, Pals, listening to music, 

sleeping, summer, golfing, That 70's Show, Family 

(iuy. DISLIKES: Mornings, homework, winter, talking 

on the phone, doing work. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Summer 'OS. ACTIVITIES: Work FOUND: With KA. 

house, work. AMBITION: To he rich and happy. 

OTHER: Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Cara for 

always being there for me. 


■r ' v *^^i 

' pM 

/ 4 





g Characte 

Stephanie Daniel 

Steph. Dee. Dee/nuts 

LIKES: My Girls (KC, JIJ, KS. MC). fun guys. Family 
(iuy, Florida, movie nights. Dominos, BoSox, all my 

kind buds, Shawn. DISLIKES: Dark, clowns, big 
white. Til. long jeans. FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh 
year. soph. Bonfire vv7 KC. Norfolk T station. Foxboro 

apt., 4/20/04. G'funks 9 am. arbor, B'nB, "make you 
walk like cowboys" (.IS). JCPenny, Evs, Tom Petty w/ 

MC, 9/23/05. New year's, Dan' I Webster, Felipse at 
the shack. FAVORITE SAYING: "File may not be the 

parly we had hoped lor. but while we are here, we 

might as well dance." Oil IFR: Thank you mom lor 
sticking around. Love you Dad, Tom, Amy. Tcala 

Michelle Atarie 

Shelli, Shelllacc, Meshell 

LIKES: Football, my Escort, bonfires, drive-ins, 

dirlbikes, paychecks, cheering, beaehin' it, the OC, 

l.aguna. Pals, sleeping in. DISLIKES: Myspaee. 

obnoxoius girls, goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORIES: 

Islington soph year. VT v\7 DB. Xav dances vv/ crew, 

quadding w/ Fal. Misquamicut, Warped Tour. New 

Year's w/ JC, summers al PT wi/ LP, Going to stales 

w/ my cheer girls. Pals' Parade. Cape with LP, cheer 

camp. Prom. FAVORITE SAYING: "Because you 

deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly!" 

FOUND: W/Lal OTHER: Class of '06- it's been real! 

Aimee Lee Deighan 









.IKFS: Summe 


s, n 



s, relax 



beaches. Mail 

e, the 

point, P 


vn Mi 



music, lakin 

^ piel 




g, dan 




lis, b; 

ck s 




ily, I 


crying, being is. 


. hit 







g w 





w (i 


w/KT, Dunaes w/KC, KS.SD and J B, jumper cables 

w/Kyle and KC laves and snow hanks w/KS, 4/27. 

4/20 w/AC, wresting w/MD. FOUND: Home. Mali's. 

Maine. Rogers, and Mel's. AMBITION: To be 
successful and move to Maine. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Need my Dyiiemity!" Oil IFR: Thanks to Dad. Mom. 

Todd LQ. Deschamps 

time with the Family, summer, Red Sox. DISLIKES: 

Yankees. FAVORITE MFMORY: Slh grade, prom 

'05. and Rl. ACTIVITIES: Poker, sports. Fishing, 

hunting, and chillin". FOUND: In the boat, al the poker 

Cory Diamand 

LIKES: Weekends, barbecques, summer vacation, 

drum set. bass guitar, concerts, music in general and 

chillin", Mr. Bubbles. DISLIKES: Homework, gelling 

up early, responsibilities, and mono. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Summer tires with my Friends. 

ACTIVITIES: Wrestling and ultimate Frisbee. 

AMBITION: To live life fully and to gel rich during 

thai process. OTHER: Good luck to everyone. Thanks 

Mom. Dad. and Joel. 

Christina E. Devine 

FIKI S I he (X shopping. I risbee, sports, mo\ ics, 
music, summer, chocolate. Red Sox. animals, love my 
deafkaltanC. DISLIKES: Feet, pickles, working, stuffy 

nose, and messes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing 
frisbee. soccer \v/ Natalie, eanipoiils. lire day, history 
day. Wendy's, bus rides vv/ the crew, trips to Boston. 

Dunkies with KB, ghetto conversations with Diane. 

ACTIVITES: Feo club, French club, soflball. FOUND 

Sheldonvillc. AWARDS: Honor Roll. FNIIS. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Fife's tough, get a helmet." 

Amy Kathleen 

Boys, v ideo games 

DISLIKES: Baekslahbers. cheaters, ear trouble. 

kids, o Flags vv/CW i CM 03, Calumet w/MG, H 

05, Wedding 05, Prom, uptown vv/BS. CM, MM. P 

b'hal w/AS, AW. SB. ACTIVITIES: Track, soflr 

dance, symphony hand. FOUND: Driving my Bet 

AMBITION: To be a marine biologist, he happy 

marry my line love. FAVORITE SAYING: "Fi 

moves pretty fast. If you don't slop and look arou 

once in awhile, you could miss it." -Ferris Buclli 

OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad. Jcnn. and Trav is! I I 


Sarah Doherty 

LIKES: Music, friends. K.IMS. ATGM, Colors, 

animals, math, sleep, Oscar, Victor, photography, 

summer, and books. DISLIKES: Lies, people. 

tomatoes, and school. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Summer of junior year. ACTIVITIES: Newspaper a 

hook club. FOUND: Willi music or close friends. 


is life. If nothing else, dial's life, you know. Il"s re 

sometimes it hurls. It's sorta all we have." 

Grayson Dorvel 



sES: Sports. UConn, skimhoarding, good limes 
ilh class of "06. beach, Friday nights, Saturday 
s. Austin Powers, waterfall. DISLIKES: Reading 
Sunday drives. 

ev hall, skim hoarding, eating, sleeping, gym, and 
climes work. FOUND: Clown beach year round. 

David At. Doiron Jr 

Dave, Diggtes, Bis; Die. lleavyD 

LIKES: Football, wrestling, summer. OCB, Eagle 

Brook, PL's w/ SC + JM, game day, lire day w/ SC, 

TC, + CD, Amalia video vv/ WS, SC" + DC, trips to 

QM. DISLIKES: Practice, Byinglon Bear crawls, spin 

FAVORITE. MEMORY: Sections, Stales. All-States, 

New Englands vv/ RM, EL, CD, JM and BS. 

Thanksgiving day game '03. AP Econ. '04-'05, la elase 

de espanol 3 y 4. and football camp "there was this 

guy..." FOUND: Cruising vv/ Malone to Quickie and 

OCB, having a Joe's al Mike's on Game Day. 


SAYING: The loser says il is possible, but it's too 

possible. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. Staeey. Annie 
+ Kalie. 

Brent Dreher 


Hying airplanes, somewhere in Nick's MR-2. 

AWARDS: Honor Roll 9-11, Rensselaer Medal, Ell" 

Mage level 52B, National Merit Scholar. Graver 

Superlative. OTHER: Majoring in Aero ling, minoring 

in Halo 2. applying to RPI, Mil and Emhry Riddle-See 

Gregory Dreher 

/ A 

DISLIKES: School, work 

an ultralight, designed and built a trebucke 
D: playing magic or Hying. AMBITION: T 
ne a fighter pilot. FAVORITE SAYING: " 
Peace.. .through superior firepower." 

Benjamin Dubinsky 

Dubs. Doobie, Asia, Hollywood. Benihana. El (ialo. 



LIKES: Summer, winter. Cape, the pond, the bridge. 

football, game day. friends, family, dollar menus, flip, 

losi in CT, Mr. Bubbles. The Lizard, being co-pilot. 

DISLIKES: Slow drivers, happy circle, homework, end 

of summer, end of winter, gas prices, mosquitoes, and 

BW. FAVORITE MEMORY: Working al the R.I. 

summers on the Cape, ski trips, fires. Friendly's. OCB. 

Wendy's, train home from Boston after Cake, and 

sketchy Target runs. ACTIVITIES: Snow hoarding. 

driving, football. Erishee. haeky sack, pond hockey. 

skimhoarding. painlball. poker, filming. FOUND: 

W/liiends. AMBITION: To be successful al anything I 

do in life. FAVORITE SAYING: Meh. OTHER: 

Thanks to Mom. Dad. Laura and mv friends. 

Christian Dunbar 

LIKES: Partying, chill in', Bl. Hockey, football, 
ading, Mr. Bojangles, climbing die forest. Bumpi 
icals, delivery Cabana way. DISI IKES: Monday 

kuslv cups. Umpalumpas. Ro-Ads, Carney's. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Too many to count. 

FOUND: Am parly. AMBITION: To 

Patrick Dunn 

LIKES: Off-roading. my truck, speeding, unethical 

computer games. Mopar muscle, ice cream, music, and 

snowmobiling. DISLIKES: English, mornings. 

rangers, authority, and hilling lives. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: 5th period jetskiing on Lake Pearl and 

midnight raids. FOUND: In N.ll. and cruising in my 

buck. AMBITION: Vo make a positive impact on this 

world. FAVORITE SAYING: "If I don't see il. it's not 


King Philip's Leading Char 

Kayse Eichelberger 

Kays, Kayse Shay 

LIKRS: 6, 4, lam, country, 1 1 Eng. lax. girlnilos. 

sweats, laughing, matching, AC's clothes. DISLIKES: 

Mono, FTs.g'byes. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Needham '05. mems of Mr. Iliggs, b'ball, lax, 18, 

JMayer, TKcilh, Tim, Nashville, Pals, LB/RW, 

Mexchasc KP/LA, LKing, stalking, PC'xwords, MD, 


NHS, StuCo, SEMASC, V Lax, Frosh B'ball FOUND: 

Car w/AC/KP, @CC's, @ AC's w/lbod, w/10. 
OTHER: Mom & Dad. your support & love for the me 
& for each other got me through the last I X years. Reid 
& Aust, my big brothers, best friends, and role models, 
thanks for the love, support, laughs, & tears. Wouldn't 

have it any other way. I love you all. To my bests, 

woi'ds aren't enough. Love you all. Thanks for being 


Caroline N. Engwer 


LIKES: My friends, family, mac & cheese. Law + 
Order: SVU. animals, beach, lioSox. Pals, summer, 
fall, winter, Maine, VI', ear, work, weekends, puppies 

and smiles. DISLIKES: English and Yankees! 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Road" trip w/ Kara, football 
games, any time \v/ PM. K(i & girls, soph semi and 
prom. ACTIVITIES: Track, Softball, ice skating and 



eeeed in life. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Life is not 

perfect, but don't live like it 

n't!" OTHER: Patrick 

, thank you for making 1 IS si 

inch better, thank you 

Mom. Bridget, Dad + Kara 1 

love vou all so much 

! Good Luck Class of '06! 

Raleigh Erickscn 

Alison Ealotico 

Ali. Al. Alison Kara 

LIKES: deAfkaltanc, dancing, salsa, cheetahs, 

suprises, Ogunguit, laughing. DISLIKES: Rainy clays. 

goodbyes, stress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Girls night. 

Pond St. frisbee, Disney Mli's. History Day wl 

LV&AA, Hamptons w/LV&TW. NH wl TW&AA. 

campouts wl bus crew, The Bravery Concert, paying 

the parking fee in pennies, tri-birthdays Kll I RC. 

Nutcracker, surprise 16th Inlay. Illlh 'ing A OOIi wl 

KB. surprise dinner parly (I.V). ACTIVITIES: Dance 

Company (if ESP A. flute. 10/h Reg/.. French club. 

NILS. FOUND: @ FSPA. my house, a friend's house. 

Maine. AMBITION: To have a happy ami successful 

future. FAVORITE SAYING: "We should constantly be 

reminded of what we owe in return far what we have. " 

Eindsey Eerencik 

g things, helpi 

LIKES: Interesting people, good music, laughing hard, 

learning things, helping people, surprises, hugs, 

writing, shopping, being healthy, nice weather. 

DISLIKES: Hugs, humidity, worrying, finals, being 

bored, snobby/mean people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Freshman science, the Cape, Relay for Life, ND shows. 

Halloween TO. TV Pro. Disney, voice. ACTIVITIES: 

Peer Leadership, diversity, ballet, yoga, voice. Angel 

Tree, tutoring. AMBITION: Find what makes me 

happy, always remember where I came from, make a 

difference. FAVORITE SAYING: "Not all who 

wander are lost." OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad and 

Mall for always being there when I need you and 

supporting me through everything, I love you guys. 

Craig Ewer 

Tim Eeeney 

LIKES: Driving, music, cars, females, hanging w/ 

friends. DISLIKES: Rich people, snobby people. 

working, people saying "don't worry about it," getting 

speeding ticket. AC1V1T1ES: Paintball, snowboard/din 

bike. FOUND: Short's house, my house. AMBITION: 

To be successful in life. FAVORITE: SAYING: "It's 

Atathew Eerland 

T. Y .A 

Ellen-Marie C. 

lien Melon, Miss 1:11c 

LIKES: Laughing, music, Paris, France, sarcasm, 

lye-dye, 80s, New purl, romantic comedies, Panera, 

irighl orange, peach & pink. Target, and driving my lil 

while Civic. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing Frisbee 

summer '05, dEnlkaltanc, drive-ins w/ the Frisbee 
:revv, track meets, stueo hr, p-placc mall trips, my SO's 
disco b'tiay, history day w/ Natalie, pottery parly '04 
md dEalkaltanc. ACTIVITIES: Stuco, winter & spring 

track, French club, FN1IS. FAVORITE SAYING: 

""First is the worst, second is the best!" OTHER: 
Thanks Mom. Dad & Sarah for all your love & care! 

William ntzpatrick 

LIKES: Chinese food, the beach, camping, hanging out 

with friends, cars, snow. DISLIKES: Jell-O, grammar, 

Franklin. FAVORITE MEMORY: My trip to Saint 

Croix. ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding, soccer, poker, 

biking, paintball. FOUND: At Cumby's. friends' 

houses. AMBITION: To gel a good job that pays well 

and go to a decent college. 

Kelly Anne 

Kell, Kels. Kelz, Flanney 

LIKES: Music, movies, shopping, running, 
drawing/painting, traveling. DISLIKES: Mean people. 

Fights, needles, bloodrMonday. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Semi '04. Junior Prom '05, my restaurant 

dance, the fire/flood, good limes with KB. LF, JM, LP, 

BM, TS, CB, NH and NT, letters w/ Dave. 

ACTIVITIES: Peer mediation. Peer leadership. Leo 

club. National Art Honor Society, XC, spring/winter 

track. FOUND: In KB's/my car, working, shopping, 

with Friends. AWARDS: Honor Roll. AMBITION: To 

get into a great college. OTHER: Thank you Mom for 

everything. Thanks Tom, Kara and Nana, I love you 


>tark Flynn 

Flynn, Flynnie 

LIKES: Weekends, summer, back roads, Plainville, 
muscle cars, camaros. Red Sox, #5, Family Guy, Yen 

Ching, buffalo chicken, Pepsi, Sinbad, maximus, 

sleeping, runs, soccer, Ireland. DISLIKES: Yankees, 

foreign cars, sketchiness, working, getting up early, 

being broke, school work. FAVORITE MEMORY: 4th 

of July week SC's, 7-10-05 DMB, Red Fox Motel, 

Sand Hill, Club Potter Ave every weekend, PP '04, 

Vermont & Cape w/ AEW, weekends & summers 

'02-'06. ACTIVITIES Soccer 1-4 (Capt. 4), Baseball 1, 

Indoor track 1-3, outdoor track 3. AMBITION: To be 

wealthy, nice house, cars, happy and successful. 

OTHER: Good Luck Class of '06. Thanks to my 

friends and family for your support. 

Lindsey f cut ana 


LIKES: Shopping, running, skiing, the Cape, AEW, 

CW, LJV, Dirty Dancing. TJ Maxx, Charmed, my 

Miala, the beach, Panera, sun, snow. Hazel, ice cream. 

Law and Order, NYC, the lake. Red Sox, dancing, 


The train to Boston, the tent, SC, school ski trips, Jr 

Prom, NYC vv/cousins, Babson w/AW and MC, dance 

parly w/LV, AM. and JM, DECA nips, Foss, xc class 

c meet '04, xc parties, yearbook days w/CW, LV and 

AM, Colorado, Nicky's party, TV days w/CW, runs 

w/AW. ACTIVIITES: DECA, xc, track, Leo Club, 

Peer Leadership, yearbook. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 

lhanks for all the support, I love you. Nick and Steph. 

lhanks for always being there to talk and beinr - 

good friends, I love you guys. 

Katelyn Elizabeth 

LIKES: Laguna. RW, weekends, summer, Family Guy, 

music, W&G, Cape, friends, the Marleys, girls' nights. 

sleeping, DMB. NH, shopping. DISLIKES: Swamps, 

Monday mornings, weekdays, crying, goodbyes, 

waking up early, fake people, uncertainly, 

disappointment. FAVORITE MEMORY: "Who cut 

my pants?", Pals game. Roots Rock Reggae 04, 

J. Simp's 17th. camping with the girls, fun nights 

w/J.Simp, the lake. Cape, Toronto, NH 05. Burlington 

w/ AT ACTIVITIES: DECA and CR Ice Hockey. 

FOUND: Working, w/my girls, driving around, the 

lake. OTHER: To my family-especially my 

mom-you've always been there for me. Thank you and 

I love you. ..Good Luck Class of2006! 

Jennifer E. Fuller 

LIKES: Traveling, snowstorms, reading, jewelry, 

Hawaii, the sun, DECA, the Red Sox, fall, swimming. 

DISLIKES: Snobby people, people with no humor, the 

Yankees, school, homework, hurricanes, tomatoes. 


Cuddling with AB, traveling to Hawaii. ACTIVITIES: 

DECA 3+4, Leo club 2 + 3. FOUND: My house on 

Lake Pearl, Julie's house, reading a book on the beach. 

AWARDS: Third place at States, second place medal 

in RMAL. AMBITION: Go to college/major in 

business, work for a big company, make lots of money, 

buy a new car. FAVORITE SAYING: "At least it was 

amusing." OTHER: Good Luck Class ol'2006! We are 

the future! AB. JW, + JR... I love you guys! Friends 


Alicia Gahan 

Giggles, Alic, Licia 

LIKES: Candy, chocolate, shopping, the color pink, the 

beach, spring time, the movie Mean Girls, music. 

laughing, giggling, dancing, ehillaxing w/ Paige, 

weekends, Losl. Laguna Beach. DISLIKES: Cold 

weather, being along, bugs, snakes and swimming in 

lakes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Niagara Falls w/ Tia. 

campout '04 and '05, Christmas parly "04, and 

hanging out w/ friends. ACTIVITIES: Dance. Leo club 

and NHS. FOUND: Laughing w/ friends. 

AMBITION: To live a long, healthy and happy life. 


I've had so much fun over the years. Good Luck Class 

of 2006! 

King Philip's Leading Character 

Charney E. Gallagher 

nder, Ching, CE. Charndawf 
Wrcniham, Plainville 

ends, shopping 

high hods, dressing up, yd togelhers, bonfires, Kl' 

sports, drive-ins, school spirit, holidays, being scared, 

boys. FAVORITE MEMORIES: Falling out a 

window, sneaking out, nights in my pool room. 

FOUND: Rockin' out to some holt heals, doin" my 

own Ihiim. AMBITION: To be my own boss. live life 

alter. FAVORITE SAYING: -'Scars heal, glory lades, 
and all we're left with are the memories made. Pain 

hurls, bul only for a minute. Life is short so go on and 
live it." "Because you deserve what every individual 
should enjoy regularly!" OTHER: Kayley-Only one 

more year! Lindsay-Make the next years your best! I 

Ixaylee E. Galvin 

, Kay. (ialvy 

LIKES: Summer, partying, being w friends, summer 

nights, dri\ ing around, shopping, jewelry, sw imming. 

BBl.)s. talking on the phone, music. KMK. Applebee's, 

Real World. Laguna Beach, Id. I dd. & Eddie, 

BOSOX, Pals, KG i AP. DISLIKES: Being sick. 

homework, drama, fighting, lake ppl. snow. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Pats game w/ KG I CB.soph 

year. Summer '04/'05. football games, crazy s/o's with 

AP I AD. Nine West w/ M(i! MX races w/JMS! Nil 

w/ SP I KB I IS. Oasis w7 SP. DP, RC, "Colors" w' 

the youngins. Anything w/ K(i. AP, AD. MM. CE, 

KmG I Iri boys i the youngins. POUND: Anywhere 

my friends are! FAVORITE SAYING: "I sec you 

baby..." haha AP. OTHER: Thanks to everybody 

that's been there for me. especially my family. 

Jeff Garza 

LIKES: Oranges, sci-fi movies, models, pool parlies, 
winning. DISLIKES: Tie-dye shins, coconuts, niched 
candy bars in your pocket, hippies, freshmen. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: When I played Magic, 
winning the 2004 JSS championship, winning S78K 
and 2005 limit hold 'em world championship online 
poker. ACTIVITIES: Poker. FOUND: My computer. 
the office when I'm late (every day). AMBITION: To 

be the ruthless dictator of a small South American 

island nation. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "Why am I soil 

in the middle now?" "Why am I soft in the middle: the 

rest of my life is so hard. I need a photo-opportunity, I 

want a shot at redemption. Don't want to end up a 

cartoon in a cartoon graveyard." 

Gecrgianna Sofia 

adinii, diversity, friends 

'AVORITE MEMORY: Everyday with in; 
riends. ACTIVITIES: Drama. AWARDS: 

AMBITION: folic an elemei 

eher and 
ve w ill) 

Robert Gaughran 

Bob. Bobby. Captain Cook 

\\ rentham 

LIKES: Snowboarding, Burton, cars, drilling, music, 

beach, golf, soccer. Mountain Dew. DISLIKES: 
Homework. Yankees. Favorite Memory: Don't forget 

the GSP. the Cape, chillaxin. Acliv ilies: Soccer. 

hockey, DECA, operation B.A.M.F. Found: On the 

slopes. Awards: Top Ten @ DECA Stale Competition. 

Ambition: Coast Guard Search and Rescue Pilot. 

Favorite Saying: "If at first you don't succeed, don't 

admit you tried at all." 

Victoria Gilbert 

Wickizer, Fuly smiley. Vicki, Vieloire, Toi 

Elise Gilbert 

LIKES: Dance, reading, weekends, my friend 

Dunkin* Donuts, fast food, summer, tan lines, sic 

the Pimpala, Plainville. old men. DISLIKES: Sc 

snobs, annoying people. Wrcniham. the Gap. set 

vests. FAVORITE MEMORY: 5/7- basement p 

7/4- "slumber parly"; chicken Hsdus. exlremi 

wrestling, April vaca '05. summer 'lis. Big Nasty. 

Melacomcl. National An Honor Society. FOUND: 
Slaving away at the Gap. AWARDS: Arnold Macklaz 
award for Excellence in Law. honor roll. AMBITION: 
To live an interesting and worthwhile lil'e. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Mah.""whatevs." "proh." O II IER: IIS. 

KC, KM. DP, II I, GC. RM, TCi, ZG. Ml I. MI I, PB. 
SC thanks for the mem/. 

Abigail Gilmore 

LIKES: Books, school, spring. KRF. Fellowship, the P 

and the P, politics, green, writing, singing, coffee. 

Spartans, drum corps, being liberal. DISLIKES: 

Spinning in the rain. George W. Bush, orange. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: San Diego '04. drum corps 

lour '04. finals night at DCI '05. KRF trips '02-'05, 

band camp '01 -'05. ACTIVITIES: Marching band. 

winter guard, drum corps, girl scouts, chorus, work at 

the Fudgery. FOUND: Practice, school, work. 

AWARDS^ Key club, DCI div. 2, world champ '04. 

DCI div. champ '05. history day '04. Female Spartan of 

the year '05, and KP guard awards '01-06. 

AMBITION: Make a difference. FAVORITE 

SAYINCi: "Neve 

LIKES: The Dead, DCFC, beach, sleepovers. AFD. 
concerts, ice cream, coffee, sunglasses, camp outs, 
shakedown si, good limes, fireworks. Sieve Miller 
Band, tan lines. Underwater. PI. Hip Hops, summer. 

DISLIKES: Traffic, lighls. ignorance, stereotypes, 

closc-mindcdncss. FAVORITE MEMORY: NARCON 

04. Cali 05, 1 IKKC w/DS, shows w / JM & CI I. 

ACT1VITES: Lois! FOUND: Toolsic's. shows, with 

AFD. AWARDS: 1st at Districts & 3rd at Stales 05 

DECA. AMBITION: To make a difference in 

someone's life. FAVORITE SAYING: "Every second 


ve. sood luck in I IS. love v; 


Diane J. Glrouard 

LIKES: .IT, (iustcr. Foo Fighters, friends, the beach, 

autumn, soccer. Red Sox, band, roller coasters, York, 

red. camp outs. Phantom, ieed coffee, bus crew. Cool 

Runnings, jelly donuts, Deaflcallanc, fins nips. 

DISLIKES: Math, homework, slow drivers, bees. 

Yankees, vegetables, country music, wolves and 

earrings. FAVORITE MEMORIES: CO '04 and "05, 

Indy. July 12th, carpentry shop. Phantom with RL, 

Beriucci's. Beethoven, prom, A.C. Milan vs. Chelsea, 

lire day. Red Sox w. KP and LP, Disney. 

ACTIVITIES: NHS, FNHS, Leo Club, French club, 

hand, and soccer. FOUND: Willi .If and my friends. 


become a lawyer and slay in New England. 

FAVOR1TL SAYINCi: "It's just a ride." 

Megan Good 

LIKES: Cheerleading. friends, summer, shopping, 
weekends, laughing, pink, running, piekles. and sleep. 

DISLIKES: Drama, reds, school, getting caught, 
skelehiness, fake people, stress, and early mornings. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: 06/08/04. Wild Acre nights, 
summer '04, BB's attic w/ BR, CE, SP, random nights 

w/ BR, Kl I, cruises vv/ BW, planning w/ BR. 

ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 2-4, track 1-4, Art NHS 4. 

FOUND: Al the hot box and in the Canny. 

AMBITION: Live a happy & successful life. No 

regrets. OTHER: Thank you Mom & Dad for all your 

love and support. Conor-Good luck & have fun. Good 

Luck Class of 2006. 

Kristen Goulet 

LIKES: Brad, summer, nighttime, vacations, parlies, 
smiles, laic nights, sleeping, being happy. DISLIKES: 
I lomework, school, drama, fake people, crying, losing 

friends, rumors, mornings, heights, liars. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Being with BH, summer '04 w/ KEG and 
crew, summer '05, 4th of July weekend '05, Prom '05. 

ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading. FOUND: Wherever my 

friends are, usually w/ BH, LG, DJ, CB and RD. 
AMBITION: To have no regrets. OTHER: Mom, Dad, 
thanks for everything. Lauren, good luck w/ the rest of 
high school! BWII thanks for nulling up with me! XO. 

Shannon Grant 

LIKES: Friends, parlies, beach, dancing, all-nighters, 

b'days. Sex & the City. DISLIKES: Fake people, 

goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Miami w/ MH, 

AC, KS, 2/20/05, growing up with NC. Molilalia, 

nights wilh LA, KE, AC, KP, KM, CC, TC, 4lh of July 

weekend '05, 5/8/04, Davis' grad party, after prom al 

BS's, ski nip. FOUND: Having a good time with the 

crew. OTHER: Thanks to my family for all of your 

support. Allie, Molly, Kale, I can't imagine high school 

without you girls, I love you! Ciood Luck '06! 

Ashley Gregory 

Ash, Aboogie 

LIKES: V-money, my dogs, lanlines, Lund, tattoos, 
summers in Brewster, dancing, slaying up late. NYC, 

Blue eyes. Italians, shoes, bags. DISLIKES: Drama, 
running out of gas, lasl bul in box, nol having freedom, 

self control, not keeping in touch, grudges, slaying 
home, being sick. FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh-soph 
yr. w/ Ry. jr-sr. yr. w/ V, Pals + Sox parades, Boston + 

NYC, Fairmont Hotel in Bean w/ V. ACTIVITIES: 
Ballet 1-4, troupe 1-3, Leo club 1-4, SADD 2-4, 

Yearbook 2-4, Peer Leadership 1-3. FOUND: Al the 

Robra, 37 Robin Rd., in my Mercedes. AMBITION: 

To be free and happy. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Mark for being supportive. V, you helped me gel 

Kara Jean Gulino 

Kara Jean, Beanie, Gulino, KG 

LIKES: 24, Target, Red Sox, Pals, skiing. Mountain 

Dew, sunsels, summer, winter, ice cream cake, 

traveling, driving. DISLIKES: Thunder and lightning. 

waking up. people who think they're better, llghlini 

mean" people. FAVORITE MEMORY: Road trips 

w/Caroline, Vermont, Cape, Kaylee's birthday parly, 

Jr. Prom, football games. Pals' games w/KG & CB. 

Anytime w/AP, KG, KCi, CE, MM, CM, SC. 
ACTIVITES: FH, Spring and Winter Track (Captain 
12), Leo Club, NAHS. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "It's 
the journey not the destination." OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, thanks for everything. You're amazing. Dl, DB. 
JG, MG, BCi, thanks for always being there. JB, IB, 
DB, good luck in the future. CNE, you're the best. 

Sarina tlabib 


l. IKES: CM', my menus, summer, music, movies, 
cheerleading, NE sports, dancing, cheerleading, pink, 
money, shopping, laughing. Fireworks, Fridays, rain, 

happiness. DISLIKES: Gelling grounded, gelling 
caught, curfew, gossip, liars, complainers, homework, 

mosquitoes, my cat, being bored. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 10 day rips al JM's, freshman year, APT 

FOUND: Al cheerleading practice, in the v'dub, w/ CP 

and bee/.. AMBITION: To be rich and successful. 

OTHER: Much love to the cheerleaders! 

Molly tlall 


LIKES: The crew, massages, PQ, DC, Sex & the City, 

inalchin', DPs, EC, Boston, Scrubs, all nighlers. 

laughing, liedye. DISLIKES: Goodbyes, change, liars. 

people who only care about themselves, decisions, 

authority. FAVORITE MEMORY: Miami 

w/KS.SG.AC, I lalloween al Bl Is & DFs. Calumet, 

semi w/SS, nighls w/I.A, KP, AC. KE, Kll. CC, AC, 

KS, TC, frosh sneakouts, growin' up w/I.A, New 

Year's in Dolph, 6/20/02 w/KC, DC concert, Feb. vaca. 

04-05, girls' night. Pals' parade, 9-10-05, proms, 

SOTTP. OTHER: To my family, thanks for your 

continuous love through the yrs. S's. C's. G's-thanks for 

all thai you've put up w/lhcse pasl years. Kate. Shan. 

Al-I couldn't have made it w/o you-you're the bcsl 

friends anyone could ask for. 

King Philip's Leading 

Jonathan tlalpern 


LIKES: Hockey, golf, uibing, water skiing, 
kneeboarding, wakeboarding, days on the lake, nights 

at Robbing', poker, Sox, Patriots, and Bruins. 
DISLIKES: Yankees, homework, Franklin, mid terms. 

and finals. FAVORITE MEMORY: When Noble 
Hipped me 20 feet, landing baekllip on the kneeboard, 

every day on the lake and every night at Robbins', 

Snow Bowl, Raiders vs. Patriots. FOUND: On the lake 

or Robbins' house. OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad 

lor everything. I could not have got this far without 



I lammy, I lamdogg, Chris, I lamiltimi 

LIKES: Friends, family. Cape, the (ilastron. Nauliques 

sports, snowboarding, water skiing, Red Sox, Patriots. 

and vacation. DISLIKES: Gas priees. metal detectors, 

sehool, slow drivers, and the Peliean. FAVORITE 


♦Operation B.A.M.F.* Baseball-2, and DECA- 3 + 4. 

FOUND: Chillin' with friends, Cumbies. AWARDS: 

Honor Roll, DECA top 10 at Slates. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "I've got a bum heart, can I have yours?" 

OTHER: Good Luck Class of 2006. 

Bradley Harrison 

Kristin ridden 

LIKES: Summer, boys, beach, shopping, sleep, W.A. 

nights, nice cars, Laguna, scrub days, laic nights. 

DISLIKES: Annoyed billies, people who are stuck up, 

spiders, school, rules, liars, gelling up early, freshmen. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Soph, year, late night swims 

after lickin' off Denny, being obnoxious in the 

driveway at night with CN, beach house. FOUND: 

With CN, NorlhrAMBITION: To make lots of money 

and succeed in life FAVORITE SAYING: "Shul-up." 

OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Tyler. 

have fun in high school. Good luck class ol"06. 

Ixelsey /Heghan 

Kels. K. Ho. Holla 

LIKES: RMC, the girls, MV + CC, MD, grilled cheese 

+ FF, beach, Irish, 23, flipflops. Spanish, sleepovers (it 

CC's, b'days, KP hockey, showers, JT, bags, country 

music, Boston, summer, snow days, St Patrick's day. 

DISLIKES: Lies, losing, ketchup, pickles, stacking 

wood, laps, lighting, being broke, punishments, Yanks. 
FAVORITE^MEMORYrGirls night @ CC's, broken 
down car b4 soccer, CC'05, Panera w/LA, LB + RW, 

nights w/ P10 + TC, Chatham w/CC, NH'02, Frosh yr. 
w/KP + KE, TCMD w/CC, 4-30-04, SD + LK, AH & 

SF @ SMs, snowy day slumbers. OTHER: Mom. Dad. 

Kait, Ausl. Mum-B, thanks for everything, I love you 

all! P10, Ry-Thanks! 

David Holmes 

Dave, Davey, Dhol, Davis 

LIKES: Food, sleep, friends, snowdays, Red Sox, 
summer, wiffleball, snowmobiles, skiing, Ihe Patriots. 
DISLIKES: School, snakes, waking up, losing, the 
Yankees. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hockey at Dan's, 
poker every night over the summer, Frisbee on Pond 
St., working at the gas station. Red Sox winning the 
World Scries, sleepover at AP's house, Vienna's class, 

Salem Trip. FOUND: driving around, in New 

Hampshire. AWARDS: Team Boh Derose co-captain. 

AMBITION: To be successful and happy. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Uggh." 

Stephanie Marie 

LIKES: Music, cats. Taco Bell. Dunkin" Donuts. Blue. 

Black, laughing, money. Aeroposlale. JDK. Hawthorne 

Heights. Silvcrstein. Funeral For A Friend, scary movies. 

Ihe 99. FYE. summer, and sleeping. DISLIKES: 

Jealousy. PLM. phony people, homework, getting up 

early, being bored and stress. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Plainridge. summer '05, junior prom, the beach and 
Jarrod's. ACTIVITIES: Swimming, dancing, shopping. 

and driving the '88 Dodge Ram. FOUND: Home. 

Dunkin" Donuts. or with Jeremy. AWARDS: Honors and 

Excellence in Word. AMBITION: Mortician/Funeral 

Director and succeed in everything I do. FAVORITE 

SAVING: "Ohh mv God." "Moehaa!" 

Nicole Atarissa 

Nikki. Nik. "N". Niecles 

LIKES: Movies, music, car rides, speeding, adrenaline 

rushes, sleeping, motorcycles, drawing, art, acting. 

weekends, slop signs, camping, boating. DISLIKES: 

Cally girls, hypocrites, being sick, and working Friday 

FAVORITE' MEMORY: Summer '05 with DW. BL _ . 

I IU and CN, Cove w/ ES. driving and singing w/ RH. 

MH. and LH. and art class '03-'06. ACTIVITIES: 

Drama and Art NHS. FOUND: My basement, the 

Jeep, the alcove. AMBITION: To be important in 

someone's life. FAVORITE SAYING: "I'd rather 

laugh with the sinner then cry w ilh the saints. ..only the 

good die young. "-Billy Joel 

- * 1 

Brad Hutchinson 

.IKES: Iced tea, good music, sleep, work, technology. 
DISLIKES: Disorder, arrogance, spending money. 
AMBITION: To gel through college and have a job 

oughly enjoy. 

Conor Hutchinson 

C Mulch 

LIKLiS: KOLS. Crystal Light, scarves and sweats 

weather, cinnamon crunch bagel, shows. Scrubs, 

Harmonies. DISLIKES: Changes, Laguna Beach, high 

school, jam bands, folks, hindsight. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Warped Tour '05; Feci the Heal kickoff 

show, "Bob wanna know my name." ACTIVITIES: 

Shows. FOUND: American Legions and VFW Halls. 

AWARDS: Honor Roll. 

Timothy Hutchinson 

Brutus. Touch. Flermy 

LIKES: Music, writing, politics, sports, summertime. 

and comedy. DISLIKES: Ignorance. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Star Island 2005*! ACTIVITIES: Ultimate 

Frisbee, track. Marines. XC. and wiflleball. 

AWARDS: Honor roll, Mr. Summer smile, and 

Lobstrathalon Victory Trophy. AMBITION: Politics 

and philosophy. FAVORITE SAYING: "It feels like 

chocolate, but tastes like butter." OTHER: Thanks 

Mom and Dad. Have a "real life! 

Tyler tluth 

Ty, Felipe, Philippe, The Quokmasler, Ugly 

LIKES: Winning, tennis, T-bone. music-jazz, classic 

rock, Ping-Pong, XC workouts, achieving goals with 

least expenditure of energy, creating awkwardness, 

Frosted Flakes, senora, Spanish, physics, MST3K. 

DISLIKES: Stupid people, wrong opinions, rap. 

hip-hop, people who can't play an instrument yet play 

"music," creative isolation. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Using radar and camera at Disney, winning AP chem. 

ACTIVITIES: XC, indoor, tennis, Leo Club, NHS, 

SNHS, slandering the academy. FOUND: Being 

sarcastic, walking dogs with Ian, on MV. AWARDS: 

Unsung hero, XC and Tennis, lop distance runner 

indoor. AMBITION: Pin Lopi. own a beagle. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Take what you can and run. 

Sam Jacobs 

Jake, Toby 

LIKES: Football, lacrosse. OCB, girls, work, parties, 

summer, Latin, movies, Saturdays, Sundays. 

DISLIKES: School, running, Monday mornings, and 

homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: Gelling my 

license. ACTIVITIES: Football, lacrosse, wrestling, 

work, and partying. FOUND: My house. AWARDS: 

Freshman most improved. AMBITION: Go into 

business with my dad. 

Eric Joyal 


LIKES: Street bikes, sletchy parlies, the lake, college 

days, my coaches, chillin' vv/lhe Phillips. MONEY. 

Benji, being the underdog, Wolfpack, fine dining. 

DISLIKES: People who say I can't do something, 

happy circles. Canton, Hying in the RAM. bad waiters, 

hippies. FAVORITE MEMORY: B-Team, mudbowl. 

soph year football. Rushton's, football camps, DARE 

counselor, York beach. Cape Cod. Pa. Finase, Mo. 

ACTIVITIES: Football, whiffle ball, work, lifting, 

working on cars. Mustang. T-Bird, Benji. FOUND: 

Dalzell Bros.. Sunoco, Online. Olive Garden. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Umm..." "If you want 

something bad enough, you'll gel it." OTHER: Thanks 

Mom and Dad for putting up with me. Ryan, you're a 

good kid. 

Laurie A. Kalaghan 


LIKES: Laughter, music. Boston. DCT, full moons, the 

80's, Monty Python. Denmark, full gas tanks. PB&.I. 

spoons, sarcasm, stars. Disney, Irish pride. Metal lica, 

the Fellowship, fresh pavement, quick wit. DISLIKES: 

Mollis, slow people, busy schedules, gelling sick. 

being hit by Hying objects FAV. MEMORY: 

Randomness w/ MD and KL, Indy '05. BOA '04, BC 

'02-'05, Disney '03, Ozzfest '05. New Year's '02-'04, 

NYC w/ MD. bus trips ACTIVITIES: Marching band. 

symphony band. FOUND: Band room, carpentry shop 

(RIP). AMBITION: To remember lo look back and 

laugh. FAV. SAYING: "Lei il be"-The Beatles. 

OTHER: Thanks Mom, for always being there lo keep 

Jacob Kantzer 

The One- 

LIKES: Music, singing, writing, politics. \ ideo games. 
technology, and football. DISLIKES: Mathematics and 
country music. FAVORITE MEMORY: Performing in 
"The Mousetrap" as Christopher Wren. ACTIVITIES: 
My job. drama, and chorus. FOUND: Wherever I 

roam. AWARDS: Math League. MICCA. silver for 

choral achievement (hopefully gold ibis year!) 

AMBITION: To be a lawyer, while writing on the side. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "It is far safer to be feared than 

loved." - Niccolo Machiavelli. OTHER: I would like 
to thank myself for all the kind support I have received 

King Philip's Leading Characte 

Stacey Raszanek 

LIKES: Friends, Karate, movies, Patriots, Roil Sox. 
Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp, rock music. DISLIKES: 

Spiders, Yankees, annoying people. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Ozzfesl 2004-2005, Patriots' super bowls 

World Series victory, Kramer's "class." AWARDS: 

Black Belt. AMHITION: To be happy. 

Sarah Jane 

ssy, Sarah .1 K 

LIKES: Java chip frappnehinos. Panera, bowling, bass 

guitar, front row seats. FOB. SP. badminton, zebras, 

CSI. iPod, rain. sour, camping. DISLIKES: Low 

budget commercials, almonds, loud gum chewers. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Florida '03, Indy '05. NJ '05. 

front row SPGC '05. chilling' w/JW. KL, JR. MD. DG. 

AB. BC, LA. JF. ACTIVITIES: Clarinet, bass guitar, 

Leo club, peer leadership. FOUND: Julie's house, band 

room, concerts, target. Starbucks. Wrentham House of 

Pizza. AWARDS: Key club, honor roll. NHS, SNHS, 

history day. FAVORITE SAYING: "Don't take life too 

seriously; you'll never get out alive," and "Boo and 

Yah." OTHER: Mom, Dad, Rich and Tom, thanks for 

all the love and support. 

Atichaela Marie 

Mikki. M-dawg Skittles. Milky 

LIKES: Dance. Vegas "05, original DAPE crew, 

hockey, tacky jewelry, "mean girls", being silly. Fani 

Guy. DISLIKES: Pnle. class, gelling sick, bad days 

FAV MEMORY: Cheering for the hoys w/ my fello' 

partners in crime. 10/3/04. ACTIVITIES: Gymnastic 

cheering, dance, making stupid movies. FOUND: w 

my grls. AWARDS: Dancer of the yr '02. 1st place 

high score choreography. AMBITION: To own a 

FAVORITE SAYING: "It's so hot.. ..Milk was aba 

choice. "-Ron Burgundy. OTHER: I want to thank m 

family for being so supportive over the years and 

Congrats to the class of '06. 

Adam LaBrie 



LIKES: Guitar, all music, ice crca 

11, sleeping. Allison 

vlXC, filmmaking, leaving King I' 

lilip never to relun 

DISLIKES: Country music, coll: 

r poppers, closed 

minded people, shirts w ilh sa 

'ings on them. 

AMBITION: Become part of so 

nething beautiful. 


and 1 el Die." 

Jennie fteniston 

Daniel l\ipp 

LIKES: Music, football, baseball, and computers 
iCTIVITIES: Jazz combo, marching band, jazz bti 

Alexandra Koechel 

LIKES: Band, beach, dance, friends, mall, movies, 

music. Patriots. Red Son, parlies, sleeping, TV, 

weekends, vacations. deafkaltAnc. DISLIKES: 

Annoying people, bad drivers, being tired, goodbyes. 

homework, mornings, stress. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Superbowl '01. '03, and '04, Red So\ '04, Bermuda. 
Indy. Prom '05, Disney '05, bus crew campouls. dance 

AWARDS: Honor roll. 

AMBITION: To live 

OTHER: Congra 

and successful life 
Class of 2006! 

Sam Lasher 

LIKES: Hockey, Waterloo, a fresh sheet, the Hoi Rod. 

pregaming. New I lamp., icy freshness, my bed, the lot 

scene. DISLIKE'S: Party poopers. curfew, sketehiness. 

liars, alarm clocks, conformity. The man., self 

centered people. FAVORITE MEMORY: It, Coventry, 

gathering of the vibes, Brendy's post prom, all hockey 

seasons, growing up on the squire. ACTIVITIES: 

Varsity hockey 1-4, varsity lacrosse 1,2 I 4. sluco 

fosho, Kickball 3-13 and KPHTCL 1-4. FOUND: 

Cruisin' the folk. Chillin' with the loo. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Kyle's got a hockey game!" Oil IER: 

Thanks Ma, thanks Pa for putting up with me. 

Daniel E. Lavallee 

:ar, hanging oul, vacations. 

hockey, money. 

running and cleaning. FAVORITE MEMORY: Reel 

Sox "(14, fire day, Ci f's with Allison anil Alicia, New 

I lampshirc '04, anil the Cape. ACTIVITES: varsity 

soccer, varsity baseball, and indoor track. AMBI HON: 

Going lo college and getting a good job. I'AY't (RITE 

SAYING:" I thank you." APGM 

OTHER: I'hanks Mom and Dad lor getting me through 

the first 12 years. Thanks Mom. Dad. Pete, Justin, and 

Lauren for everything. 

Catherine Marie 

LIKES: The I ah lour, railing in love, first kiss. John 

Mayer. FAVORITE MEMORY: Pimp My Tent, I he 

North End, scabby, XC, Soy game, caught in the 

reservoir. New Year's, tape. Beach days w MH. MM. 

& BC, Kelly Clarkson concert » AP, KC. & SK. June 
4lh w; MM FOUND: In Franklin vv MB, slums w 
AP. FAVORI rE SAYING: 'To love someone is one 
thing. To be loved is another, lint lo he loved by the 

one you love is everything." Oil ILK: Thank you Mom 
t.v. Dad for always believing in me and for everything 
you have done lor me all through my life. Michael I 

love you, thanks lor always being there. I ito & Flandy, 

Ixristen E>. Lawler 

Debbie, D 








: People, iced coffee, 





alecs, ea 


Chee/-lts, mangomc 



1 R, 


als. Frai 


a. Josh Crohan. B-cal 





. sareasn 


c, Disney. Snapplc, P 




e the 



. clarinet gloves, piclt 





S. skill)..' 


DISLIKES: 1 ovv hud 





<, Cheese 


grossness, humidity, i 




jsc Ii 

oil, earn 


Randomness vv I k and Ml). KPMB, BOA'04, 

Inily 'lis. Scrabble yard night vv Sk +JW: N.1'05. 

FOUND: Hand room, auditorium AMBITION: Look 

hack in 7(1 years and think " That was good." OTHER 
Mom. Dad. Erin ■ everyone else, you know who vou 

Robert Lawless 


Deuce-Master, Road Rash 


LIKES: H201oo 

my lam. music, men chillin' up in the 

lot, skiing, i 

arpelwian cartpallis, no loam, ja// 

odyssey's, YEV 

. being graceful. DISLIKES: Grouch) 

grumps, tail ri 

dcrs. ski nips, broken strings, waking 

up. arrogant 

leople. party poopers. FAVORI II 


IT, Coventry. 2/26, 12/2,8/11,8/12, 

VIGO, Kylcsh 

oekev games, garage pans in', gelling 

(ii'cggv 's house 

NH.Johann. ACTIVITIES: Lacrosse 

1-4, KPHTCI 

1 -4. Stueo 1 -4. Ja// ensemble, peer 

mediation 1-4. 

FOUND: Chillin' in the folk, practicing 

in the loo. FAVORITE SAYING: "What would sou 


Cenae Catherine 

Noodle. I'rodo. Nae. Nae-Nae, Nuu-Nuu 

LIKES: Singing, dancing, acting. Star Wars. Lord of 
(he Kings. I larry Poller, music, coffee. I rank Sinatra, 
Journey, ram. fall. Red Sox. Boston. DISLIKES: I lol 
weather, math, racism, homophobia, the NY Yankees 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Fake Britney Spears concert 
with .11 . Disney hand trip '03, KRK w/lhe Fellowship, 
Ked Sox '114 World Champs. Phantom vv, IXi. KP lire 

ol "05. Hood day ol"05. gas leak day. ACTIVITIES: 
Drama. CAPS, chorus. Sachem. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Always reach lor the moon, if vou miss. 

Justine Elizabeth 

Moosekicks, Justeenywceny, 

ach, Cali, driving 

the phone. DISLIKES: Rap, cheerleading, snakes. 

sharks, bugs, judgmental people, the internet, celery. 

onions. FAVORITE MEMORY: Practices, the river. 

Cali. CoCa concerts vv iih JM iV; A.IM, being little vv 

JW, SU, RI.. lake Britney Spears concerts vv RL, Jr. 

Prom vv CA c>i VV, summers vv A.IM. JW, US, JM. 

KB, fireshman science vv, US. IT. ..v; MW. 

AMI! I HON: Co lo college, become a psychologist, g 

married, and start a family. FAVOR1TI SAYING: 

"Never laugh ai someone else's dream, because peopl 

Iximberly Lewkc 

Kim. Kimuii. Kimbi 

LIKES: Ciy mnastics. Joe, Summer, hanging oul vv/ 
friends, the beach, parlies, UK runs, music, apple juici 
DISI IKI'S: I iars. good-byes, lakes, feel, stress, dram 

broken hearts, dishonesty, disappointment, regrets. 

FAVORI II MEMORY: Brighton w, AM. Pon De 

TW. I'osser, AS house w 'AM. AC 1 1 VII IS: 
Gymnastics, newspaper, Leo club. FOUND: Hanging 

oul with friends oral work. AWARDS: Honors. 

gymnastics captain. AMBITION: lo be an elementary 

school teacher. FAVORI II SAYING: "Forgive but 

ilon'l forget." OTHER: Ihanksioniv parents. in\ sisler 

Grant Linehan 

LIKES: Girls, ears. Patriots, Ked Sox. pizza, frier 

mov ies, v iileo games, anil music. DISI IMS: Pay 

lor gas. FAVORI IT MEMORY: Going lo thejur 

prom with Sleph Macav. ACTIVI IIS: Haskclha 


Dan Lipnlcki 

LIKES: BC's, CC's, D-dicsels. Srush house. 1 

sessions. Red Sox. late nights, football, PATS' I 

games. DISLIKES: Low lifes. bad drivers. Mi 

Yankees. FAVORITE MEMORY: B team 

POUND: Sunoco. AMBITION: To succeed. 
FAVORITE SAYINCi: :To be all I can be." OTHER: 

Kristin Elizabeth 

: Rain, being random, crazy friends, insane 
okes. interesting people. Latin. DISLIKES: 

nly contests, sn 

POUND: In the auditorium or science hall in the 
ornillg. AWARDS: Summa Cum Laudc, excellence 
i Latin, Honor Roll. AMBITION: Achieve a life I'ul 
learning where I experience something new evcryd 
ithonl dullness or monotonv. FAVORITE SAYINCi 

"Carpc Senem 

Eric LoPresti 

Trisha Aiacey 

LIKES: Wrestling, sports, music. 

KP disasters, Frisbee, physics 

DISLIKES: Bad drivers, piranas 

dish. Yankees, weight cutting. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Fire Day '05. Sectional Finals "05. 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer, XC. wrestling. SNHS. peer 

mediation. FOUND: Wrestling room. AWARDS: 

Wrestling captain 2x, SNHS Pres. AMBITION: Be 

Rich, graduate. 

LIKES: Bowling, music, movies, chi II in' w/ friends, 
family, get-togethers, animals, children. DISLIKES: 

Snobby people, clowns, spiders. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: My first day of school. ACTIVITIES: 

Playing basketball, writing, writing poetry, singing, 

walking, biking, horseback riding. AMBITION: 

Graduate high school, go to college to become a 

preschool teacher or veterinarian. 

Darren Ataciel 

Amanda Glenn 

LIKES: Movies, dancing. DECA, PVC/NW. new 

sweatshirts. Tinker Bell. Gossip Girls' Books, 

Charmed, big purses. Target, reality TV, caffeine. 

hugs, any lime w/KL. Sex and the City, shooting stars. 

DISLIKES: Homework, losing, slow walkers, being 

bored, humid/cloudy days, the Galant, swamps/prickle 

bushes, drama, Nancy, liars. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Sneaking into FP w7 LS. Toronto for DECA. Swamp 

adventure w7 LS, KF, AP, JK. AS's house w/ KL, 

Hartley's w/ KL. FOUND: Working on yearbook or my 

DECA project. OTHER: Good luck Class of '06! 

Jessica Aialcne 

Jason Ataloney 

LIKES: Studies, Family Guy, Pokey Reese, Tom 

Hanks, corn muffins, chicken patties. DISLIKES: New 

York Yankees. A-Rod. Mondays, cutting weight. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Patriots and Red Sox 

winning. Summer '05. Acti\ ities: Cross-country ( 1 

wrestling (2-4). Spring track (1-3) FOUND: Tha 

drinking a gallon of whole milk in one hour is 

impossible. AWARDS: Varsity cross-country ( I- 

varsity wrestling (2-4), iron man, unsung hero. 

captainship for cross-country and wrestling. 

AMBITION: To do great things. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "It happens, don't worry about it." 

Glenn Atattar 


LIKES: Music, summer, poker, ocean. Cape Cod 

snowboard ing. Family (iuy. KFC, Suns, 5 Star 

tinners, concerts, pizza delivery. Minis, (. abana W 

homework, mean people. Mondays. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Umphrey's, Phish, Allman Bros. "This if 

Dull Spit". ACTIVITIES: Snow hoarding. FOUND: 
Around. Sunoco, Cabana Way. AMBITION: To go to 
college, get a job, and have a family. OTHER: Thank 
yon to Minis. Had. Keith. Jeff, and all mv friends lor 

Alatthew Diehard 


McAnn. Mall 

I I K I S : Tavern, running, relaxing, hangin w/friends 

skiing, swimming, sleep. DISLIKES: Rude people, 

slow drivers, workouts, a.m. practices. I-'AV. 

MEMORY: Drive way chats, sleepovers, AD's house 

XC camp. Wampum Corner. 1)11 rear ending me. 
I-'AV. SAYIN(i:"'l ivc each day as if ii were your las 

pushing me lo do heller. Kristin thanks for always 
being Iherc you're my idol. Dave slay smart. Sieve 

Ateghan AtcGovern 

I'als, Sox, a 

nuvos. my girls, mac 

golf. C"s Crew, card games. Ml. Dew. brownies, 

playing in the rain. DISLIKES: Monsters. 

communities, the heal, pessimism, spiders. Yanks, had 

rel's, losing, sunburns. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Summer '05. Earthiest, Maroon 5/John Mayer, hoi tub 

nights. BB's, Fenway, I'rosh b'ball, ("s camping, OG. 

ACTIVITIES: B'ball I, soccer 1-4. sluco 2-4 

(webmaster 4). FOUND: W/ KA. IB. I.M.CG. 

AMBITION: lo be successful and happy in whatever I 

do and live life lo the fullest FAVORITE SAYING: 

"Never save something for a special occasion, everyday 

Jason Aiayhew 

Kern AtcCluskey 

IKES: Friends, the beach. Cape Cod. Jesse 
Cartney, lip gloss. Summer, reading, concerts, 
ng. laughing, music, con-con. DISLIKES: Liars, 

homework, drama, work, show oil's, detentions. 
ORITE MEMORY: Jr. From. Cape Cod '04 and 

lampion Beach w/ KS. fires at US w/ everyone, 
ida and mariner vv/ DT. FOUND: Al the mall vv/ 
AMBITION: To be very successful, gel married 
axe kids. OTHER: Mom and Dad thank you for 
ng up vv/ me all these years. I love you KS, DT, 
'.I, DB, N I'-you Liirls are awesome! I donT know 

- next 3 years. Its going lo lly by. Class of '06 
thanks for meal years. Good luck! 

Crenna Sheridan 


LIKES: Snow hoarding, family (iuy 
like Ihiims. Beatles, Erishcc. C irate 


Pals+Sox 1 parades, Larry's. ACTIVITIES: Soccer. 

basketball. l.a.X. boarding, hiking. FOUND: 

Anywhere vv7 Kara and Aug. gelling a lwi//c. 

AMBITION: To travel the world, and to live my life 

! so seriously, you will nc 

ine. Rock on 2006! 

Atelissa A. Atiddletcn 

I.IKES: Italian fond, my car, my cell, a-cluh. Reliable 
Laguna Beach. The Real World, ice cream, sunglassei 
Hip Hops, purses, jewelry, BoSox. NE Pats, autumn, 
apple picking. FAVORITE MEMORY: April I 05, 
April vaea 05, Jr. prom. June 4. 05 vv/BO, KL, MB. 
MM. IT. vaea (I?, surprises vv/KL BROX and 1'PM 
fab four. Saturday nights & work mornings w/MM. 

Beaver days and nights w/BI. study hall w/TT. 

FAVORITE SAYING: The best pari about life is nol 

know ing what's giving lo happen next, bul know ing 

thai right now anything is possible. OTHER: Thanks 

so much. Mom. Dad. Mark, and Cam for always 








Douglas Miller 

LIKES: Leaving school. DISI IKES: Being in school. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Leaving school everyday. 

ACTIVITIES: Driving home. AMBITION: Getting a 

oh as a game designer. FAVORITE SAYING: "I can'l 

King Philip's Leading Character 

Sarah Miller 

LIKES: Music, bus trips, cake, swimming, sunshine, 

l\ ing in the grass, nun ies. rail, birthday s. being crazy, 


Nutcracker '01, Disney '03, Giants' Stadium '03, liuly 

'05. Prom '05. hangin' w/ ST, Kl', EP, Ml). IK. Kl„ 

MR, EB, JC, DC AC HVITIES: Hand, band and band. 

FOUND: Hand room, carpentry shop, w/ other bandies 


Tim Atcniz 

LIKES: Snow hoarding, playing hockey, Ibotball. 

hanging out w KM. and spending lime with KM. 

Junior Prom w/ KM. Great time! FOUND: Ai KM's 
house or my house w; KM. OTHER: Spending time 
with KM. 9-22 Eminem concert and 50 Cent eoneen 


Kayleigh Aioore 

Kavl. Ka\. Mi 

I.IK. IIS: Sleep, summer, money, snow. Plainville, 
skiing, reading. DM. D+D, Target, spending money on 
useless stuff. DISLIKES: Homework, running, school, 
the Gap, Sieve's street, thunder i lightning, Mondays, 

overly optimistic people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Summer '05, Talkshows with Tay, big nasty, summers 

with Shell. New Hampshire with Susie, tape Cod '05. 

ACTIVITIES: NAIIS. gymnastics '02 '05. FOUND: 

At the Gap, with friends. O II ll'R: good limes- EG, 

IIS. RM. fO.ZG, Mil. Mil. KC. HJC... JQ. you are 

Jocelyn Aiorse 

LIKES: I langing out w friends, blue, ducks. Patriots, 
ice cream, the bus!, happiness, exclamation points!!!, 
and summer. DISLIKES: Mean people, donuts, school. 

and waking up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: New 
Hampshire w/ KF * KB. bowling w' Kl? i Kl". Brian's 

ti. car rides w; KH i KF, football games w KH. car 
rides in the bus w BT, AI. + KE and Newport w Ik. 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer. winter/soring track and NAIIS. 

AWARDS: Bottle or ketchup. AMBITION: local; 

entire barrel ofM&M's! FAVORITE SAYING: 

'"When life gi\es you lemons, squeeze litem into llv 

eyes of your enemies." OTHER: Thanks to all tn\ 

friends for 4 great years! 


Jennifer /Horton 



'amity, friends. 

working, reading, writing. 


•lassie rock, sew 

ing, lea. flowers, lite Pals. 


ialing the little 

hings, MFA, art, Moll\ 


. summer, laugl 

ing. DISI IKES: Wasting 

lime, ni 

>l working up lo 

your potential, Spanish. 


irk. being lazy. 



w ER, CH, AC 

. Boston w ER. My 16th 

[Vdav. fain 

ilv vacations, ai 

vtimew ER, AG.TT.CI 


Campfircs. sui 

imer'05. Beach '05. Pals' 

game « 


Willi family, friends, or 



be successful and happ\ i 

vhatev er 1 


■ SAYING: "We aim abo\ 

lite mark 

to hit the mark 

'"-Ralph Waldo Emerson. 


Thanks Mom. 1 

)ad. Kim. 1 aurcn. John. 1 


>vc vou. (iood 

tick class of 2006. 

Alison E. Mulcahy 

LIKES: Soccer, gymnastics, music, guys, hanging w 
friends. MIDNIGHT MADNFSS. hanging u AP, AP. 

KL, IS. CM. .IK. \ guys, meeting new people. 

DISLIKES: Annoying or rude people, surgery, drunk 

drivers, double sessions, communities, being ditched 

doubted, being told how 1 feel & what I think. FAV. 

MEMORY: Soccer: HOCK-EMASS& South 

Sectional Champs '02 Gymnastics: 4th beam (3 

I locks. 2nd South Sectionals 04. 6th Slales "04. 6th 

South Sectional '05. campout at JK. New Year's 05. 

All semis and proms. Six Flags w/ I S & AP. 
AW \RDS: Stimma Cum 1 aude. Maxima Cum I aude. 
ain of soccer and gymnastics. OTHER: GOOD 
ICK CLASS OF 2006! Thanks lo m\ sislers. Lauren 

Joseph Atoscariello 



w • 




[ i 

f 1 W 

Mose. Mosk) 

TIKIS: Angry music, happv musii 

minds, guitar mm ics. philosophy, skiing, soccer helils. 

Boston. Truest Hemingway, realism, surrealism, green 

tea. DISLIKES: Mediocrity, acsthclicism. romanticism, 

Wal-Mart, Target, hoi weather, chem. settling. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Chilly's class. KP: I 

llingham:!). Prom. ACTIVITIES: Soccer. Operation 

B.A.M.F.. DECA. peer meditation. Frisbee. FOUND: 

Himself (thanks for the help guys). AWARDS: MA 

DECA stale officer '05. AMBI IION: Peace, love, and 

money. FAVORITE SAVING: "'The definition of 

ouldn't have done 

Joseph AiulCahy 

I IKTS: .'25. Basketball, summers, laco day. parlies. 

TV poker. Red Sox. Pals, tellies, food, girls. OCB. 

Mike Jones, basing a good lime. Madden, driving. 

DISI. IKTS: Homework. Spanish class, reading. 

Yankees, running. FAVORITE MEMORY: Haskelbal 

season, trip lo DQ. ehillin' with the Villc kills. 


Laura Atulhall 

nils, laughing. A4s, AF shopping, my hod. 
RAT", lilies, checrleading, #8, Family Guy, 
dance panics. DISLIKES: Goodbyes, 
freaks, Franklin, liars, drama. FAVORITE 

w/RAF, frosh yr., hoi sundae (REPRESENT!) a 
most ol'all the limes I can'l remember. AC'TIVIT 
Checrleading 1-4. FOUND: w/lrio, at I ho mall, in 
or out. AMUITION: To lead a happy, successful 
FAVORITE SAYING: "One who makes no mist! 
makes nothing at all." OTHER: Jess, Erin: 1 love 

guys, thanks for everything. I don't know where 1 
w ithoul you guys. My parents, thanks for support 

me. Cheerleaders, you miys are ama/iim, I love yi 

Erianna Murphy 

Bri, Murphy. Smurf. Janet, Miranda 

LIKES: HIM. concerts. Newbury Comics, music. 

hanging with Lizzie and Gordo, horror movies, local 

bands, hockey, LODT. DISLIKE: Drama, liars, fakes. 

clowns, math, car crashes. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Locoha/ooka "03 &'()5. UAH in the rain. TOC '05. 

I MM "04 & '05, road trips « ith SP & AD, Monday 

nights at the Zcotrope with CR. working at the 

/.eotropc. locked out of the car with SP ACTIVITIES: 

Chorus, tech. FOUND: With SP & AD. at SP's house. 

concerts, Meldiva's. AMUITION: To be successful in 

whatever I chose to do. FAVORITE SAYING: "It's 

new!" OTHER: To all my friends, who have been there 

for me over the years, TS, SP, CB, & AD. I love you 

guys! Mom. Dad, Matt. <St Jake, thanks for being the 

best. Good luck class of 2006! 

Jeanne Murphy 

LIKES: TAR. Pals. Sox. kisses. Hip Hops, kittens, the 

notebook, pictures, pumpkins, tanning, coconuts. FLA. 

DISLIKES: Spiders, winter. Nextel, lights, red lights. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: GTunks house («' 4AM. New 

Year's Eve, Nov. 14. 2003, Halloween 2003. DD's in 

the AM, Summer Jam. August 20. 2002. Si\ Flags, 

I AR house in NA. hanging out with my hcslcsl sis in 

the world! AMBITION: To be a forensic 

you. Jessica, don't know 

■ you ami miss you : 

Courtney Nacewicz 

shopping, partying, fires, kisses, being out of control 

w KM. harassing people. DISLIKES: Unneedcd 

drama, liars, getting in trouble. I-'AVORI IF 

MEMORY: I 1/29/03. late night swims Soph, summer 

w/ CA. Beach house nights, obnoxious limes in the 

driveway at night w/ KM. 9/5/05. FOUND: With my 

best friend Kll. North, the bucket. AMUITION: Live a 

happy life and be loved. FAVORITE SAYINd: "What 

of it'.'" OTHER: Thanks Dad for always being there for 

me. Alvssa, thanks for being the one true constant in 

my life and have a great senior year. Kristin, you are 

my best friend in the whole world, thanks for all the 

awesome limes we share. \t)\() 

Michael Murphy 


LIKES: Cars, summer: the lake; making money. 

DISLIKES: liars, haters. BD, 2 faced people, punks. 

fall, dentist, authority. FAVORITE MEMORY: New 

Year's '04. basement parlies '04. the lake '05. 

ACTIVITIES: Jet-skiing. FOUND: Hanging with 

Frank. (</' gym. or work. AMBITION: TV, succeeding 

in my future endeavors. FAVORITE SAYING: "Learn 

Kerry Nash 

Nosh, KNash, Smurf. 

lids, rain. DISLIKES: Clowns, blood. 
■n promises. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
f. Pon de Replay, gym class freshmen 
I'FS: Soccer '02. Melacomet '03 t '04. 
lidas. FOUND: Adidas, with friends. 



Sean LP. Noble 

Braden Noll 

music, the Vine 

J. 1..U.L, Sox, money. T.C.C. 
class, gelling caught, gas. girls' 

niv uavs al .louno 

SAYING: "Yikes 

I IKES: Sox, Pals. 

nascment, ping pong, the t ace. Family (uiv. 
Snow boarding, fishing, S.B.'s. Phillies, shamrocks. 

good lunes. hanging wm\ boys, hoi moms. 

Shiimdenie. the bus. AA. Volvo. DISI IKI S: Collar 

poppers, Yankees, school. BBW. stalkers. 7-2. curves. 

alumni, rap. FAVORI IF MEMORY: 20th 

Anniversary 12/02/03, S- 1 0-04. S- 1 1-04. Sox '04 

Champs. Pals' Superbowls. Cape w/SM DS i'Vi'. Ice 

Bowl w/DS. AMBITION: lo live life to its fullest, and 

lo enjoy whatever I do. FAVORITE SAYINd: ■(»()"„ 

oflhelime. it works. ..cvervlime!" () 1 1 II K: I hanks 

Mom. Dad, and I av lor for hclpini: and siipporiinc me 

King Philip's Leading Character 

Christine Nygren 

Chris. Dragon Queen. Quiska, Torn 

sleep, talking to friends, online, meeting eool people. 

King Richard's Faire. and Darren I layes. DISLIKES: 

Winter, the month of November, teachers who can't 

leach, being lonely, unrequited, love, bad music, 

arrogant hippies, and people who slop in the hall. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Mornings in the alcove, 

Christmas freshman year, following cute upper 

classmen, and KRF in the fall. ACTIVITIES: Cat 

shelter and OM/DI. FOUND: The Alcove, King 

Richard's Faire, reading alone somewhere or Slop 'n 

Shop. AWARDS: Several DaVinci Awards, and stale 

final medals for OM/DI. AMBITION: To not regret 

where I end up. FAVORITE SAYING: '•Common 

sense is a game many people don't like lo play." 

Tracey Nygren 

Trace, Geo. Nubhit/ 

LIKES: Morning, sunny days, sleep, music, driving, 

S&S. Rob Thomas, MBT, Elias Fund. Dispatch. Ilfj. 

friends. Taoism. DISLIKES: Worry, regret, cloudy 

days, close-minded people, math, conformity, slow 

people, January. FAVORITE MEMORY: KRI '05, 

alcove mornings, classes with Nli. lunch at our table. 

freshman year. ACTIVITIES: OM/DI , 02-"05. Drama 

'02-'()4. Diversity '02-*05, Sachem '()2-'()3, Chorus 

'04-'06. FOUND: The Alcove. MclDiva's. Friendly "s 

S&S. AWARDS: I si place OM stale finals '02-'03. 

AMBITION: To live life to the fullest, be happy. 

FAVORITE: SAYING: "Don't worry about tomorrow. 



and substitute my own!" OTHER: 
Dad. Jen! "Ndakasimba kana n 

Colleen C'Connell 

LIKES: Family, friends. Sieve, skiing, singing, piano, 
running, thunderstorms, James Taylor, vacations, and 

Ihe beach. DISLIKES: Cruelly, homework, and 

negative thoughts. FAVORITE MEMORY: Just being 

with my family and friends everyday. ACTIVITIES: 

Cross-country, track, chorus, and student council. 

AWARDS: I lonors all four years. AMFilTION: To 

have a happy and healthy life and make a difference in 

Ihe world. FAVORITE SAYING: "Nothing is at last 

sacred but the integrity of your own mind." Ralph 

Waldo Emerson. OTHER: To my family. Mom. Dad. 

Kaillyn. .land, and Josh, thanks lor everything. I could 

not have made it this far without your love and support. 

I love you. 

Alicia Isabel 

Checo. Pcesh. 

LIKES: I langing out vv/ friends, summer, big gel 

logelhers. sublime, the Marleys. Cher (haha) 

celebrities, beaches, tannning, shopping. Dane Cook. 

'anera. S.S. DISLIKES: School, annoying ppl, scllls 

ppl. arrogance, swamps, stupidity, a !ol of things. 

FAVORITE: MEMORY: NARCON '04. (it/, soph. 

Yr. vv lib Kate and 1 i// 

C lit 11 in vv/ I'arlridgc and Dlo 

aka Benito. ACTIVIT 

ES: DECA. Leo Club. Nl IS 

FOUND: Hanging out 

wiih friends, al work, eating. 

\MBITION: To be filtl 

v rich and live between Spaii 

nd ihe US and be happ 

in life. OTHER: Thanks lb 

evervlhinu Mom and D 

id and all mv friends! Good 

John Padula 

LIKES: Mountain Dew. chicken and snow day* 
DISLIKES: Mushrooms and emus. 

Laura Palioca 

LIKES: My best friends, beach, summer, music, roller 

coasters, tubing. IN. snow days, makeup, dancing. 

Laguna Beach. Panera. halfdays. Nicky's, laughing. 

GT's. sleeping, in. and sneaking out. DISLIKES: 

Gelling grounded, gelling caught, fake people, curfew. 

Comcast, gelling losl. lines, gossip, gas prices, regrets. 

and dress codes. FAVORI IT MEMORY: Ohio '03, 

anytime vv< my bests, driving around vv/ AS, DD'05, 

Cape vv ' Ml). Nov. 5, 2004, Warped tour '04. Red Sox 

vv, JLC. Howie Day, dances. IN "03. Football games. 

car wash, bonfires and the Cape. FOUND: In Lex's 

car. lilcguarding and al the mall. AMBITION: To live 

a happy, fulfilled life. FAVORITE SAYING: "It's not 

about keeping your promises, it's about follow ing your 

heart." OTHER: Peace out "06. 

Atindy Padula 

nus. Mind. Mindula 

LIKES: Drawing, swimming, dancing, living things, 
ocean, writing, fulfilling dreams. I larrv Poller. LOIR. 

drive-ins, anime, stargazing, friends who'll always 

stand by you. DISLIKES: Loneliness, darkness, hurtful 

people, racism, homophobia. ACTIVITIES: Softball. 

drama, lech. NAI IS. SN1IS. FOUND: Al the Softball 

Held, at the mov ies vv ilh my friends. AMBITION: 

Travel the world, become a doctor and cure diseases. 

and remain friends vv ilh the ones I have. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Permanence, perseverance, and persistence 

in spile of all obstacles, discouragement. 

impossibilities: ll is this, that in all things, 

distinguishes the strong soul from the weak." OTHER: 

Elizabeth? ELIZABETH! Ma. Where's the mealloaf? 

Derek Palmer 

LIKES: Brill, Turbnncgro. chaos. Boston, 
photography. DISLIKES: Nazis. Bush. Rhode Island 

drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY: meeting Rancid 
FOUND: causing Hols AMBI LION: lo point out the 
flaws of America through photography. FAVORI II 

SAYING: "I'm noi lal, it's just an optical illusion." 

" ,m ™ 

11111 Mi 



■» ■ ■ <■ ' -~^y»— — — ,__-__-_ _ 

II n 

Allison Chaney 

LIKES: llangin' w/ friends, BPS. .ITII, chocolate, 

parlies, bonfires, I liggin's Beach, causin' a ruckus, 

school spirit, Boston. DISLIKES: Being called Allie, 

myspace. FAVORITE MEMORY: Charney falling out 

the window "catch me!" sneakin' out with the hoys. 

Warped four, summers in I liggins, Misquamicut, (iTZ 

w/ Dan and Alicia, nights at I leather's, who cut my 

pants?, railroads and TF, quadding w/MI). FOUND: 

With Shellface and Charndawg. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Because you deserve what every individual 

Kelly Pasquantonio 

LIKES: Family, "huhbles," .IP MP CM the 10. 

KPLAX, daisy, laughing, cowboys, JMayer. ranch. 

Mom's cake, wawaloom, McDuffics, MElax, girls 

nights. DISLIKES: ACL's, hombaloo, school lunch, 

trucks. CC's cs, girls who don't stand up for 

themselves. FAVORITE MEM.: JM '04, mexchase 

9/7/02, my I Sth, Sox w/C'M, beating Ncedham, collage 

nights, TX + NO w/MP BP, 1000 miles w/BZ. stairs 

w/LA, TK + Lion King, NH '02, Halloween + July 4lh 

w/4, all w/CPM. FOUND: w/C'M +JP, driving w/KE 

AC, fa< practice. FAVORITE SAYING: "F T T L U!" 

OTHER: Mom, Dad, Julie, Mary, Joey + 

Caroline-ll.Y, thanks for all your love and support. AC 

KE CC LA Kll-you are amazing, I couldn't have done 

it w/o you. CPM-you're my best friend, thanks for 

everything. GOOD LUCK '06! 

Sarah J. Patterson 

LIKES: Nil, ho 

me, stars, 
music, the 

O.C., tanning, holidays, frogs. DISLIKES: English, the 

cold, stress, headaches, traffic, spiders, driving the 

Buiek. FAVORITE MEMORY: N.I '02, Cl.l, 

playground, recitals, CB fair '02, '03, BUD, Kiss 

Concerts '03, '04, '05, New Year's '05, 5/1 1/05, Oasis 

and Jet '05. proms '05, GEMS. ACTIVITIES: Dance, 

track, soccer, Nl IS, SNIIS, Peer Leadership. Leo Club. 

CCD teacher, dance teacher, soccer coach. FOUND: 

DB's house. Nil, dance, my room. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Everything happens for a reason." OTHER: 

thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me and Sean and 

Scott for pulling up with me. I love you. BB- thanks for 

the memories I love you. 

Stacey Ann Pearson 

Staee. Joanne, Lizzie 


ging out w/lncnds, singing, dancing, 
ing, boys. DISLIKE'S: Closed minds. 
■ who think they know everything, am 
ause drama! FAVORITE MEMORY: 

w/ Bri, hanging out al the Zeo w/Uri, Carlos & Tim, 
BSB Concert in the Rain! and dancing in Wendy's 
parking kit w/Cary & Mike. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 

FOUND: I lome, mall. BM'.s house, AD's house. 
Dancing in the slreel-LOL. AWARDS: Who need's 

em?! AMBITION: To become a famous singer. 
FAVORITE SAYING: That's cute! OTHER: Thank 

Krista Pearson 


LIKES: Llamas, Colorado, cowboys, horses, snow, 

summer nights, mountain biking, skiing, rock 
climbing, red bull. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, pirates. 
DISLIKES: Being grounded, compulsive liars, George 
W.. humidity, redundancy FAVORITE MEMORY: 
CBR Colorado '05, R'I'R '04, Disney '02, Indy '05, 
late night escapagdes with ST&EB, duncan and the 
Hunk, chicken bone. ACTIVITIES: Band, NHS, 
SNIIS. FOUND: Driving Derek around. AWARDS: 

loo many lo list. Ambition: To live out West. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "I'll see you on the Dark Side 

of the Moon." Other: Derek, good luck al the 


Stephen Peck 

Daniel Trancis Pegg 

associate with. I 

trendy genera kids 



Laura E. Pelrine 


I ,IKES:I lot I aniales. Junior, concerts, music, guitars, 

drummers. Warped four, coffee, animals. The Zoo. 

P.P.P, gerbils. DISLIKES: Mean people, lighting. 

thunder, stcreortypes, lies, homework, good-byes. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Warped four. Rune Parlies 

w/Mandy, December Xaverian Dance. Miss/Teen MA 

'05. ACTIVITIES: Girl Scouis. Diversity Club, Peer 

Mediation, working al the Zoo. FOUND: In West 
Roxbury, with Jess oi (ale. AMBITION: To have a 

James Pereira 



LIKES: Football games, wiffleball, hanging out with 
my friends. DISLIKES: Research papers, homework. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Home game against Foxboro 
junior year, chemistry junior year, anytime wilh AP 

unci CV, biology unci chemistry sophmore year. 

"Water off a Duck's Back." 

Emma Derkuhn 

Em, ELP 


LIKES: Dressage, Scotty, photography, friends/fain, 

SA, KA, KP, ST, music-Coldplay, sncllrks, (insler, 

Colorado, Cowboys, Patriots, Red Sox, Olympics, 

laughing, Jetta, Boston, Europe, kayaking. DISLIKES: 

Yankees, waking up for school. Math, procrastination. 

Hondas, anxiety, mean people. I AVORI 1 1. 

MEMORY: RTR/KP, Barn w/Sam, Ohio 

Thanksgiving, VA. 4th in NY, PA w/KP & ST, Equine 

Affair, Valcarce I'am. Reun, Pals' parade w/KB & 

Dad. Anky "04. ACTIVITIES: USPC, CRDA, plied 

photography, Ther. Rid, band. FOUND: At the barn or 

w/ a camera. AMBITION: Ride in the Olympics, train 

Elliot Perry 

i Simpsons, movies 

Fire days. 

:cer. band. FAVORITE 



_, . 

T *" 

' 1 


ty rM 

Justin Perry 

Wendy Perry 

scented candles, humi 

LIKES: Dave, summer, beach, vacations, pink roses, 
kittens, running, shopping, icecream, playing piano, 

vanilla scented candles, bubble baths. DISLIKES: 

Liars, cold weather, spiders, small spaces. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Karaoke nights w/ AW, SC w/ the girls. 

beach trips, 6/24/03, harbor cruises. ACTIVITIES: 

XC, track, playing piano, singing. Sluco. POUND: U/> 

practice. w/AW or David. AWARDS: National Latin 

Exam, varsity track & XC. AMBITION: To be 

3R: Thanks to my Mom. Dad, 
upporting me throughout higl 
I love you DC. 

Jessica A. Poirier 

.less, J-/.ee 

LIKES: LP, CC, .11.. music. Good Charlotte, the guitar. 

going to concerts/shows. New York Cily, Paguna 
Beach, MADE, Level 27. DISLIKES: Pake and mean 
people, cliques, stereotypes. Hilary Duff. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Junior prom. ACTIVITIES: Dancin' 

Angels Competition Team. POUND: With Laura and 

Caitlyn. AWARDS: Honor Roll. AMBITION: To 

working at a record label. PAVt )RI 1 1 SAYINt 
"Music is supposed to be an escape. It's supposed I 
somewhere you go. where you can be yourself, or 
whatever vou waul to be ."-.loci Madden 

Amy Lynn Petruchik 

Ames. Truchikk, 

LIKES: Laughing 

sunsets, car rides, pictures, cuddling, hooches, 

thunderstorms. Dl SI. IK PIS: Rumors, goodbyes, 

jealousy, growing up. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Driveway chats w/MM, summer w/KG I Triboys, 

scabby w/KI. I SM, VT w/KCi I SR. Salem, 

Valentine's Day '05. POUND: W/KG, AD, and 

Triboys. FAVORITE SAYINt i: "Above all, be line ( 

yourself. And if you cannot put your heart into it, lake 

yourself out of it. "OTHER: Dad, thanks for pushing 

me to be a heller person. Ibis was all for you. Mom, 

good example. Meg, 
love you. AD, good 

luck w/senior year. 

Jaime Procaccini 

Dice. Princess. .1 proe. 

Weekends, friends, good times, Pscakulcs 

Lifetime. DISLIKES: lake people, liars, cheaters, 
miework, English, Sunday drivers, pictures, fast food, 

dress code, Abererombie, American Eagle. 
\V< IRI'IT. MPMt )RY: ( arvcr 2004, good limes that 

Aniiguing, Nale with l.indsey in Carver 2005. 
POUND: Shopping lor purses. AWARDS: llonorn 
FAVORITE SAYINt i: "Life is heller now. then il \ 
back then." OTIIIiR: Good Puck class of 20(16! ! 

Thanks Dad. Kelly, and Nieki for everything. 



Jessica Purkis 

Jess, Jecca, Jessiqua, No one. Someone. Nothing 

LIKES: Spinning poi, reading, writing, drawing, II 

building, staring into space, school chicken wraps 

eapilol steps. Star Wars, pirates, making sharky 

chocolate, bees, being internet-less, muggy days, 
analyzing Falkner, the Beatles. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DC trip when I sang "Glory Song" and 
someone tried to donate to our "religious cause." 
ACTIVITIES: Sachem, NAFIS, NHS, Girl Scouts, 
OM, Dl judging, art club, book club. FOUND: 
Wandering off the beaten path in her own mind. 
AMBITION: To write historical Fiction and visit all ' 
continents. FAVORITE SAYlNCi: "Thai which out- 
does not kill you will likely try again." OTHER: 
Choking to death is a wrong way to eat Ree: 

Jenna puartarone 

Jenny. JJ. face, JQ 

LIKES: Dance, gymnastics, sleep, summer. Family, 

friends. Alias, Lost, musical theater. DISLIKES: 

Running, pizza, homework, the dark, reading, spiders. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Las Vegas '05 PEDC, prom 

'05, Footloose, Seussical. ACTIVITIES: NANS. Held 

hockey '02, dance, gymnastics, musical theater. 

FOUND: At the dance studio, hanging out with friends 

oral the theater. AWARDS: Marsha Farley Spirit 

Award. OTHER: AW, KM, MC'W, Dapc girls. 

Awesome times! Love you all (: 

Kelsey Anne puealy 


LIKES: Vacation, sleeping, vanilla, candles, rain. 

lightning, storms, music, summer, reading, stand-up 

comedy, Chinese Food. DISLIKES: Suck-ups, 

extremely pessimistic people. Fish. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Being with friends, '03-'04 soflball. 

'05-'06, math league, book club. FOUND: My house. 
PAL, sleeping. AMBITION: To live happily ever after. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "We accept the love we think 

Erin Badowitz 

LIKES: Laughing, John Mayer. R.C.. Laguna Beach. 

biting my nails, jewelry, Dumb&Dumber, magazines, 

Abercrombie, beach, love, my bed, shopping, aim. 

DISLIKES: Debbie Downers, homework, lights. 

MEMORY: Frosh yr. vv/ I.M and .IS. John Mayer 

concert, Gaffney's recording Hot Sundae, ski trips w/ 

yoga bear, soccer squad, summer of '04-'05 w/ C'Z, 

WZ, at the pond w/ Rob. OTHER: Thank you Mom. 

Stacy. Jamie and Grandpa for always being there Jess 

and Laura, I love you guys, thanks for great I IS 

memories. Court and Whit thanks for being the best 

friends anyone could ask for. Good Luck Class of 


Eileen Basmussen 

John Bobbins 

LIKES: Art. snow boarding. Juan Francisco, sleeping 

in, iPods, mix eds. laughing, carnpfircs, friends. 

reading, movies, caramel iced lattes, diet coke. 

doodling, weekends, silver. Plainville. DISLIKES: 

People who wear their huge backpacks in the hall. 

anything grape flavored, math class, delukes, spiders, 

olives, homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: summer 

of '00 ), shows, anything with good friends. 
ACTIVITIES. Leo club, NAHS. FOUND: Art room, 

hallway. AWARDS: l.ahonte's Auto School 
Valedictorian! AMBITION: To he happy in whatever 
do. FAVORITE SAYlNCi: "I leavens not a place that 
von co when vou die. it's that moment in life when vo 

LIKES: Golf, hockey, guitar, summertime, partying. 

girls. Florida. Cape. O.A.R., relaxin', laughing. 

DISLIKES: Losing, stress, getting caught, 5/0. 

Mondays, Yankees, show offs. waking up early. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: .IV hockey. PPP.all the good 

times I can't remember. ACTIVITIES: Golf, hockey. 

DECA. FOUND: My basement, the lake, the Cape. 

AMBFFION: To live like lommorow might not shine. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "A person is a success if they 

gel up in the morning and gel to bed al night and in 

between do what they want to do." -Bob Dylan. 

ys believing in me. 2/l/ l )X. 9/1 7/04, 

Julie Bobsham 

LIKES: Bowling w; Steve, Julie. Sarah. Keith. Greg, 
Amy, ».V: Jen. music, concerts, drumming, Disney \\7 

Willie. Anaheim. Mockingbird, recording a CD, 

friends, family, driving, DECA, NARCON, ice cream. 

DISLIKES: I till howling alley, high gas prices, germs. 

bugs, sharing food & drinks. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Rock Camp '05, from row SP. ACTIVITIES: DECA, 

Leo, babysitting. III. Peer Leadership. FOUND: (w the 

howling alley w/ friends. Bridgewater. AWARDS: 1st 

place in DECA Districts and 1st place in DECA 

Slates. AM HI I ION: Own a business or own a 

recording studio. FAVORITE SAYING: "Unit work, 

make music", "Tunc in and rock out." OTHER: Thanks 

lo mom. dad. Kay and Christie for the support & 


Shannon J. Boche 

Shan. Shananigans. Roche 

.IKES: Music. Cape crew, JC\2. KS. beach, parties 
art, parking lol dance parlies, shows. Connolly & 
Sweeney families, LP, CC, SP. & BB. DISLIKES: 

judgmental people, gas prices, silent 
/ORIFE MEMORY: Mornings on th 
Iwalk nighls, backpacking through P 
AMBITION: To he someone lhal gu 
of direction onto a heller palh .Si to e 

r." OTHER: M 

ivs being there 
we you. Nana. 

Katie Lynn Eogers 

Miss Piggy. KT 

LIKES: Friends, cheering, summertime. Weirs Beach. 
quadpod, concerts, pictures, "remember when" talks. 

Boston, train rides, laughing, country. Karaoke, ttii, 
pink. DISLIKES: Bad drivers, accidents, Woonsocket, 

paddy wagons, cold days. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
MB'()4, Rogers' parties, NIIIS, While Horse, 

Lunenburg, New Year's '03 + '04, pricker bushes w/ 
AD. beach llrcs. New Bedford @ 3 AM, Rl. I w/AD 

+ KR, Jimmy's w/ MB, KR, SM, AM, TR + JB, 
mini-golfing w/ DR. TR, TR, + KD. AMBITION: Live 

life with no regrels. FAVORITE SAYING: "What's 

meant to be will always Find a way." Oil IER: Thanks 

to my family: Mom, dad, Tina, Kerri, Tom, Chris and 

my friends for always being there for me throughout 

the years! 

Phillip Cose 

Philly. Rosey 

LIKES: Sports, hanging out with friends, trying new 
things, having fun. DISLIKES: Not having fun. losing. 

people who do not show me respect. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: doing to the Pats' game, going to parties, 
going to see the boss at Gillette aka Bruce Springstein. 

ACTIVITIES: Watching sports, taking and teaching 
karate. FOUND: At home ehillin'. AWARDS: (ietting 

my first degree black belt. AMBITION: I want to 
graduate. FAVORITE SAYINCi: To my mom and dad, 
"I didn't do it". OTHER: I want to thank my mom and 
dad for always being there for me when I needed them. 


Matthew Doss 

Scott Cushion 

LIKES: Soccer, sailors, swimmers, video games, 
football, and wiflleball. DISLIKES: Running, losing, 
and injuries. FAVORITE MEMORY: Don't forget 
GSP. ACTIVITIES: Soccer '02-'06, sailing, wiflleball, 
snowboarding, skiing. AMBITION: To go to college 
and get a good job. FAVORITE SAYING: " I haven't 
seen you in a while cloud." 

LIKES: Swishers, Sunoco bench, snipin', 5.0, my crew 

girls, Fridays, Pats. Buffalo, yen ching. Super Troopers 

"and South Park. DISLIKES: Mobil, low lifes, soccer, 

olives, K.P. administration. GKC, speeding tickets, 

tough guys, kids who can read good, snooze, and 

creepa. FAVORITE MEMORY: Kickin' it with the 

boys watching Bull Spit. ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding 

driving, hangin 1 with my boys, dominating the table. 

rockin' beats. FOUND: At Sunoco. AWARDS: 2005 

pie eating champ. AMBITION: United Stales Air 

Force. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "It tastes just like it 

smells, delicious." OTHER: Thank you to my family 

and friends. Keep it real. 

LDebecca LRutledge 

LIKES: Summer, sk 

movies, music, snowcones, ram 
shopping, black and while pi 

sandwiches, waiting, umbrellas. FAVORITE 
Ml :M( )RY: Ciuba, random nights, w/ M( i * Kl I, Sieve 
Miller Band Concert, Nl I w/ HZ, BB's attic w/ MG, SP 
i CE. sophomore year. HI ID missions. ACTIVITIES: 
Dance, NAILS. FOUND:w/ My friends. AMBITION: 
To help people. 

Pardee* LDoxanne 

Par, Paradise 

I.IKES: The fellowship, music, traveling, meeting ne 

people, family, friends, performing. DISLIKES: 

Ignorance, inequality, war, stupid dress codes, failure 

FAVORITE MEMORY: '04-'05 band trips. 

ACTIVITIES: Marching band, horseback riding, 

symphony hand. FOUND: w/ friends. AMBITION: 

Joseph Joy Saia 



LIKES: Video games, skiing, writing, reading. 

Ramen. hamburger pizza, sarcasm, people who like 

Ramen, helping people. DISLIKES: Snobbv people. 

hypocrites, authority, people who talk behind your 

back, pork chop sandwiches. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Japan. ACTIVITIES: Edilor-in-Chief of Metaeomel. 

,s. FOUND: At a 
Book Award. St. 
There's a support 
. they meet at the 

MUCH!, and Ramen... and people who lick frosting of: 
their fingers are hot. 

Kitchen. Sun Chronicle, karate. SI 

Ramen stand. AWARDS: I larva 

Michael's Book Award, bono 

SAYING: "What, you hale your i" 

Samantha Sandy 

Sam, Sam I am 

LIKES: Music, making clothes, parlies, piercings and 
tattoos. DISLIKES: I'm pretty chill with everything. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: The lime I'm not in school. 
ACTIVITIES: Playing my guitar, singing, listening In 
music, chilling out with people, working. 

Stephen S. Saulnier 

LIKES: Lacrosse, weekends, J J, winning, #4. girls, 

summer. Red Sox, Patriots, cars. DISLIKES: 

Homework, losing, Yankees, liars, Franklin, over 

protective parents, waking up early, school, paying for 

parking, shells. ACTIVITIES: Lacrosse 1-4. basketball 

manager 1-4. AWARDS: Lacrosse captain. OTHER: 

Thanks for all the support mom. dad, Michelle. 

Micheal, Paul, and Anna. 

Rebecca Savi 

Becca, Savi 

LIKES: Music, SRD, vacation, friends, movies, ethics, 
sleeping, snow, Victor, shopping, summer, books, 
coffee, the mall, lipgloss. DISLIKES: Math, mean 
people, homework, waking up early, covering books, 
school, over achievers, school dress code. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Being with my best friends, the beach w7 

SRD, debates in ethics, summer of '05, cranium. 
ACTIVITIES: Newspaper, book club. FOUND: My 
house, sleeping. FAVORITE SAYING: "I was really 
there. And that was enough to make me feel infinite." 

Erik Schmidt 

Crestman and Danish Behemoth man Beast 

LIKES: Soccer, snow boarding. Germany, Italy, 
parents, cooking. Hying, and playing hockey 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Partying with Phin in 

Germany with Cardillo and Sevy- and don't forget 

Jacob. Linda. Rosalie. Franz, and the rest of Phin's 

friends. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, snowboarding, and 

hanging out with my friends, operation B.A.MF. 

(Don't forget the CiSP!) FOUND: II" not on the soccer 

Held, on the slopes. AMBITION: To become a pilot 

and eventually II) internationally for a major airline. 



Alex. Lex, Seig. Al, Lexxy 

LIKES: Sox, Hood day, scavenger hunts, Jack Johnson. 

Diet Pepsi, guitar, OC. DISLIKES: Getting busted, 
dress code. New Year's '05. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Ohio '03. meeting Howie, Warped '04. Erronious. 
Guster, Dashboard, John Mayer, last Dispatch. DBFS. 

NH '03, 7.4.'03, NFG, Pond Street. DD '05. 
AWARDS: Honors, blue collar award winter track. 3rd 

place state relays 4x100. FAVORITE SAYING: "In 

the end. it's not the years in your life that matter it's the 

life in your years." OTHER: Friends: Thanks for the 

great limes & being there for inc. I love you. Parents: 

Thanks for the patience & support. I love you & I hope 

I make you proud. 

Timothy Sepe 

LIKES: Music, penguins, percussion, drum Corp, 

MMW. ECJ. ribs, cheeseburgers. Coke, good bass 

line. Family Guy. Pe/. ice cream, steel drums. 

DISLIKES: Lazy people, rap. complaining, homework. 


II World Champ '05. ECJ Rookie Talent. Funway 

w/AMP. ACTIVITIES: Marching band. Winter 

Percussion. Symphony Band. Jazz Ensemble. FOUND: 

AMP. Carpentry shop, behind a set of drums. 

AWARDS: DCI Div II World Champ. BOA Regional 

Champ '04. NESBA Champ '05, SE Distries '05, 

Woody Herman Jazz Award. AMBITION: To keep 

making music and to do what I love doing. 


Ixhadija Sesay 

Deeja, Boneefa. Khadi. Cheeks 
Beanlown. Boston 

LIKES: Cilo, my family, my bests MT. TS. MJ. 

Ramala, sleep, going out, ghost stuff. Boneefa and 

Joure living life, money. DISLIKES: Being broke, not 

gelling what I want, staying home on a Saturday, lake 

people, stuck up girls, and gelling bad grades. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Last days of school each year. 

ACTIVITIES: Chillin'. AMBITION: To be the best 

that I could be. FAVORITE SAYING: I lell'a. That's 

mad. ..Hi.. .Your so usily. E.Z. Kid. 

Nathan Setter 

Patrick Sevy 

poker, money, glass. Seinlleld. red. sleeping, pa: 

chilling. DISLIKES: School, schwagg. tests, dra 

rap. curfews, ignorance, stuck up/spoiled peopl 

school policies, cops. war. Bush, morning. FAVO 

MEMORY: Poker in champs, half-day of canee 

concert '05. Petty + Crows concert, college da) 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey, poker, wiffleball, basket 

FOUND: All oxer. AMBITION: To go to collej 

have a successful career. FAVORITE SAYING: " 

like an ocean some limes you have to drown in it t 

"the" sev, se 

LIKES: Friends, soccer. 
Wendy's, poker. Dr. Peppe 

World Cup. Berlin. DISLIKES: Homework. 

Mondays. Franklin, Pepsi, mean people, stereotypes. 

hypocrites. FAVORITE MEMORY: Berlin w, Phin. 

Schmidt and Cardillo. Italy w/Sehmidt and Cardillo. 

soccer '02-04, Jacob, I ran/. Rosalie. Linda 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer '02-'()4. FOUND: playing 

soccer, hanging out. AMBI IION: To he happy. 

OTHER: Thanks to my family for always being there. 

King Philip's Leading Character 

Erielyn Sexeny 

LIKES: Family, friends, hockey, lacrosse, the summer, 

the lake, pond skating, ski trips, music, movies, 

sleeping, laughing, doodling. DISLIKES: Franklin, 

Jess' Birthday II I , homework, dull pencils, cold 

MEMORY: Summer '05, [he Cape, days al .lonni 

nights al Johnny's, Nicky's with Jess, hockey wi 

Kale, Sacc, the lasl day of school, plaslicwrap. (I 

Needham game. OTHER: Mom and Dad thank yoi 

your endless love and support. Nick good luck will 

parents. If you need me, call me. I.ove you all! 

Katie Lee Sharron 

K Shi//, Kal 

LIKES: Parlies, gelling dressed up, payday, going out, 
laughing, dance, gymnastics. DISLIKES: gelling hurl. 
accidents, stupid hoys & girls, hcing bored, headaches, 

plans gelling messed up. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

frosh year, chillin' in Brad's woods, partying w/C'ivi, JH 

Dee, hcing w/ Ash, Jessie, Casey, Jen, football & 

basketball games, pep rallys. class eomp, G-funks, 

sketchy Arbor, Boston, working fr/Tommy, Sweall 

Hill, .It' Penney, Filenes, parades, leaving school. 

FOUND: JIS's, t'ivi's. Dee's, Ash's, Minty's, random 

houses, KC's. AMBITION: To be a kindergarten 

teacher & live in the city. OTHER: My friends I love 

you, you mean so much to me! Mom, dad, Melissa, 

Kcl-love you so much I'm proud of you Melissa & 


Laura Shaw 

LIKES: Dance, work, vacations, hanging w/ AM, AM, 

KE, .IK, AP, going back lo England, prom, dressing 

up, birthdays, girls nighls, slccpovcrs, movie nights. 

DISLIKES: Fake people, people thinking they're belter 

than others, selfishness, homework. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: FP with AM, Kelly concert w/ KF. 

Summer campout w/ AP, AM. AP, CB. Prom w/ 

AM& KF, Six flags w/ AM & AP, work w/ AM, 

CCD leaching 1st grade, Nl IS. secretary of class 

2003-2005. FOUND: School, (ajthe deli, dance, w/ 

AM, online. AMBITK )N: Move lo England to study 

architecture, lo be successful and happy. 

Nicholas Shipley 

LIKES: 80's/90's music, snow 
barbeques, wrenching, a good 

loo much homework, frequency abusers. FAVORITE 

MFMORY: Sis Flags w/ drock -i BF, Vineyard w/ II I 

and EL, Cape w/ SM. Boneyard, pixing the yummy w/ 

I HI), summer '05 and the MK/, expeditions w/ CC. 

ACTIVITIES: SNI IS, INI IS, a bit o" Hack and 

wrestling, ML. FOUND: Outside, under my car, 

tinkering. AWARDS: High honors, SNI IS, I NIIS. Key 

club, assorted academic awards. AMBITK >N: To live 

comfortably. FAVORITE SAYING: "Righto, just 

TLAR it!" OTHER: Good lucktoall! 

Rachel Silva 

S: Beach, llicO.c. Laguna 
. K.M. A. A., summer, mv c 

aguna Beach, Real World, 

, my car, Eminem, sleeping 

School, waking up early, 

ho think they're better than 


everybody else, cold weather. FAVORITE I* 

Summer '05 Willi K.M., being gangsla with 

rides with K.M., going lo the 99 w/ K.M.. 

K.M., gangsla. ACTIVITIES: chillin' with 

working. FOUND: Al the mall with K 

AMMI'I ION: To gel a good job and be ma 

I AVORITE SAYING: yayao!! Holla!! 'Si 

( )'l I If.R: Thanks to all my friends who mad 

the bomb, and everybody else who helped n 

Daniel Peter Shea 

LIKES: Bruins, Cape, Phish. swimming, lishing, 
wiffleball, liosox, shamrocks, snow boarding, Pals, 
mini. hockey, checking out the scene, lues, parlies. 
DISLIKES: fall, girls, being busy, poker, fiance. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Cape, Phish, Crab catching 
on the 4lh, hockey, AFC championship game, Bruins 
playoffs. Hockey Fasl. ACTIVITIES: Hockey, fax, 

football, golf. AWARDS: I lock all star fax. Sun 
Chronicle all star fax. AMBITK )N: To be successfu 

al what I do and have fun doing il. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "If you waul lo dance, you've gol lo nay mi 

McClouds, Nolls, and Camerons I 
over the years. 

Michael Short 

LIKES: Pizza, fries, golden fearer wings. The "09.' 

botball, baseball. FAVORITE SAYING: "Don't woi 
about il. It's heller lo be bad if ils heller than bored. 

Michelle At. Simard 

Michel ley, I mkerbel 

MI.MORY: I our '04, Baltimore '04, San Diego '04, 

Dayton '05, New Year's I ve '04. ACTIVITIES: 

Marching Hand '01 -'05, winter guard '01 -'06, Spartans' 

drum corps '04, chorus-fall '04-spring '06. FOUND: Al 

guard, w/, VG's house. AWARDS: Spartans' 

Champs '04, MICCA '0l-'05, NI-SISA '0l-'06, MICCA 

Chorus-Silver '05. AMBITION: To succeed i nol lose 

touch w/mv friends. I AVOKI 1 1. SAYING: "Oh 

J. Michael Simmons 

I.IKES: Cars, motocross, Mountain Dew, orange, 

snowboarding, 460. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, 

amahahas, English, homework. AWARDS: Best ear. 

FOUND: Sleeping in elass. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Do the Dew." OTHER: Good Luck Class of 2006! 

Jessica A. Simpson 


LIKES: Summer, lt\ 7, sweatpants, Kl' lax, hotkey 

games, the lake, my bed. Sex & the City. Nieky's GC, 

BL, Laguna, math elass, lime green, AIM. DISLIKES: 

Mondays, 4th lunch, annoying girls, bad reft, losing. Hi 

practice, dirty snow. FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh 

year w/lrio, summers @ the lake, JRob's, skitrips 

w/yogabear, LM & ER, girls nights at KS+KE, beating 

Needham, New I lamp., DECA trips, era/y nights 

w/KF & the eapl., soccer squuad, I lot Sundae, soph 

semi (w KE, my 17th + video by BS, REV. 

ACTIVITIES: Eield hotkey 1-4. Lacrosse 1-4, DECA 

3-4 FOUND: With LM, ER, BS. AMBITION: To be 

happy. OTHER: Dad & Polly, I love you. I couldn't 

have done il without you. Brie. Laur, & Erin, you've 

been die best friends I eould have ever asked lor. KTS, 

William E. Small 

biggie, smalls 

LIKES: Music, the Pats, s 
in red hat, OCB, anthi 

e Army, lady 

circles, construction, gasoline, Cher, sissies, brain 

cancer, terrorists, liberals, battle of the Bulge. 


Football, lacrosse, band, NHS. lifeguard. POUND: In 

"the beast." at the A-club, Mickey D's. AWARDS: 

Most likely to get shot at work, and most likely to he 

extremely handsome. AMBITION: Graduate from the 

United Stales Military Academy and join the Special 

Forces. FAVORITE SAYING: "Weh," anything from 

family Guy. 



1 1 



Brendan Smith 

LIKES: WalerLoo. Ihumpin' on my bass. BE Bols. 
Great Woods, Limestone Locals, Fresh Pow, 
snowboarding, close calls, dance parlies. Putts, 
spontaneous melody. DISLIKES: The war. Park Street, 
Xavarian, Bud Mud, 6 a.m. practice, authority, sitting 
still. Eranklin. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cra/y shows, 
GW in the summer. IT, Coventry Crew, Rob soaring 

off the trailer, the lot, Fung Wall to NYC w/MP. 

Jarrod's Place, 14-4-2, KPvsl Eranklin. ACTIVITIES: 

Hockey, Lax, tennis. Jazz Combo, WalerLoo, KPII ICE 

all nighl long, Eolk group. AMBITION: To pursue my 

passions and interests. FAVORITE SAYING: "He not 

busy being born is busy dying." OTHER: Thanks 

Mom, dad, and tale for always being there and 

supporting my decisions. 

Brittany Jean Smith 

Brill, Britty 
North Attleboro 

LIKES: Dancing, chilling with friends, summer. 

DISLIKES: winter, fake people. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: I hinging w ilh the girls and the "weak 

knees" incidents. ACTIVITIES: Dance (tap, jazz, hi| 

hop). AMBITION: To be happy and succeed. 

FAVORITE SAYINCi: Thai's boll!! OTHER: Hey 

Scott Smith 

TIKES: My hoys, I.SA, KP t BOS/NE spoils, SBS, 
lunch, baby blue, pels, PP, poker, gym I ACC, 5, the 

bun, alumni, walks. Family Guy, FMF, Simpsons. 

Sinbad. DISLIKES: Leaving, no service, Franklin, gas 

money. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summers '02-05, 

prom '02-05, 8-3-03, Cahoon Hollow, 2- 13-114, 
swimming in the rain, VT, sand hill. Pals & Red Sox 
Champs, BSM, 16, CI'A. PP, Paul Dade, Ireland '06. 
ACTIVITIES: B'hall. soccer, tennis. Hack. NHS, Leo 
Club, SADD. AWARDS: KP b'ball-MVP '04 & '05. 
I lock Allstar '05, Sun Chronicle Allslar '04 & '05, KP 
tennis-most improved. AMBITION: To be happy. 
enjoy life, and be rich. FAVORITE SAYING: "PimniiV 


M* ' SV. 


^b i^^. 







Emma Smith 

Emo, Smilly, Emma Bean, Funic, Merry 

vv/Michelle, minions i 

Gras beads, 22, 24, ; 

Nicky's, vintage, collet 

waiting, my Honda. Mardi 
. paint brushes sprinting, 
hockey. Maine Blackbears, 
Fellowship. DISLIKES: 

Politics, slow drivers 


MEM.: Ill '02-06, BB '02-06, KRI wilh 
'02-'05, Revs '02, Boston '02-'06, III Camp 1 
Cove '05. AC II VI III S: NAHS. III. B'hall. 
MB Groupie. FOUND: (w practice, Michellt 

I AV. SAYINCi: "I do nol babble, I merely er 
general knowledge of people around me w 

Steven Smith 

King Philip s Leading Characte 

Tiffany Spigarolo 

I , Tippy-tootles 


LIKES: Summers, Patriots, the beach, music. Sea 

World, helping others, laughing, drawing, Disney, 

pursuit, singing, vacations, hugs, TV DISLIKES: liars, 

lake people, homework, good-byes, sketchy places and 

people, hypocrites, Mondays, rumors, mid-lerms/linals. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Warp Tour '04, the Pals 

game w/ Davy, Al with my Dad, the c.xies. mission 

trips, lauging with friends FOUND: In Walpole, the 

A-Club, and with my friends AMBITION: To live life 

to the fullest. FAVORITE SAYING: "I believe in 
angels, the kind that heaven sends... I'm surrounded by 
angels, but I call them my best friends." Thank you to 
Mom, Dad, Dan, Brian, and Andrew lor being there for 


^-ad^H I 

Danielle D. St. Jean 

EIKES: A(iD, footsie's girls, big earrings, DECA, 
palm trees, MBB ice cream, Alloids, Mustangs, Sox & 
Pats, lillics, Snapplc, green. DISLIKES: School food, 
meatloaf, bugs, carnations. Mcdonald's. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Frosh III & B'ball, NAKCON '04, 

"I IKKC" w/ACi, Dunkies runs & being late w/TC, girls 

nights, art w/NC & AL, Call '05. 4th of July '04. 


FOUND: W/Alex, Toolsie's, the mini mall. 

AMBITION: To travel the world, become fluent in 

Spanish, and make the most of life. FAVORITE 

SAYINCi: "Our greatest glory is not in newer falling. 

but in rising every lime we fall. "-Confucius. OTHER: 

Mom & Dad-Thanks for all of the love and support! 

Andrew-Have fun w/lhe rest of HS! Good Luck Class 

of '06! 

Brandon Stewart 


LIKES: Red Sox, The Bues, girls, weekends, fishing. 

DISLIKES: Yanks, school. ACTIVITIES: Foolbaii, 

baseball, wrestling, chllin' with my friends. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: B team Mud Bowl. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Kids these days?!", "good 

limes, good limes." AMBITION: To make my parents 

proud. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for helping 

me grow into who I am. Good luck. Mike. I hope you 

Nicholas Stoukides 

Paul Strittmatter 

Greg Strong 

LIKES: Hanging out w/ friends, pancakes, sleep. 

weekends, poker, listening to music. Wendy's. 

snowboarding, paintball and wifflchall. DISLIKES: 

Homework and spiders. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

School lire days and Red Sox '04. ACTIVITIES: 

Soccer, 'Operation B.A.M.F* and Leo club. 

AMBITION: To go to college and make a lot of 

money. FAVORITE SAYING: "Where we going?" 

Heather Sullivan 

LIKES: Sleeping in, reading, relaxing, summer, days 
off from work. DISLIKES: faking notes, homework, 
waking up early, studying. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Summer of '05, February vacations. ACTIVITES: 
Softball 1-2. FOUND: At work. AMBITION: To own 

SAYING: "Let's go to the pills 


LIKES: Red Sox. ping pong, poker. ML. Sinbad & 

Frosty, PC Friars. Led Zeppelin. While Castle, politic: 

Civ. Fridays. Paul Dade. DISLIKES: Franklin. 

■AVORITE MEMORY: Summer '05. 

Ian Sullivan 

LIKES: Videogames, reading, movies, smelling th 
roses, pancakes. DISLIKES: Deadlines and due date 

slavery. FAVORITE MEMORY: I loget... 
ACTIVITIES: playing video games, reading, walchi 
movies, smelling the roses, eating pancakes. FOUN 
A really smooth rock. AMBI'I ION: Global dominati 
FAVORITE SAYING: "In the beginning the Univei 
was created. This has made a lol of people very angi 
and been widely regarded as a bad move."-DNA 


S™SK3 ■■■'■' 

T i T 


Nicole Elizabeth 


LIKES: Friends, bench. Ryan, skating, dri\ in 

babysitting, sunsets. FAVORITE MEMORY: Meeting 

Fasl Call with LW. prom. Australia, WV, Aruba. 

getting a flat in II, getting lost, baking cookies with 

LW. 3DD with FAF. summer 05, New Years. Oasis. 

Kenny Chesney. (il .Iocs with C'L. AMBITION: To be 

successful and nanny. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad Lee 

Anne, and Ryan 

Kate Sutton 

Katie. Ktbaby 

LIKES: AC. MH, SG, trj) twin, the 6, Gil, late nights. 

earl) starts, the farm, ice. Sex in the City, my 

teammates, hreakin' in the rents, kyky, Pats, spag dins. 

DISLIKES: Liars and people who only care about 

themself. authority, stress, disappointments, warm 

ones, ahjeedah. FAVORITE MEMORY: Vacas. w/ 

Halls. Calumet, sacc. fresh, yr. sneakouts. Halloween 

at BH + DF, 12-2-03. New Year's at Dolph. 2-17-04. 

gym class w/ TC, sr. prom '04. jr. prom '05. Hampton 

Beach. Miami w, the girls. Christmas vaca. '04. 

2-20-05. Feb. vaca. '05. beating Needham, 4th of Jul) 

weekend '05. Girls - night, Maine. 9-10-'05, Pals' 

Parade, hff day. nights w the 6 ' TC, II I w 'HI- -.11 . 

OTHER: Family-thank you for everything. AL, MOL, 

and Shan, greatest friends I will ever know. 

Branden Sweeney 


LIKES: Long walks on die h 

die Captain. '87 Ford F2.' 

DISI IKES: Crabs, dented p-p 

ing KP parking lo 

meeting m\ cool 

FOUND: Awesome King Philip. AWARDS: 5th pla 
pic eater. 1st place dog-sled racer Mb grade boysco 
AMBI I ION: Keep the good times rollin'. I AVOKI 1 
SAYINCi: "Just follow your heart, that's whal I alwa 

.U Be- 

y Mm. M * 

> - 

Sara Tatnall 

LIKES: Andrew, riding, friends, trees, adventure. 

randomness, snow, road trips, swimming, eating, fun, 

sleeping, mac & cheese, animals, family, blue skies. 

talking. Christmas, singing, laughter, and green. 
MSL1KES: Pointless information, war, condescending 
people, sadness, cloud)' days, getting hurt, peppers. 
excessive confusion, and the Bush Administration. 
FAVORI I E MEMORY: Indi '05, summer w And). 
VI « ' Em, FA w, K & Fm. Ill "05. MB '02, and PA 
summers. FOUND: Wandering. Scotland, barn and 
having random adventures. AMBITION: To 
iinglc-handedly save the world. FAVORITE SAYING: 

Nicole Ihibault 

Ml MOKV: Mv lies 

icing, draw ing. hanging al the 
friends. pi//a. niac-'n-chccse. 
amily. DISLIKI S: Being borec 
Aork. rumors. I AVORITE 
hman year the chorus went lo 

parade. ACTIVITIES: Chorus four years. FOUND: 

\\ orking. at the mall, al school, beach AMBI I ION: I 

grow up. get married, have a family, be a singer, and 

go lo cosmetology school. FAVORI'I F SAYINCI: 

"OTHER: I'hankyou Mom. Dad. Maud 
being there lor me. Oood luck al KP Ma 

Tyler Thurston 

FIKFS: Money, sleeping, movies. I V. thunderstorms, 

NYC, 90's music, stand up coined), Starbucks, Fate 

Night With Conan O'Brien. DISLIKES: Mornings. 

slow drives, working, little kids, overt) optimistic 

people. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hanging out with 

friends. NY widi BB. talk shows with Kay. study with 

MM. mornings with AO. AC I IVITIES: Entertainment 


lo move lo Manhattan an 
ic without laughter." Ol II 

Kaelyn Todd 

K. load, Kac 

I IKl S: Movies, food in general, Jimi I lendrix. Deal 

t ah forCulie, purple, mv car. DBI S. my friends. 

Mark. DISI IKES: 1 he word hate, mixing food. " I ot 

guys." New Year's 21105. thick hamburgers, and liin 

dancing. I AVI IKl I I Ml MORY: Alicia long 
absence, seeing in) friends first lime in months, am 
being tackled with llieir love in Ihe school parking li 
AC 1 1 VII 1 1 S: Class. Officer, NAIIS, volunteer sW 

FOUND: Nickv's. KP. die lleverl's house, at Ihe 

mm ics. AMBITION: lo become a social worker an 

help kids live happier lives J AVORITI SAYINCi 

"\\ lien il hurls lo look hack, and you're scared lo loo 

ahead, sou can look beside you and your besl friend 

Dorothy Toledo 

1 IKI.N: Buys. love, parties, Johnny, friends, KM. RS, 

C J. AA. KO, 1)1*. C ape Cod, cell phones, talking. 
sUus. ihe beach. DISI IKl S: Waking up early, broken 
hearts, breaking up. homework, no cell phone, no car, 
drama, homework, being bored, lighting. I \V< )\<\ 1 1 
MI M( >RY: Maine -<)2 '03. tape Cod "04. Ramada 
Inn. I he Manner. New Year's I ve '04. Parlies al R.S., 

"s house. AMI1I I !( )\: I o become rich and he 
in life. I AVoKlll SAYING: "You're nasty!" 

<: I hanks |a all mv tin Is. Mum. Dad. Mike, anil 

Melissa Twitched 

l.iss. I.issa 

chilly days, tlris ing, balloons, crayons. Napoleon, 

llowers. ice cream cake, lime green, hand sanitizcr. 

D1SLIKI S: People with main altitudes, brown, 

markers, parking, maples, gas prices, arguing. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to Six Flags with MJ, 

SJ.and KL. FOUND: With MJal Shan's. AMBITION: 

Toown rro own dav care. FAVORITE SAYINd: "I 



Haley Uyrus 


LIKES: Pretty 

hings, le lee verle. subtly sarcasm. 

volleyball, beii 

ga romantic. DISLIKES: Hippies. 

mundane ad 

ivitics, slow walkers, being laic. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Codec & convo alcove u 

7:00 a.m.. fros 

i drama, chasing around a certain 

someone. ACT 
Sachem, sol'lh 

VITIES: OM/DI, drama, diversity 

alcove, art roon 

, MelDiva's, King Richard's Fairc 

Dunkin' Dont 

is, Dames & Noble's, Friendly's. 


ilace OM slate finals. AMBITION 

Live life lo the 

fullest and be happy. FAVORITE 


alily is merely an illusion, albeit a 

persistent one." 

)THER: They have the "1 Lovethi 

80s" and "1 Love 

Ihe 90s." What are Ihey going lo d 

lor us? "1 Love 

the Oils'.'" Thai doesn't seem right 


Cailyn J. Varkas 

Llkl-.v .il.l. (V l.rMl-. guys, dancing, singing m ihe ear. 

line friends, boyfriends, ihe Lumina, summer, beach, 

I he Simple Life. Laguna. One free Hill, making 

people laugh. DISLIKES: Drama, breakups, ear 

accidents, regrets, dri\ ing fast. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: Prom '05, summer '05. football games, pep 

rallies. HSU 8/14/05, ehem. w/ JLC & JJP. 
AMBITION: Have a family, he successful, slay close 
w/hesl friends. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "The only rule 
in life is don'l be boring, dress cute w here\ er you go. 

Mom and Dad I love you so much, thank you for heir 

the best parents anyone could ever ask for. JLC & 

LNF, you guys are the most amazing best friends eve 

Lauren Vesty 

Vesly, Laur 

LIKES: Rain dancing, Chai tea, friends, laughing 
ocean, stargazing, spicy lemonade, diamonds pearl 

snuggling. Polo, Kel & Brown, my giggling girl: 
deafkaLtanc. DISLIKES: SATs, unpainted toenail 

situations w/ ears & police. FAVORITE 
MEMORY:Ski trips, pottery party at NC's, Laura 

I lampions, summer bonfires, chill Frisbee, dance 
parlies w/ LF, lax memories, late night dips, hisl d; 

Hard-core gym, girls' night "05. laughing w/ AF. 
AMBITION: To figure out my life, retire at 55 + b 

out to visit me. FAVORITE SAYINCi 

wild/crazy /intense!" OTHER: "1 gel by < 

help from my friends..." 1 love you guys ;i 

liendrik Visser 

Christine Walsh 

LIKES: food, soccer, reading, hiking, ski trips, 

snow boarding, the fellowship. Pals. Russian Legion. 

Naughty Dogs Infamous. Oakland Assassins, Friendly 

Fire paintball, traveling. DISLIKES: Practicing in 100 

degree+ weather. Fox 4. the hub. Philly Americans. 

Dynasty. F4 Killas. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hilling a 

tree while snow boarding, crashing Phil's party w/ his 

dad. ACTIVITIES: Paintball, work, soccer, doing 

random stuff, talking with people, going lo Boston, 

hockey. FOUND: Everlasting friendships. AWARDS: 

NEPL team champions. AMBITION: Pro paintballcr, 

politician, doctor. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "Nothing is 

like ihe original." OTHER: Leave spending time with 

pc, laughing, hangin 1 out, Pats. Sox. 
lee cream, driving, movies, work my 

Yankees. FAVORITE MEMORY: Pon de Replay. KL 
+ KN: It's not a pickle!. L&O: SVU w/Linds, Jimmy 

Fund w/Linds, summers '02+'05, Water Country + thai 

nile at Linds's (8/8/05). Pi//a Hut w/ KN i- KL. 

Superbowl'05. ACT1VITES: Peer leadership 9-12; 

11-12 executive hoard, yearbook 10-12. 12 editor, Leo 
club 9-1 I. dance. FOUND: At work, out, school or 

meetings. AMBITION: To graduate from college, gel ; 

job, gel married and have kids. OTHER: Thanks lo my 

family and friends for alwavs being there for me. I love 

Daniel Walsh 

Lori Ann Wardner 

LIKES: Money, sleeping, movies, TV, thunderstorms, 

NYC. 90's music, stand up comedy, Starbucks, Late 

Night With Conan O'Brien. DISLIKES: Mornings, 

slow drivers, working, little kids, overly optimistic 

people. FAVORI l'E MEMORY: I langin' out w ith 

friends. NY w ith BB. talk-shows w ith w ith Kay. study 
with MM, mornings with ACi. ACTIVITIES: 

Entertainment Editor of the Meiaeomcl (3-4) FOUND: 
Sleeping, at ihe mm ies. being my usual sunny self. 
AMBITION: fo move to Manhattan and write for a 

magazine. FAVORITE SAYINCi: "The most wasted of 

all days is o\m: w iihoul laughter." Oilier: Thanks to mv 

LIKES: Summer, beach, Ihe lake, sunsets, lobster, 

steamers, snow hoarding, mountains. Red Sox, Pals. 

Thanksgiving ( hnstmas, laughing. DISI.IKI S 

iles. stress. Mondays. FAVORITE 
uma '04, Midnight Madness (1-4). 
M. KA, AB. movie nights with AC 
lylor with AC. ACTIVITIES: Socce 
1-4. tennis 1-4. sludenl council. 

I lomework, do 

with AC, or BM, KA. AB. AWARDS: Basketball 

apt. 4. Tennis capt. 4. AMBITION: To have a happy. 

healthy life and a good job. OTFIER: Thanks Mom. 

ad, Kelly, Scott, and all my friends for your help and 

support! (iood luck class of 2006! 

Amanda Wencus 


LIKES: Dance, the OC, music, friends JB, ER, LP, 

CC, shopping, the beach, vacations. FAVORITE 

MEMORY: 7/2-7/9/05, 10/1/04. AMBITION: To have 

a successful job and family. FAVORITE SAYING: 

"Live, love, laugh, learn. " 

Lauren Wencus 

LIKES: Friends, family, dance, bass, snowboarding, 

swimming, reading, green, blue, polka dots, Boston, 

weekends, music, shopping, vacations, movies, ice 

:ream, iced tea, summer, freeze pops, birthdays, stars. 

hanging out. DISLIKES: Pineapple, coconuts, 

homework, clowns, bugs, spiders, needles. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: McDowell West Virginia 

mission trip, getting two flat tires in Cranston with 

Nikki, summer '05. 

Emery C. Vender 

Ariane Elizabeth 

LIKES: Hockey, tech, computers, RP(iS. friends and 
laughing, the fellowship, having 5 out of 7 classes 

mom" jokes, the stupid board, faking Mrs. Tower's job 
after college, Dropkick Murphys. Pepsi, mini Sharpies, 

clips, being the only guy in AP art and NAI IS. 

DISLIKES: Decs, dumb leehies that don't know what 

they're doing, had sound quality, being the only guy in 


Year's party/masquerade. ACTIVITIES: Tech and 

NANS, playing hockey against a lield hockey player in 

the middle of Decathalon. FOUND: In the art room. 

IKES: llaiigin' w/friends, laughing, beach, bubble 
baths, chocolate, roses, drive-ins. DISLIKES: 
Restriction, snobby people, clouds at the beach, 
nanas, spiders. FAVORITE MEMORY: Dressing 

AC I'lVI'l II.S: Dancing, kickboxing, singing, and 

laughing. FOUND: Coffee sensations, w/ Wendy, w/ 

Will. AMBITION: Marry a blues musician and sing in 

his band. FAVORITE SAYING: "Never let the sun set 

on tomorrow, before the sun rises today." ( ) 1 1 IER: 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dominique, and my friends for 

being supportive, these past four years! I love you all! 

Elizabeth Wessman 

Ale\, Wcssmai 

LIKES: Summer, beaches, friends, family, shopping, 
the ( >C DISI .IKES: 1 hunder and lightning, the dark, 
nean people. FAVORI'I I. MEMORY: Cape Cod with 
II, Foss with IT, 3-9-05, Cape with MF, V'f with 
Ml . summer '05, prom '05, JQ's birthday with KM, 
CW, If. Red Fox. AC 1 1 VII IIS: Cross-Country, 
indoor and outdoor track, Leo club, peer leadership. 
(HIND: With friends and MCI . AWARDS: Capl XC 
and'frack, XC All Star '03 and '04. AMUITION: To 

Eric Whitehouse 


o, 1 lo 


ood. Road kill 


LIKES: food 



ies. silence, sleeping and 

reading. DISLIKES 


rdles, egomaniacs, noise. 

cheese and sin 

>ng oc 



falling in the h 



3. ACTIVITIES: Running, 

ennis, chorus, 1 



biking. FOUND: A penny 


in CI 


, 2005. Most Musical 2002 

and Most All 

Iclic ( 

n ll 

e music program) 2003. 


To be 


c a teacher. FAVORITE 

SAYING: "Life 

s a g; 


ind true love is the trophy. 

Julie Williams 

Tanya E. Willscn 



crls, draw ing. pa 

nling, reading 

guitar, bowling, 1; 

lighter, frappachi 

los, /cbra. 


s, spiders, rap, lo 

w budget 

commercials. 1 AV. M 


trips, front ro\ 

SI'w/SK, JR. ,11 ■,GD\ 

v/JR, IS, Pond II 

imc, bowling 

concerts, Wrentham 1 

louse. Nil with J 

<. Wildwood 

w/SKand KL, art 

class. Rock Cam 

i with JR. 


1 ,eo, Melaeonicl 


Peer Leadership. FOl 

ND: Concerts, N 

>rlh Bowl, my 

house. AWARDS: D 

ECA-lsl in Dislr 

els & States, 

Achievement Aw; 

id Nationals, KP 

Key club. 


happy and succe 

.sliil. FAV. 

SAYINCi: Boo and 

Yah! OTHER: W 

e are done! 

( ongratulations class 

if 06. 1 hanks for 

the memories 

SK. Kl 

..IF. JR. and AH 

: God, Austin, sunsets, weekends in Nil, kids, 
sunflowers, love, drinking cocoa by fire, huus, 

people, headaches 

idness. I AV. MEMORY: 
le camp '05, Ellon John, 
e crew gel together, friend 

Jenn, Cruise w/ KC, RV. AMBI I ION: Make 
life-changing dramatic difference ill someone's lilc & 
follow the will (iod has for me. I AV. SAYINCi: "Love 
the Moment and the energy of that moment will spread 
beyond boundaries." O'l HER: Thanks lo my family, 
friends, Younglile leaders and Austin for loving me lor 
who I truly am. 

Janine Wolfrum 



LIKES: Summer, friends, weekends, neatness, salad, 

shopping. Pancra. Country music. Kenny Chesney, 

drive-ins, camp lircs. summer nights, cowboys, Purcl. 

DISLIKES: school, fake and mean people, fast food, 

clothes, mess, gas stations. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

Times w ith RC& AP Kenny w/girlies, summer '03 and 

'05. farming w/AP, old times vv/TD. BS, & BH, limes 

with ACi & X! Spanish w/DW , tenlin' it '04, mini 

golf, a-eluh crew '05 FOUND: Not al home. 

OTHER: Thanks Mom. Tomass, Nicole & the 

C'hapsticks, love you with all my heart!! Thanks for 

everything 1 don't know what I would do with out you! 

Good luck class of "06... peace out! 

Courtney Zion 

LIKES: MVP. cracking up. beach, tanning, FLO. 50 

Cent, celebrity mags, fashionable styles, big 

sunglasses, long eyelashes, birthday cake, ice cream 

machine, painted nails. DISLIKES: Winter. NTCS. 

diets, black licorice, old women who think they are 

young, awkward silences. FAVORITE MEMORY: 

GA '04+ '05 w/Leah, proms. MP 12/12/03, Leah. Nina 

at NTCS. being late everyday w/LFI. NH. summers 

'04"05. beach vv Erin and Laura, meeting 

AMIR TOLGA. Mexico '05, Taco Bell w/Erin. 

OTHER: Thanks Dad and Mom and Jessica for being 

there 24/7, to Leah and Nina for making NTCS a joke 

and being able to stand it together BBFL. and to Erin. 

thanks for always being there w believer I need you and 

being the best friend 1 could ask for. 

Emily Zervos 

LIKES: Friends, family, dance, bass, snow boarding. 

swimming, reading, green, blue, polka dots, Boston, 

weekends, music, shopping, vacations, movies, ice 

cream, iced tea, summer, free/epops, birthdays, stars, 

hanging out. DISLIKES: Pineapple, coconut, 

homework, clowns, bugs, spiders, needles. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: McDowell West Virginia 

Mission trip, gelling 2 Hal tires in Cranston wilh 

Nikki. summer '05. 

Whitney Jessica 

LIKES: Having fun, friends, going out. summer, beach. 

mall. TV, loud music, vacations, laughing and 
dancing! DISLIKES: NTCS. fights, selfishness, liars. 

stealing. FAVORITE MEMORY: All GA/FL trips w/ 

LH + JR. Mexico vv/ A + T, all weekends vv/ LH + NH. 

NH sports vv/ LH +NFI. all proms w/LH + NH, all 

summer w/ER. FOUND: Al Mall or vv/ friends. 

AMBITION: To be successful and happy. OTHER: 

Thanks Dad. Mom. Jess. Bri Love you so much. 

Thank you for everything, Leah Hart, Nina Flouli BFFL 

Love ya BFFL. Erin Rado love va BFFL. 

Hannah Zuckerman 


LIKES: Hanging out with my friends, playing sports. 

shopping. DISLIKES: MySpace. frosh. drama. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Learning to snowboard vv I 

Rul. sophomore year vv TF4. haunted 

cemetery powerlines on K*Galvs b-day. Sieve Miller 

Band vv Rul & the gang, new years '04. 

ACTIVITIES:Tennis. soccer. FOUND: Al work, in 

bed. working, mall, going lo work. AMBITION: to 

become a rich and famous psychologist liv ing in New 

York City with mv handson husband and mv 


Brian W. Zuzick 



LIKES: BL. CL, girls, Acura. Sunoco, crew. P'v ille 
hood and KRP. DISLIKES: Mondays, mobil. GFC. 

4th lunch, Franklin and bad refs. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: "This is spil man." Summer '05, DMB 
and Rusluo's. ACTIVITIES: Basketball and poker. 

FOUND: Sunoco. Acura and wilh the boys. 
AWARDS: Basketball captain. AMBITION: Go lo 
college. OTHER: Thanks for everything Mom. Dad. 

Dm't pr^ef the mw wto cmddtit make tifo the d&m 

Jenn Cahill James Ferrara 

Mike Chaves Alison Nunez 
Amanda Collins Justin Thompson 

Justine Wallace 

t t t 

Evan Buffer and Modify Had 

Tara Cuddihf and 'Sean Noble 



Kate SuWon and Tern Cochrane 

Michaela Kitffj 'ana 'John RMm 






Nick BenA&n and 

Kel^f Brennan 







B - 

mm w 




L&n Andrew and 





Scott Smith and Aide Cuezze 



jjL , 


'> w^^\ 

Emery Werner and ' Emik Zen/a 


* * m 


*A M 

' ~^^ 

K- I 

^r m 


Leri Andrew and . .^^ r .„^ s ^ r ^ r . n „ r>A „, r ^ 

" Tim Hutehinicm and Katie Sharrcn 







Alicia Gahan and Sam Laiher 

m r 

y.-— -. 




%-fhr ■■"' 



i jn 


ScotI Anderm and Kefay Brennan 





/?^ Lawtm and Niwk Buekkj 




Craty Ewer 


. / 

n i 

■ fW*^4^\.'i'^ 


Ke&etf Qyealbf and 'Matt ' McCann 

M^^B ^^V^^l 


ScvW Andenen andArian Werfoffi 









•J w * ' 




j±. hi 




-*< : 

f -7'v ; ,>■■.' ■,'■'■' ■"' 

st i 

Emn BitPler andjantne W&tfirm 


Mike Simm&HAand 

Li,nd$eif Fmtana 

Sam Lasher and R& I) Law few, 
Lauren VetifrandAA FafoUcv 

Kara Gid&ne and Fee Mukakr 

[ ■ 

, " 


■ ■ 









^%\ — — m -jy 1 ^ 

n^^M ii ■■ntaxMUMir^BIH 


Ty AfcL --, -'^H 

P^SVr * 

i^JJ . fl 

Wfc ^^ Bem« ffy w^^ 

mm"' ^^hlHt) '■■. 

Afc%|? Buckfy and Rff6 Law (en 

- - 

«* -•gi. 



- j 


¥ ' ■ 






tf*%_ Jit. . 


i K 


JB»!MIJ">"0:uL '<«r • 


Sc&WAndemtt and 

Naiak Chip mm 

nicr Superlath 

■■:::M^;i-; : :3- :: '^rv::,v : :-><vv:;- isnr# 

; Sarah Kennedy and Ange 

[Thayer, Christine Walsh, Caitlin Bickum, Marie C \ngelo 
and Kaylee Gafvin 

r Kara Arvidson and l^i Wardner 

Class of 2CC 

ifdowHz | M 

II lie 

I . Jawyesi, Far atncA Laura Y****'"^ Take a 
pi uc-k pUpfo Tc><*eTtier. Z. Brlttat^v Crowe 
ok-w?I Lea Carr efTy>v reaoln'V* lUeir 
-favcrlTe. )oooV*t? no TVie library. 3. 
Fre«&Uwieio «t rW Take a pc-Ture h^> \rov\C 
p\ lUeir Uk^Tctv csjav prp\ec-TT 4-. *4lv<s»«&a 
Mc-Elwee a»o<?l CUrWiii^e Lik>ec-c>TT 
prepare \or a Te^TTb^e TVier. 




Class Officers: Adam Breland, Nora Turner, 
Meghan Harrington and Kaitlyn Cacciola 

Kelsey Shea, Nina Hedberg and Ali Shrader 
hanging out together and having a blast. 

Colleen Manning 
Greg Wood 

Katie Nickerson 

Jake Zeigler 


Our c(a& ft m (mta&JamM Bond, 'cam w are 0071 

We consider ourselves one of the best classes to enter King Philip. We have the 
smartest, best-looking students, and we definitely have the best times! We have 
some very talented artists who are great at drawing animals and warriors. 
Admittedly, we were not always this great. Freshman year was kind of a drag 
because we were still transitioning. Sophomore year improved our outlook on 
high school and now that we are upper classmen we have developed into a well 
rounded class. During Hollywood night, we danced the night away. Later, we got 
everyone to rock out at Coffee House! We try not to dwell on the fact that "Salute 
Your Shorts" is no longer on the air. We do, after all, still have "Full House" 
reruns. Most of us are taking chemistry this year and are working on our final 
papers. The Class of 2007 has a charisma, a selfless side. We have reached out to 
the community through Leo Club. Everyone in our class is so close and we are 
always there to lend a hand. If we were a family, we would go on Double Dare 
2007! Our class is very diverse, and we are always accepting new ideas and 
students. Our class is saving a lot of money on gym memberships because we 
have to park uptown and walk to school everyday. "If you can dodge traffic, you 
can dodge a ball." All together, we are very outspoken, outgoing, and optimistic. 
If King Philip gives us fire, we will say whip out the marshmallows! 


Akrouche, Paul 
Allen, Courtney 
Annis, Faye 
Anundson, Karen 
Baier, Kevin 
Bannan III, Philip 
Barbieri, Dylan 

Basque, Larissa 
Bautisa, Chelsea 
Benson, Leigh 
Bergerson, Christopher 
Bergevine, Jordan 
Bermingham, John 
Bigelow Jr., Brian 

Biron, Elizabeth 
Biscaia, William 
Bishop, Joshua 
Black, Jennifer 
Blinten, Mark 
Bradford, Alexandra 
Bregnard, Richard 

Breland, Adam 
Brennan, Michael 
Brothers, Adam 
Brown, Christopher 

Brown, Derrick 
Bunnell, Sierra 
Burnham, Jillian 
Burns 111, Philip 

Cacciola, Kaitlyn 
Cain, Rebecca 
Calderone, Alexander 
Caliendo, Christopher 
Callahan, Lara 
Calzaretta. Ryder 
Cameron, Meghan 

Capone, David 
Carloni, Hayley 
Carucci, Kristina 
Caruso-LeVierge, Stephanie 
Casey, Katherine 
Cassidy, Jennifer 
Cauley, Patrick 

Cavalieri, Ashley 
Centauro, Mairebridget 
Centofanti, Robert 
Chaisson, John 
Chamberlain, Brianna 
Chambers, Jonathan 
Charpentier, Emily 


Chaves, Michael 

Churchill, Jacqueline 

Clifford, Jacqueline 

Cole, Kelsey 

Colella, Max 

Connolly, Daniel 

Cook, Michael 

Corcoran, Rachel 

Cordo, Deborah 

Costa, Kasey 

Coyle, Erin 

Cross, Marjorie 

Crowe, Brittany 

Crowley, Daniel 

Curran, Sarah 

Curtin, Steven 

D'Aniello, Arielle 

Danielson, Sarah 

D'Arcangelo, Ryan 

Davies, Elizabeth 

deCarvalho, Adam 

Denehy, Brian 

Denerley, Evan 

Desprez, Brittany 

Dever, Meaghan 

DeVore, Deidre 

Dinkins, Shemelia 

Doane, Suzanne 

Does, Peter 

Donegan, Emma 

Doughty, Lauren 

Douglas, Ross 

Downing, James 

Dupont, Justin 

Dusseault, Thomas 

Dyke 11, Douglas 

Earley, Patrick 

Eatman, Shana 

England, Andrew 

Engwer, Bridget 

Fanty, Emily 

Farrar, Emily 

Farris, Mark 

Ferland, Mathew 

Fitzgerald, Sean 

Fontaine, Lauren 

Fountain, Emily 

Fratus, Garrett 

Gallagher, Kayley 

Gallagher, Mathew 


What wufltt ' ffeu yijfto 4tm up Klty Pfu&p? 


A school like no other, 

who else has Mr. KPHS, 

lA/akeup Warriors, Lunch 

Room Ranger, early 

dismissal for flooding 

King Philip is aw 
and everybody is great! 
So far I've had an 
amazing high school 
1 experience, and I can't 

Even though it's wait for Senior year here! Kj phj|j has 

and fire days. Even though it's wait for Senior year here! Kjng phj|jp has 

~ Megan Welsh fa || ing aparti the students -Erin Holmes the best teachers and is 
have a way of bringing it Mj always tons of fun. 

together. W m Overall, it's really 

Tim Hamlin balanced. 

-Tom Dusseault 

Getty, Hannah 
Giordano, Jack 
Gorman, Annie 
Graham, James 
Gray, Farrah 
Greenland, J 
Greenwood, Jeffrey 

Grenier, Adam 
Grenier, Amanda 
Grosso, Ethan 
Guglielmo, Daniel 
Guild, Hannah 
Gulbis, Arianna 
Gundlach, Katie 

Haber, Amy 
Hall, Robert 
Hamlin, Timothy 
Hansen, Mia 
Harrington, Colleen 
Harrington, Meghan 

Harvey, Kayla 
Harwood, Kyle 
Haughey, Carly-Rae 
Heelan, Kayla 
Herrick, Meghan 
Hobson, Kaitlyn 
Holmes, Erin 

Holmes, Hilary 
Howard, Mallory 
Hughes, Roderica 
Hurley, Katie 
Hurley, Michael 
Irving, Ethan 
Isner, Sara 

Jackson, Samuel 
Jacobs, Fredric 
Jeffrey, Kyle 
Jennings, Patrick 
Jordan, Jacob 
Judson, Andrew 
Kajano, Joseph 


Kaszanek, Julie 

Kelley, Erin 

Kelley, Siobhan 

Kelly, Caitlin 

Kempton, Jeremy 

King, Thomas 

Knowles, Heather 

Knowlton, Erin 

Kowalski, Matthew 

Kramer, Colin 

Kudikala, Srujith 

Kurkjian, Kyle 

Lacasse, Jacqueline 

Landry, Kayla 

LaRue, Colette 

LaVallee, Amanda 

Lawler, Alyssa 

Legge, Craig 

Lehan, Kimberly 

Lesinski, Evan 

Leslie, Jessica 

Lewicki, Laura 

Lewicki, Patrick 

Linscott, Christine 

Litchfield, Andrew 

Lordan, Sean 

Lorusso, Michael 

Lovejoy, Jonathan 

Lovejoy, Kelsey 

Lovely, Elizabeth 

Ludvigsen, Kevin 

MacEwen, Kathleen 

Maclntrye, Patrick 

Mackun, David 

Mahn, Daniel 

Malone, Joshua 

Manning, Colleen 

Martin, Ian 

Matz Jr., Paul 

McElwee, Alyssa 

McEvoy, Daniel 

McGonagle, Kerry 


McGraph, Kristin 
McKeon, Meghan 
McKinney, Billy 
McMorrow, Patrick 
McVay, Scott 
Meyer, Zachary 
Molloy, Lindsey 

Monahan, Anthony 
Moore, Christopher 
Murphy, John 
Nacewicz, Alyssa 
Nickerson, Katlyn 
O'Brien, Kaitlyn 
O'Conner, Katie 

O'Harte, Michelle 
Pagliarini, Rachel 
Palmer, Lauren 
Palmer, Montana 
Parramore, Allison 
Patrician, Justin 
Patten, Kyle 

Pegg, Andrew 
Perry, Bridget 
Piccione, Suzanne 
Politano, Michelle 

Powers, Anne 
Procyk, Matthew 
Quinn, Jonathan 
Quinn, Niall 

Rahman, Syed Aziz 
Rando, Victoria 
Ravinski, Jessica 
Rayner, Michael 
Reardon, Joseph 
Riddoch, Debra 
Robbins, Brian 

Ronca, Thomas 
Ross, Jane 
Ross, Maeghan 
Rougeau, John 
Roye, Brett 
Safizadeh, Pegah 
Sarno, James 

Savidge, Robert 
Schneider, Sarah 
Schrader, Allison 
Schreibstein, Meredith 
Schunk, Lauren 
Schyljuk, Ryan 
Shea, Kelsey 


Sheehan, Kelley 

Shiebler, Alice 

Short, Ashley 

Shruhan, Matthew 

Siegmann, Adam 

Signore, Anna 

Simpson, Richard 

Singer, Timothy 
Small, Stephen 
Smith, Amanda 

Solomon, Jessica 

Sosby, Brittany 

Steele, Sarah 

Stephens, Ryan 

Stetter, Patrick 

Strickland, Jennifer 

Struhar, Steven 

Sughrue, Casey 

Sugrue. Angela 

Sullivan, Brittany 

Sullivan, Kara 

Teiner, William 

Thurm, Nicole 

Tijerina, Daniel 

Trout, Justin 

Tuminelli, Alison 

Turner, Nora 

Urko, Stephanie 

Walczak. William 

Wald. Ashley 

Waldman, Andrew 

Walls, Alisha 

Walther, Christina 

Waters, Susan 

Waxman, Heather 

Webber, Sarah 

Webber, Sean 

Welsh, Megan 

West, Jonathan 

White, Chelsey 

White, Evan 

Whitehouse, Lauren 

Wilcox, Sam 

Willman, Rachel 

Wilson, Carolyn 

Winslow, Rebecca 

Wood, Gregory 

Woodhams, Kathryn 

Woodward, Andrew 

Wooten, Kara 


Yavarow, Alexandra 
Zagieboylo, Lauren 
Zeigler, Samuel 

I ehii id the Scenes 


Class Officers: Abby Lambert, Arielle Diplacido 

Mary Pasquantonio, Alison Fair 

John Cuozzo and Steph Flynn 

Amanda Thibault j 

Nick Caliendo 


Liz Palioca 


The party wn't get -tfzrted 'til 'Off 

From the first day each student from the Class of 2008 walked into King 
Philip, our class has titled ourselves extraordinary. Throughout freshman 
year we all struggled with finding ourselves and trying to fit in with the 
much older, cooler kids! When attempting this, however, we discovered 
that we too are just as fun, outgoing, and "cool." In our second year of high 
school, our class has grown socially. Our diversity makes our class unique 
and better than the rest. Now in our sophomore year, we can look back on 
all the times worthwhile, such as the Pep Rally, Class Competition, and the 
Freshman Semi-Paris Nights. Our class has participated in community 
service efforts, such as the Katrina Fundraiser, which was a huge success. 
The talented athletes of the sophomore class far outweigh all the other 
athletes in the other grades. We know our sophomore class will leave a 
lasting impression as the most rowdy, untamed, and unrestricted class of 
King Philip. Although we all have our many obstacles, our class has 
always been able to stick together. With two years left, the Class of 2008 
has started to look at what we can give back to King Philip and our 
community. We are almost out of the sophomore slump and the uphill 
battle.. .keep it real 2008! 


Romantic comedies, 
because I really enjoy 

the fairytale-like 
romance, and everyone 
likes to laugh! .. . 

is definitely comedies. I 

mean, who doesn't like to 

, go to a movie and laugh 

the whole time! 

-Zak Short 

Horror because you 

could never get bored 

during a good horror 

movie, you're always on 

Jthe edge of your seat. 

-Alex Wider My f 

r is comedy. I love it when 

you see a movie that 

keeps you laughing the 

whole time. 

-Sarah Kilbume 

Abbate, Rachel 
Addison, Rachel 
Agabides, Alexis 
Agnew, Allison 
Alexander, Mark 
Atkinson, Danielle 
Barker, Andrew 

Beach, Kaitlin 
Bergerson, Patrick 
Berry, Lauren 
Bickum, Amanda 
Billian, Shayla 
Boulter, Lorraine 
Bourque, Jacy 

Bourque, Nicole 
Bravo, Matthew 
Brown, Ashley 
Brown, Connor 
Brown, Jessica 
Brown, Megan 
Bryson, Candice 

Bukoff, Daniel 
Burke, Laura 
Burns, Kathleen 
Bush, Cameron 
Butera, Marisa 
Cahill, Donald 
Caliendo, Nicholas 

Cannon, Emily 
Carr, Kelly 
Carter, Gary 
Catalano, Michelle 
Chaves, Rawley 
Chipman, Andrew 
Claffey, Jessiqua 

Clarke, Sara 
Colcord, Melissa 
Connell, Thomas 
Connelly, James 
Connor, Melanie 
Cook, Russell 
Cordo, Gregory 


Have pit changed 'tince pit entered k§fa icfmt? 

Corsini, Thomas 
Costello, Ned 
Cox, Zachary 

Crocker. Katrina 
Cronin, Garrick 

Cullen, Nicholas 
Cuozzo, John 

Daigle, Ryan 

Darling, Luke 

Daszkiewicz, Dylan 

David, Harrison 

Davies, Michael 

deCarvalho, Sara 

Diamond, Brianna 

DiDomenico, Vanessa 

Dion, Amanda 

Diplacido, Arielle 

DiRienzo III, Joseph 

Donahue, Kara 

Donohue, Michael 

Donovan, Erin 

Dooley, Thomas 

Dorer, Brittany 

Doughty, Jeffrey 

Dowd, Christine 

Droney, Caitlin 

Dullea, Veronica 

Dunn, Christopher 

Ellen, Kathleen 

Fabiano, Courtney 

Fair, Alison 

Fair, James 

Feeney, Daniel 

Field, Samuel 

Fiorelli, Christine 

Fish, Nathan 

Fitzgerald, Jennifer 

Fitzpatrick, John 

Florence, Kathryn 

Flynn, David 

Flynn, Stephanie 

Fontana, Stephanie 

I have become more 
relaxed and learned 
I not to worry over 

have grown into my little things. |Ve become 

own age. I'm not -Mary Pasquantonio smarter, taller, and 
immature anymore. ~ - . — _ stronger! 

-Russell Cook • -Mike Saulinier 

I grew a lot, stopped 
stressing, and have 

grown amazing 

-Abby Lambert 


Fountain, Briana 
Fox, Andrew 
Franklin, Jeremy 
Fratus, Jessica 
Frederickson, Andrew 
Frigon, Donald 
Froehlich, Kiralyse 

Gahan, Patrick 
Garcia, Trenton 
Gaudet, Meghan 
Gaughran, Jonathan 
Gaynor, Adam 
Gilbert, Stephanie 
Gillespie, Lisa 

Gilmore, Alexandra 
Girouard, Peter 
Goddard, Amanda 
Goldberg, David 
Goncalves, Medina 
Gonzalez, Joseph 
Goodwin, Bradford 

Goossens, Brad 
Goulet, Lauren 
Grant, Jennifer 
Granville, Alex 

Greenland, Charles 
Greenstein, Drew 
Guimond, Curtis 
Hall, Michael 

Harevich, Katie 
Hartley, Christopher 
Hedberg, Kristina 
Heffel, Scott 
Heyse, Kayli 
Higgins, Angela 
Higgins, Kathryn 

Home, Christopher 
Hughes, Richard 
Hunt, William 
Hutchinson, Bridget 
Hutchinson, Ian 
Idzal, Jeffrey 
Issa, Jessica 

Joaquin, Lauren 
Johnson, Hollyann 
Johnson, Nicholas 
Jones, Catherine 
Jones, Edmund 
Jones, Ian 
Jones, Jennifer 


Kahaly, Kristin 

Kane, Kristina 

Karlson, Christopher 

Keeler, Ryan 

Kelly III, Joseph 

Kenney, Brian 

Kent, Elizabeth 

Kenworthy, Madelin 

Keyes, Elizabeth 

Kiernan, Robert 

Kilburne, Sarah 

Kim, Andrew 

Klaskin, Meghan 

Knowles, Trevor 

Knyff, Mindy 

Kost, Samuel 

Kraby, Julie 

Kumpe, Leigh 

Labonte, Sarah 

LaDue, Jacqueline 

Lamb, Kristen 

Lambert, Abigail 

Landry, Michael 

Lannigan, Alexandra 

Lapointe, Nicholas 

Lawler, Erin 

Lawler, Patricia 

Lehman, Kathryn 

Lemons, Michael 

Lemus, Nely 

Leonard, Nicole 

Lesnik, Thomas 

Letson, Emily 

Lewicki, Edward 

Lewis, Stephanie 

Lightbody, James 

Lomp, Jacquelyn 

Long, Carylann 

LoPresti, Julia 

Luskin, Elise 

Lussier, Richard 

Lynes, Chelsea 

MacAulay, Kelsey 

Maciel, Christopher 

Maguire, Sean 

Mattar, Jeffrey 

McCarthy, Devinne 

McCarthy, Jenna 

McClain, Gregory 

McDonough, Kevin 


What movie liar iMtpirefr pit and whtft 

Chris Rock inspires me 
because he is funny, and 

I think if you can make 
people laugh, you'll 

always be able to get 

Tom Cruise because he 

wasn't just a fad that 

lasted a short time. He's 

really talented and has 

stayed on top of his 

along with people. 
-Kyle Posey 

Chad Michael Murry, 

because not only is he 

really good looking, he's 

also a really talented 

actor and he's really 

dedicated to his work. 

-Stephanie Gilbert 

-James Quick 

Keira Knightly because 

she is smart and 

chooses great roles. 

-Kayli Heyes 

McGovern, Bridget 
McGowan, Michael 
Mclsaac, Mary Frances 
McKay, Brian, Jensen 
McKinney, Daniel 
Mel lor, C 

Middleton, Mark 
Mikalayunas, Mary 
Montgomery, Brynn 
Moore, Courtney 
Moore, Margarette 
Morton, Kimberly 
Mullaley, Ashley 

Muller, Micaela 
Mulloney, Rebecca 
Murtagh, Tara 
Nelson, Brendon 
Nicholson, Melissa 
Noble, Colleen 
Nolan, Michael 

Nuon, Vasath 
O'Brien, Casey 
O'Brien, Samuel 
O'Brien, Thomas 
O'Connell, Erin 
O'Connell, Janel 
O'Handley, Heather 

Olean, Cameron 
O'Malley, Caroline 
O'Neil, Christopher 
O'Rourke, Megan 
O'Toole, Hannah 
Pace, Cortney 
Padula, Paul 

Palioca, Elizabeth 
Parker, Kyle 
Pasquantonio, Mary 
Pearson, Derek 
Perry, Chad 
Petersen, Elizabeth 
Piedra, Kelsie 


What movie wu&tjftmptok to have pur 0$ k dike? 

Pini, Nicholas 

Piotrowski, Edward 

Pisarski, Brendan 

Plympton, Nicole 

Pocius, Joshua 

Poisson, Robert 

Porter, Amanda 

Porter, Tyler 

Price, Justin 

Puzas, Maegan 

Quern, Michael 

Quick, James 

Rankin, Madilyn 

Read, Chad 

Reinhardt, Gregory 

Rentel, Paige 

Roberts, Zachary 

Robeson, Nathaniel 

Robsham, Kayley 

Rose, Alexandra 

Rose, Michael 

Ross, Chase 

Ross, Kristen 

Rowley, Cory 

Russell, Jacklyn 

Russell, Shelby 

Ruzycky, Michael 

Sarenson, Kayla 

Saret, Cayla 

Saulnier, Michael 

Schoenewolff, Matthew 

Sebring, Erin 

Seely, Hannah 

Shea, Danielle 

Sheehan, Danielle 

Sherwin, Robin 

Shiek, Stephanie 

Short, Zachary 

Shruhan, Caroline 

Smith, Kaila 

Smyth, Daniel 

Solberg, Eric 

Sisterhood of the 

Traveling Pants 

because of the 

friendship they have 

-Amanda Dion 

"I would want to live 

2 Fast 2 Furious 

because the cars 

are sweet." 

-Andrew Fox 

Jw I 

I would want to live 
How to Lose a Guy 
in 10 Days. Her life 
seems so fun and it 
has a happy ending. 
-Brittany Dorer 

TripleX. Vin 
Diesel's life is action 
packed, it is sweet! 

-Eric Warnick 


Somers, Monserrate 
Sotir, Alexander 
St. Pierre, Jessica 
Stewart, Michael 
Sugrue, Catherine 
Sugrue, Pamela 
Taub, Michael 

Tetreault, Tayleigh 
Thibault, Amanda 
Thibedeau, John 
Thompson, Scott 
Tolivaisa, Amy 
Toney, Brian 
Trabelsi, Olivia 

Traverse, Laura 
Tripp, David 
Unitt, Trevor 
Uvanovic, Marissa 
VanBaars, Alexandra 
Verrochi, Scott 
Verville, Jennifer 

Vinson, James 
Walker, Jessica 
Walker, Jordan 
Walsh, Mackenzie 

Wardle, Cameron 
Warnick, Erik 
Washington, Jack 
Webster, Kimberly 

Weeks, Megan 
Wessman, Carter 
Wichland, Eric 
Wider, Alexander 
Willette III, Charles 
Willoughby, Hannah 
Wilson, Christopher 

Wilson, Jessica 
Wirtes, Steven 
Woods, Miranda 
Wudyka, Vanessa 
Yarworth, Ducan 
Young, Laura 
Yousif, Michael 

Zahner, Bobby 
Vasath, Nuon 


Donald McNeil, David Gctchell, Alex Malonc and 

Jake Mingels. 

Chelsea Sepe, Caitlin Nevins, Martin Conroy 

Scott Isner. 


Kelley O'Toole 


We 48c k farther thr&iufh allktiufo &{j weatkr. 

As freshman, we entered the halls of King Philip scared and confused, unsure of 
what was to come. We had to get used to the up and down staircases, 
upperclassmen, finding our way around the building, and avoiding being fooled 
by the seniors about the third floor "pool." It was not long until we started to feel 
comfortable, and began fitting in with the high school setting. Many of us joined 
sports and extra curricular activities to assure a good transition and a memorable 
high school experience. The activities included Leo Club, Student Council, 
Drama, Peer Leadership, SADD, Yearbook and Band. We feel that in time we 
will be more confident and ready to take on the challenges of high school. We are 
excited to see the results of the new building and are looking forward to being the 
first sophomore class to go through the doors. 

Tyler Smith 


1 am looking forward to 

the new computers we 

will be getting, new 

technology is long 


luutMiiy uiwa u 

the new bathrooms. 1 
Hopefully they will be X 
cleaner, smell better, 

and have a lot less 

overdue at KP. 
-Cara Savi 

The new classrooms will graffiti. |' m looking forward to 

be awesome. It will be -Cory Antenes new lockers. Hopefully 
great to not always be so ■JF*"""*;: these ones will actually 

L crowded! W jAt have enough room for all 

-John Raymond Wm of our books. 

-Joe Rose 

* K : 

Adelsberger, Jeannette 
Albani, Grey 
Alioto, Marissa 
Allard, Ashley 
Altieri, Caroline 
Anderson, Daniel 
Andrea, Patrick 

Andrew, Michelle 
Antunes, Cory 
Archibald, Jake 
Atteridge, Lacy 
Barrett, Kaly 
Beatrice, Jacqueline 
Belcher, Adam 

Benson, Zachary 
Bentley, Sean 
Bernardini-Piazza, Maria 
Blake, Erin 
Boari, Micayla 
Bradford, Shawn 
Brennan, Christopher 

Brock, Zachary 
Brohen, Zachary 
Brooks, Rebecca 
Brothman, Ariel 
Burgess, Caitlin 
Burgess, Derek 
Butler, Emily 

Cahill, Carolyn 
Calzaretta, Tracy 
Campbell, Jacqueline 
Cannon, Kristina 
Capone, Kayla 
Carey, Jaclyn 
Carlson, Michael 

Carter, Brian 
Centauro, Margaret 
Chalifoux, Kelli 
Chapski, Brenton 
Charpentier, Faye 
Chen, Penn 
Chipman, Samantha 


Iff yea c&uM marry any mwie Mr wfi& muldtfk? 

Carmen Electra 

because she is wild 

and has a great 

sense of humor. 

-Tracey Calzaretta 

Definitely Johnny 

Depp. He always 

plays interesting and 

cool roles. 

-Emily Dodge 


I would marry Halle 
Berry because she 

is classy, 

charismatic, and 

great looking. 

-DJ Burgess 

Brad Pitt because 

he seems so down 

to earth; fame really 

hasn't gone to his 


-Erica Albert 

Cintolo, Jake 

Clinton, Jenna 

Cohen, Sarah 

Colella, Michael 

Collentro, Brittany 

Connolly, David 

Connolly, Ryan 

Conroy, Martin 

Cook, Kristen 

Corwin, Jessica 

Cossette, Nichola 

Cote, Erin 

Crosby, Corey 

Cummings, Corey 

Curran, Shannon 

Curtin, James 

Cushman, Jonathan 

Dalton, Desiree 

Daly, Michelle 

D'Arcangelo, Brett 

Davey, Gregory 

David, Conner 

Deschamps, Erick 

Dever, Edward 

Diamand, Joel 

Diesso, Ashley 

Dodge, Emily 

Doherty, Danielle 

Donahue, Stephen 

Dowling, Patrick 

Duell, Nicole 

Duffell, Laura 

Dusseault, Matthew 

Eaton, Kerry 

Eisele, Garin 

Elland, Kelsi 

Estrella, Ethan 

Fanty, Kelly 

Farren, Matthew 

Feeney, Emily 

Field, Bianca 

Fitzgerald, Heather 

i m 


Flaherty, Meaghan 
Flanagan, Kaitlyn 
Foley, Michael 
Foster, Mitchell 
Fountain, Lisa 
Fox, Emily 
Gallagher, Joshua 

Gallagher, Lindsay 
Galvin, DeArndre 
Garifallou, Elena 
Gavrilles, Meghan 
Getchell, David 
Godin, Melissa 
Gonzalez, Justin 

Good, Conor 
Gordon, Patrick 
Gundlach, Eric 
Haigh, Nicholas 
Harkins, Suzanne 
Harrington, Richard 
Heagney, Sean 

Hicks, Jesse 

Higgins, Mark 
Higgins, Sean 
Hilton, Kevin 

Hodge, Briana 
Hogan, Michael 
Holden, Tyler 
Hooper, Zachery 

Hughes, Max 
Huth, Alexander 
Irwin 111, John 
Isner, Scott 
Jacobson, Mac 
Jacobson, Shelagh 
Jeffrey, Patrick 

Johnson-Stockberger, Morgan 

Jones, Lauren 

Jordan, Ashley 

Juliano, Rachel 

Kaine, Zachary 

Kajano, James 

Katapodis, Alex 

Kelley, Emma 
Kelly, Daniel 
Koch, Kevin 
Kraus, Taryn 
Krishnaswami, Emma 
Kudikala, Geetika 
LaBlue, Diane 


Lacasse, Adrian 
Lasher, Kyle 
Lavallee, Peter 
Lawrence, Ashley 
Leahy, Kelly 
Leary, Ryan 
Lehan, Nora 

Lemons, Aubree 

Libetario, Gibson 

Lightbody, Stephen 

Linscott, Steven 

Little, Courtney 

Lomp, Allison 

Long, Meghan 

Ludvigsen, Hannah 

Lyons, Alyssa 

Malone, Alexander 

Manning, Chelsea 

Manning, Stephen 

Marolda, Kerrie 

Marra, Megan 

Martin, Richard 

Mazzocca, Gina 

McCarthy, Amanda 

McCloud, Kelly 

McCluskey, Stephen 

McDonough, Kevin 

McFarland, Matthew 

McGuire, Joseph 

McKinnon, David 

McNeil, Donald 

McNeil, Ian 

McPhee, Carly 

McVay, Amanda 

Mealy, Phillip 

Melanson, Jessica 

Messier, Lindsey 

Meyer, Taylor 

Miller, Rachel 

Mingels, Jacob 

Monahan, Matthew 

Moran, Christopher 

Nameishi, Christopher 

Nevins, Caitlin 

Nickerson, Heather 

Niland, Luke 

O'Brien, Michael 

O'Conner, Stephen 

O'Halloran, Kyle 

O'Harte, Caroline 


Being on the freshmen 

soccer team was 
awesome. We had the F was the new freedom 

best record out of all the M M that we got now that we 

boys' soccer teams. , wj| | , remember are '". ^ sct ? ooL I love the friends I have 

-Mike Carlson m ^ inn % ha WQPeiK , -Nick Haigh m . 

cheerleading team. 
-Sarah Cohen 

running track. 
-Kim Walsh 

O'Leary, Taylor 
O'Neil, Mathew 
O'Riordan, Sean 
O'Toole, Kelley 
Ouimet, Caroline 
Pac, Rebecca 
Paiva, Daniel 

Palmborg, Andrea 
Palmer, Christopher 
Pantazis, Vanessa 
Paparazzo, Justin 
Paton, Dana 
Patten, Ashlene 
Paul, Adam 

Peck, Jessica 
Pellichero, Chris 
Perry, Meghan 
Piccione, Laura 
Pimental, Kevin 
Poisson, Chelsey 
Posey, Kyle 

Power, Matthew 
Powers, Rachel 
Powers, Zachary 
Primavera, Stephanie 
Purdon, Joseph 
Quimby, Kaili 
Rafferty, Jason 

Raymond, Jonathan 
Read, Megan 
Reardon, Samantha 
Rice, Stephen 
Riddoch, Matthew 
Riendeau, David 
Rizzo, Christopher 

Roan, Elyse 
Robery, Joanne 
Rodgers, Alexander 
Rodrigues, Renee 
Rogers, Thomas 
Roode, Kevin 
Rose, Joseph 


Ross, John 

Rowely, Tyler 

Roycroft, Courtney 

Ruschioni, Alex 

Salamone, Kathleen 

Sampson, Peter 

Saulnier, Paul 

Savi, Cara 

Savoy, Hilary 

Sepe, Chelsea 

Sexton, Kyle 

Siegmann, Kurt 

Singer, Sarah 

Sirois, Alexandra 

Smith, Tyler 

Sosby, Joshua 

St. Jean, Andrew 

Stark, Derek 

Stark, Rachel 

Stella, James 

Stetter, Caitlin 

Steverman, Emily 

Stoukides, Thomas 

Sughrue, Richard 

Sugrue, Brian 

Sullivan, Baron 

Sullivan, Ryan 

Sutton, Andrew 

Sweeney, Andrew 

Tagerman, Kylie 

Tatnall, Amy 

Taylor, Samuel 

Taylor, Zachary 

Thilbault, Jillian 

Tobin, Gregory 

Toma, Patrick 

Torosian, Elizabeth 

Trudeau, Aubrey 

Tuminelli, Emily 

Turner, Rachel 

Vesty, Kelly 

Vogan, Hannah 

I want to improve in 

track and in the 


-Matt Farren 

I really want to get 

good grades 
throughout the rest 

of High School so 
that I can get into a 
really good college. 

-Kaitlyn Flanagan 

i ^ 







' ^H 

I m planning on 
taking AP classes 
as soon as I can so I 
can boost my GPA 
and get college 
One of my goals is credit for it. 

to play on the varsity -Chelsea Manning 
basketball team. 
-Steve Manning 


Wallace, Timothy 
Walsh, Kimberly 
Walsh, Pamela 
Walther, Alicia 
Ward, John 
Welsh, Chrisopher 
William, Brandon 

Wojcik, Robert 
Woodall, Olivia 
Yavarow, Andrea 
Zuzick, Paige 

Behind the Scenes 


I . Mr. 6u«v«vi up \o Uk» o\cA office. Z. Mr. Bexwvl ^fi^ 

a ebrntd" exftiK^ c-o»o*te«."fc 3. Mne. TWl& <*^wj| Mr*. 
G^ll^oaio epe*/~te wftU "tVieir -favwfte. k*tf>W«> »n "Hie. litsncrv. 
4-. Mre». Le,««ar<4 Wicle^ beW^I "tVic <^>or »o orofer "h> 
dV«c4 ^e-'HiK^ Ucr- wc-"tltre. HaV-eio. 





Dr. Eobbat 


Mr. Shaffer 

Business Administrate r 

Mrs. Lacher-ftatz 

Direct&r t?(f Special Education 

Mrs. Moresi 

Executive Assistant 

Air. Euneman 


Mr. Woods 

Techndfegij Services 

Mrs. MacCae 


Mrs. Shepardscn 

Mrs. Goia 

District O^ice Secretary 


Air. Donnelly 

Amrant 'Principal 

Airs. Hansen 




Air. LaBreck 

AitiMant 'Principal 

Airs. Antonellis 


A4s. Lessard 

Principals Secretary 

Airs. Aiedici 


Airs. Sloan 




Air. Ambrose 


Mrs. Carries 

Airs. Barrett 


Ais. Bassen 

SocuU 'StudM 

Air. I-ant/ 

InfprmaUm Tecknefegji 

Air. l-eard 

Airs. Bertram 

Air. Besaw 

Language Artfr 

Air. Boucher 


Air. Breen 

Soaat Sfudiei 

Airs. Buchanic 

Airs. Callanan 


Airs. Campos 


Mrs. Cannon 

Ms. Capasso 

Mrs. Carneiro 

Fine & Performing Artt 

Mr. Carneiro 

Movement Artt & Wellneii 

Ms. Carr 

U6rartj AiUifanf 

Ms. Chamberlain 

Mrs. Chilson 

Foreign Language 
Curriculum Team Leader 

Ms. Coleman 

Social Sfudiei 

Mr. Connors 

Mrs. Crehan 


Fine & Performing Artt 


Airs. D 4i 11 ii ii izio 

Airs. DeLuca 


Ais. Dougias 

Language Am 

Airs. Doyle 

Special 'Education 

Airs. Drew 


Airs. Elich 


Airs. Erickscn 

Social 'Sradiei 

Airs, t ancher 

Special Education 

Air. f ayle 

Social Sfudia 

Airs, rerreira 

Social S rod Wi 

Aiiss Tigueiredc 


!/f Z/Z*#S 

Air. Fit lase 

Social Sfudiei 


Dr. f oley 

Ais. f rey 


Airs. Gallagher 

MwcmmtAm & Wefkeii 

Air. Gccdreau 

Fe reign Language 

Airs. Greenleaf 


Air. Grover 


Air. Guernon 

Air. Guillemette 

InprmaUen Tcehnofogij 

Airs. Heagney 

Air. rienaghen 

Air. He idoi i 

Teacher Amranf 

Airs, liuckle 

Language Aih 



Ms. Johnston 

Movement Ara & 

Mr. Rummer 


Mr. Kelley 

Athletic Director 

Mrs. Lambert 

Mrs. Knight 

Curriculum Team Leader 

Mr. Lee 

Movement Am & Wettnea 

Mr. Kramer 

Mr. Leonard 

Language A rti 

Ms. Maher 

Language Ar ft 

Mrs. Mannering 

Mrs. Martin 


Air. Aiassctti 

Airs. AtcCourt 

Fe reign Language 

Atrs. Aieuser 

Airs. Ateyer 


Atr. Atitchell 

Curriculum Team Leader 

Dr. Aiongeon 

Curriculum Team Leader 

Ats. Atorrill 

Seaai SRidiei 

Airs. Aiorrison 


Airs. Atullaney 

Ats. AVyers 


Atrs. Neubauer 


Atrs. Nicholson 

Special EdueaUm 


Atr. O'Connor 

Curriculum Team Leader 

Airs. Parker 

Mrs. Pavac 

Airs. Pickart 


Ais. Prculx 

Air. Pultz 

Airs. < nil in 

Airs. Paymcnd 

Seoul snubei 
Curriculum Team Leader 


Language ArU 

In(pnnatWn Technele§f 

Airs. Pemick 

Teacher'i AiiMUnf 

Air. Piley 

Atrs. Pishel 

Library AitiHttnf 

Ais. Pumsey 


Miss Cyan 

Language AM 

Ms. Scanned 

Library Director 

Mr. Skenycn 

Miss Smestad 


*fc •*.¥'* ■ 

Mrs. Stankiewicz 

Tnformaaen Technology 
Curriculum Team Leader 


Ms. Strekcuras 


Mrs. Tower 

/v/zr 4- Performing Aril 

Mrs. Villiard 

Mr. Tilestcn 

Fine & Performing Am 
Curriculum Team Leader 



Mr. Warren 

Special Education Team Leader 

Special Education 

Mrs. Zuercher 

Foreign Language 


raculty/Suppcrt Staff 

Atr. Brindley 


Atr. Gardner 

Atr. Lawler 

Head Cuifedian 

Atr. LeBlanc 

Greundi Keeper 

Custodial Staff 


Cafeteria Staff 

Caffferia Sfa§ 


Ihese Directors are 
Always Available... 


Mr. Grover is 
lounging on the 

physics, of course. 



f . UtrXyaynoexvxA by Uer c^di, Julie. LoFViM>"ti *Win*& o\n 
"tiie uioevevi kxane. 2. iW- ^'M P^ip Tie-Wl Vvck-csf \ej*v*\ 
^c."h& a pep "fcJk. -fnpvn QjoocX\ Berry before a bw ^**ie~ ^5. 
Uorn&otn "David vnaWe.<c» ruio^Mk^ "trcc-W looW ex*e>y. 4-. 
Brac^c^i Moll yrac%cJr>a V*& VwvvftUnc- -for -fatcttne. u*e, 



Tyler Huth, 
GRADE: 12 
"Tennis is a pretty 
decent time; we 
really bonded as a 

Jeff Chin, GRADE: 


"Flannel will lead 

you to the light." 

Lori Wardner 
GRADE: 12 
"I can never wait 
until tennis season 
because it's just so 
much fun." 

Steve Saulnier 
GRADE: 12 
"I hope that in the 
future the lacrosse 
team will continue 
to improve." 

TOP RIGHT: A KP lacrosse 
player hustling down the field. 
Warrior Lacrosse players 
warm up for a big game. 

Benson hitting a solid return. 
BELOW: Lori Wardner after 
serving the ball to her 


TOP LEFT: Caroline Engwer 
warms up. MIDDLE LEFT: 
Shaun Daly catches a 
grounder. BOTTOM LEFT: 
Erik Whitehouse paying close 
attention to the ball in tennis. 
BELOW: Kelsey Quealy 

makes a fantastic catch. 

Dan Shay 

GRADE: 12 

"It was a productive 

season. We worked 

hard and had fun." 

Kara Arvidson 

GRADE: 12 

"We had a really 

successful season 

and a great time!" 

Scott Smith, 

GRADE: 12 

"I've learned alot 

from Jeffrey Reiger 

about tennis." 

Tim Czyzewski 

GRADE: 12 

"Track is pretty laid 

back and it's usually 

an enjoyable time." 


Katie Sharron, 
GRADE: 12 
"I'm going to miss 
all my cheer girls. I 
love you!" 

Sarina Habib, 
GRADE: 12 
"We worked hard 
and had some good 


Laura Mulhall, 
GRADE: 12 
"I don't know what 
I'd do without the 
girls. I had a 
fun-filled year." 

Michelle Davidson, 
GRADE: 12 
"We worked hard 
this season, and 
had a lot of fun too. 

TOP RIGHT: The green and 
gold girls are performing a 
routine with perfect form 
during a football game. 
Cheerleaders: Katie Sharon, 
Michelle Davidson, Megan 
Good, Sarina Habib, and 
Laura Mulhall. BOTTOM 

LEFT: Captains Laura Mulhall 
and Sarina Habib. BOTTOM 
RIGHT: Suzanne Piccione is 
nothing but smiles as she 
cheers for the Warriors during 
a home football game. 


TOP LEFT: Several King 
Philip and Oliver Ames 
players are left disheveled on 
the ground after a ferocious 
tackle. MIDDLE LEFT: 

Fifty-one brothers come close 
together for a pre-game 
huddle. BOTTOM LEFT: Greg 
Wood anxiously anticipates 
making a strong tackle on his 
opponent. BELOW: The 

King Philip Warriors try to 
plow their way through the 
tenacious Tigers. 

Dave Doiron, 

GRADE: 12 

"The season went 

pretty well and the 

new coaching staff 

was great." 

Tom Cochrane, 

GRADE: 12 

"We had a great 

time with memories 

we'll never forget. 

Thanks guys!" 

Eric Joyal, 


"It was a good 

bonding time. 

Thanks to everyone 


Sean Cochrane, 

GRADE: 12 

"There's nothing 

more I could've 

asked from this 

season. Thanks!" 


Bridget McGovern 
GRADE: 10 
"We win and lose 
together, laugh and 
cry together, and 
love one another." 

Lori Wardner 

GRADE: 12 

"I loved our3-game 

undefeated streak 

that led us to the 


Kelsey Holleran 
GRADE: 12 
"My jersey number 
symbolizes all the 
hard work I've put 
into sports." 

Ali Mulcahy & 
Meghan McGovern 
GRADE: 12 
"We dress up each 
game day. This day 
was twin day!" 

TOP RIGHT: The team 

jogging back after their final 
game against Needham in the 
first round of the Division 1 
tournament. RIGHT: Team 
huddle... will you ever quit? 
BOTTOM LEFT: Sophomore 
Lauren Joaquin battles with a 
North Attleboro player as 
Kara Arvidson comes in to 
help. BOTTOM RIGHT: Allie 
Cuozzo, Lori Wardner, Taylor 
Twellman, Ali Mulcahy, 
Brenna McHale, and Meghan 
McGovern after a Revolution 
game. All the soccer girls 
went to Gillette, and met with 
the players afterwards. 


TOP LEFT: Senior Matt 
Cardillo working his way 
through several North players. 
MIDDLE LEFT: Several team 
members getting together to 
prepare for the game. 

Captain Erik Schmidt showing 
off his goal keeping skills. 
BELOW: PJ Strittmatter, Cory 
Rowley, and Dave Connely 
protecting their territory on a 
foul kick. 

Pat Sevy 

GRADE: 12 

"I love soccer; I've 

been playing for 10 


Erik Schmidt 

GRADE: 12 

"Being a keeper can 

be stressful and 

rough, but it's a 

great experience." 

Matt Cardillo 

GRADE: 12 

"We're a pretty 

dedicated team; we 

train all summer for 

the fall season." 

PJ Strittmatter 

GRADE: 12 

"Soccer is fun. The 

season was a little 

rough but we still 

had a good time." 

Chris Brennan effectively fending off two 
North Attleboro players. 

OP ROW: Sean Heagney, Jake Archibald, Dave Connolly, Chris Brennan, Coach Martinez 

MIDDLE ROW: Matt Ross, Joel Diamand, Carter Wessman, Billy 'Hair' Biscaia, Cory 

lowley, Trevor Unitt, Dan Connolly BOTTOM ROW: PJ Strittmatter, Pat Sevy, Scott Smith, 

Mark Flynn, Dan Lavallee, Erik Schmidt, Matt Cardillo, Billy Fitzpatrick 

» * 

Cross Country 

9« - 

! iai 

Wendy Perry, 
GRADE: 12 
"Practice Hard!" 

Lindsey Fontana, 
GRADE: 12 
"Run Hard." 

Alex Wessman, 
GRADE: 12 
"Coach Hearon is 
an awesome 

Kelly Sheehan, 
GRADE: 11 
"What you put into it 
is what you get out 
of it." 

TOP RIGHT: Kelly Sheehan, 
second from left, cools down 
after a race with other 
Hockomock athletes. 

MIDDLE RIGHT: Let the races 
begin! The mad rush at the 
beginning of the race. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Wendy Perry 
still finishes strong after an 
exhausting race. BELOW: 
Alex Wessman is in the lead 
towards the end of the course. 

»: I 

Cross Country 

TOP LEFT: And they're off! 
The boys kick off the season 
at the jamboree meet at the 
sheep pasture. MIDDLE 

LEFT: Captain Austin 

Ashworth leads the way 
fulfilling the team mantra, 
"Forth quatah!" BOTTOM 

LEFT: Conor Cross, Eric 
Lopresti, Tyler Huth and Ragu 
Rougeau support Paul Matz at 
the State Championship Meet 
at Franklin Park. BELOW: 
Tyler Huth and Eric 
Whitehouse are exhausted 
after a Hockomock 

Championship race. 

Conor Cross. 

GRADE: 12 

'Run silent, run 


Tyler Huth, 

GRADE: 12 

"Never say die." 

Austin Ashworth, 

GRADE: 12 

"Stretch whateva." 

Andrew Sweeny, 


"Alright alright 

alright alright." 




Nicole Plympton & 
Mary Pasquantonio 
Grade: 10 
"Being sophmores 
on varsity is fun. 
You're treated like 
the little sisters." 

Allie Cove 

Grade: 12 

"We were on a 

mission to start a 


Hannah Guild, 
GRADE: 11 
"This was a great 
season. I am really 
going to miss the 

Amy Bullock, 
GRADE: 12 
"We came together 
as a team and had 
an awesome time." 

TOP RIGHT: Jess Simpson, 
Hannah Guild, Christine 

Linscott, Angela Cole, Caitlin 
Chipman, Kelly Pasquantonio, 
Kelsi Civitarese, Heather 
Knowles, Kate Sutton, Allie 
Cove, Alyssa McElwee, 
Kelsey Cole, Mary 

Pasquantonio, Nicole 

Plympton, Amy Bullock, 
Emma Smith, Coach Barry. 
from the Nike Field Hockey 

Kate Sutton puts the ball into 
play. BELOW: Hannah Guild 
gets ready to defend the ball. 

Coach Barry shows her KP spirit with 
captains Caitlin Chipman, Kelly 
Pasquantonio, and Kate Sutton 

TOP ROW: Coach Barry, Alyssa McElwee, Hannah Guild, Emma Smith, Amy Bullock, Jess 

Simpson, Angela Cole, Kate Sutton, Caitlin Chipman, Kelly Pasquantonio BOTTOM ROW: 

Nicole Plympton, Kelsey Cole, Kelsi Civitarese, Allie Cove, Mary Pasquantonio, Heather ' 

Knowles, Christine Linscott 

TOP LEFT: Dan Shea, Tim 
Hamlin, Kyle Jeffrey, John 
Robbins, Braden Noll, James 
Fair, DJ Goldberg, Coach 
OHalleron. MIDDLE LEFT: 
James Fair hits a beautiful tee 

Seniors on the golf team 
include Dan Shea, John 
Robbins, and Braden Noll. 
BELOW: Brad Goosens, Joe 
DiRenzo, Matt Schoenewolff. 

Dan Shea 

GRADE: 12 

"It was a productive 

season. We worked 

hard and had fun." 

Braden Noll 

GRADE: 12 

"John Robbins led 

our team to a good 

season with his 


John Robbins 

GRADE: 12 

"We never gave up, 

we never quit, we 

never surrendered." 

John Cuozzo 

Grade 10 

"I enjoy golf 

because it's a 

relaxing game." 

1 ^H ^^^ 


James Fair, a talented sophomore, gazes at 
the hole after he putts the ball. 

John Robbins sizes up his putt with careful consideration. John was consistent in all of his 
matches and led the Warriors to a successful season. 




Angela Cole 
GRADE: 12 
"We worked very 
hard to become a 
team worthy of 
being feared." 

Alex Bradford 
GRADE: 11 
"We had a great 
season, and we 
improved a lot from 
last year." 

Colleen Noble 
GRADE: 10 
"This year was 
awesome. I learned 
a lot from the Coach 
and team." 

Jackie Lomp 
GRADE: 10 
"How hard we 
worked in practice 
proved how well we 
did in the game." 

TOP RIGHT: Starting at small 
forward, Kayley Gallagher emerges 
from the King Philip bench while 
being cheered on by her team. 
aggressively attempts to win the jump 
ball over the Bulldogs. BOTTOM 
RIGHT: Allison Partridge successfully 
dribbles past the Canton defender 
and looks for Angela Cole to score 
the basket. BELOW: Kelly Sheehan 
dives for the ball as a Canton offender 
fails to win it over. 



Seniors Lori Wardner (Captain), 

Emma Smith and 

Angela Cole (Captain) 

Back Row: Coach Killian, Jackie Lomp, Colleen Noble, Shayla Billian, Coach Dai 
Middle Row: Kayley Gallagher, Bridget McGovern, Kelly Sheehan, Nicole Plympt< 
Front Row: Lori Wardner, Angela Cole, Emma Smith. 

ii ^ tmjAwf a 



TOP LEFT: Meghan Herrick and 
Megan McGovern keep score of the 
game. MIDDLE LEFT: Scott Smith 
aggressively drives to the basket on 
his ways to scoring 1000 points. 
BOTTOM LEFT: Tim Hamlin boxes out 
the Franklin defender to get the 
rebound. BELOW: Brian Zuzick 
defeats his opponent by dribbling 
around him and dashing up the court 
to make a basket. 

Scott Smith 
"I had a great 
season playing with 
the guys. " 

Joe MulCahy 


"We finished the 

season 9-11, only 

one game short of 


Grayson Dorvel 
"We had a great run 
together. Good Luck 
to next year's team." 

Kara Gulino 


"It has been a great 

experience being 

Captain. I'm proud of 

the way the season 


Lauren Palmer 

"Going to States was 
exciting. It's rewarding 
to see how the 
practices pay off." 

Alex Yavarow 

"Track has allowed me 
to meet amazing 
people. Everyone 

shares the desire to 
achieve victory." 

Kim Walsh 

"It is a lot of running 
and hard work every 
day, but it's rewarding 
after each meet." 

TOP LEFT: Senior Captain, Alex 
Wessman (second from right), hangs 
onto the baton tight at the beginning 
of the relay. MIDDLE RIGHT: Arielle 
D'Aniello, a Junior, is a hard-working 
shot-putter. She believes, "It's not 
about your ability, it's about your 
effort." BOTTOM RIGHT: Christine 
Lindscott, Alex Yavarow, Kathleen 
Ellen, and Lauren Palmer look like 
quadruplets in their King Philip track 
attire. BELOW: Junior Allison 
Schrader makes it over the high jump 
with plenty of inches to spare during 
the Hockomock Jamboree. 

"i <••«:-. 


Senior Captains, (clockwise from top 

right) Kara Gulino, Allie Cuozzo, Josie 

Morse, and Alex Wessman led the team 

to a successful 5-3 regular season. 

2005-2006 King Philip Girls' Indoor Track Team 


TOP LEFT: 'Ragu' sails over the high 
jump bar. MIDDLE LEFT: James 
Curtain hurdles his way to the finish 
line. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach McCann 
and Coach Kramer with senior Matt 
McCann, Junior Captain, Steve 
Curtin, and senior Tyler Huth. Also 
Captains for the Warriors were Tom 
King, Eric Whitehouse, and Conor 
Cross. BELOW: Sophomore 

phenomena, Carter Wessman, had a 
huge impact on the Warriors' team. 

Brian Toney 
"Brent Chapski is 
the man! He is 
faster than 


Eric Whitehouse 
"I enjoyed being a 
Captain and leading 
this team." 

Eddie Lewicki 
"My favorite part of 
the season was the 
pasta dinners with 
the team." 

Ryan Connolly 

"Track was a good 
way to meet a lot of 
new people." 


Alice Shiebler 


"KPHS, we are 

KPHS oh yes! 

Warrior fans yell for 

the best." 

Kaitlyn Cacciola 



"Yell for colors, we'll 

VV ,. 

' do the rest. Yell 

green. ..Now gold." 
Megan Good 


"Green, gold, white. 

1p v" 

warriors let's fight. 

™ :- 

1, 2, 3, 4 KPHS is 

Lauren Coyle 

"You shout, we'll 

cheer. Yell go big 

green. ..Go BIG 


TOP LEFT; Danielle Sheehan, Kaitlyn 
Cacciola, Alex Rose, Erin Coyle, 
Chelsea Lynes, Lauren Goulet, Rachel 
Juliano, Alice Shiebler, Ashlene 
Patten, and Erin Cote take a team 
picture. MIDDLE RIGHT: The team 
enjoys a pasta dinner. BOTTOM 
RIGHT: Erin Cote and Erin Coyle 
BELOW: Rachel Juliano and Lauren 

Danielle Sheehan and 
Ashlene Patten 

Alice Shiebler, Kaitlyn Cacciola, Megan Good (Captain), and Lauren Coyle 


TOP LEFT: The King Philip boys 
eagerly watch their teammates from 
behind the bench. They won the 
Hockomock League Title for the first 
time in King Philip hockey history! 
MIDDLE LEFT: Freshman 

phenomenon, Mark Higgins, fires a 
slap shot at the net. BOTTOM LEFT: 
Dan Shea is solid between the pipes 
for the Warriors. BELOW: Dylan 
Barbieri skates up the ice. 

Christian Dunbar 
"Our team was 
determined, hard 
working, and 


Brendan Smith 
"Our success was a 
result of hard work 
and fearless play." 

Ryan Cameron 
"The season was 
amazing. We won 
the Hockomock 

League Title." 

Sam Lasher 
"Look good, feel 
good, play good." 

Christian Dunbar steals the puck 
and heads toward the goal. 

Back Row: Coach Marks, Coach Carde, Dan Shea, Chris Pellichero, Tim Czyzewski, 

Christian Dunbar, Jon Halpern, Dylan Barbieri, Pat Maclntyre, Cameron Olean, Brad 

Soosens, John Cuozzo, D.J Goldberg, Coach Butler. Front Row: Bryan Dennehy, Brendan 

Smith, Ryan Cameron, Andrew Sutton, Dan Bucoff, Sam Lasher, Mark Higgins, 

Andrew Fox, Kyle Lasher, Coach Pioti. 


AH Mulcahy 


"I am going to miss this 

sport in college. It has 

been really fun these 

past four years. " 

Kim Lewko 


"You know you have a 

good team when the 

feeling of family is more 

important than winning." 

Jenna Quartarone 
"Warming up to the 
song, 'Unwritten,' 

always gets the team 

Annie Gorman 


"I enjoy being a part 

of the gymnastic's 


TOP RIGHT: Seniors Michaela Knyff, 
Tanya Willson, Kim Lewko, Ali Mulcahy 
and Jenna Quartarone hang out in the 
pit. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tanya Wilson 
swings on the uneven bars. BOTTOM 
RIGHT:Kelly Carr does a split while 
stretching for practice. BELOW: Nina 
Hedberg dives for the vault. 


TOP LEFT: Ricky Hughes holds his 
opponent down. MIDDLE LEFT: 

Fellow teammates congratulate and 
celebrate Eric LoPresti's 100th 
victory. BOTTOM LEFT: Kurt 
Siegmann grapples with his 
opponent. BELOW: Adam Siegmann 
tries to obtain control over his 

Eric LoPresti 
"Once you have 
wrestled, everything 
else in life is easy." 

Jay Maloney 

"The bonds formed in 
wrestling will never be 
broken, and the sport of 
wrestling is one that I 
will miss. " 

David Doiron 

"Wrestling has taught 
me many lite lessons. I 
am glad to be able to 
share them with my 

Cory Diamond 


"Senior year on the 

wresting team has been 

a learning and growing 


I . A ^tlu^evnt" paii^fhe. Uer loc-V-er <*& pari" oj a 
\\M^rat^ejr \ar "ttie. 'SpoUovncr-e. c-U*e*e». ZMiceMe. 
Buc-V-lev, Mic-Ue.lle "Simard, Laurie- l^ala^Uato, 
Marie. P'4v^e-l Parc?)ee.-& Safizack-U ^scttiy Eur+" 
ai^-vl Vic-Wi Gilbcjrt" •&W>pp»^w "tc'^e.'tiier. 3. 
Av*v\v-*Aa "Smitli «&UaV-e.«& Uokv+& vvftU Mr«&. 
J-Ja^-veev* afrer loe-iwt nodac-Te^i M^iu? TVie. 
Ma"ticv-»al i4cvTor ^ec-ie.'ty. 4. l^eWe-Y BrevTuai'-* 
a^-wl 3ocX- Wa-E.W»^v=rlcvn aHVie. Bat^ *Se.wu 


-You can think of 
Ho,W*ood as tug* 

actors are wv 
serious actors are 

c and dramatic 
juniors, ana 

actors - 
they're the cool 



Red Carpet Peady 

Mm fow m/tiffritfp. 


"I had as much fun 
getting ready for prom 
with my friends as I did 
at prom." 

Jennie Keniston 


"I had a blast at prom. 
I can't wait for next 

Christina Devine 



"Prom was awesome. 
1 did not stop dancing 
the whole night." 

Scott Anderson 



Lauren Vesty, Tanya Willson, and Kelsey Brennan 

Eric Joyal and Ryan Cameron 


Steph Fontana, Julie Kraby, Micaela Muller, 
Nicole Plympton and Amanda Bickum 

Austin Ashworth and Conor Cross 

1. Sarah Kennedy, Julie Williams, Kristen Lawler 

2. Sarina Habib, Nathan Setter 3. Kara Gulino, 
Caroline Engwer 4. Kayse Eichelberger, Kara 
Basque, and Kelsey Holleran 

Cory Rowley, Emily 

Shannon Grant, 
Allison Cove 

Matt McCann, 
Elizabeth Bukis 

Formal Dances 

Katie Rogers, 
Michaela Burke 

Vanessa DiDomenico 

Becca Winslow, 
Montana Palmer 

1. Jess Solomon and Annie Gorman goofing 
around in a hot tub. 2. Abby Lambert and Kayley 
Robsham having their very own Hawaiian Luau! 
3. Caitlin Chipman and Allie Cuozzo looking 
pretty tan over summer vacation. 4. Lindsey 
Fontana, Amanda MacKenzie, and Jennie 
Kenniston lounging in the hot tub! 


Fun in the Sun 

7fc Sm 3 i> Brte/ztf 

Ellen Ferrara and Alicia Gahan 

"These are my favorite 
shades. Aren't they 

Pat Jennings 

DttfZ/t flbeSm/ 

"We laugh at the stupid 
things we say and 
make weird faces, 
'cause we forget what 
we're laughing about." 

Nick Pini 

Summr Fm/ 

"That's hot!" 

Lauren Fontaine 

Allie Cuozzo and Kara Basque 



Pam Walsh, Kim Walsh, and Karla Alvadrez at 
a concert in Boston. 

Lori Andrew and Kelly Pasquantonio 


Show Your Spirit 

UW? Gfiffywt? yep Ufc Dp/ 

"Ch-ch-ch-check it out' 

Bridget Hutchinson 

C/t^r flkm O/r/ 

"We have to support 
our seniors; we love 

Nicole Plympton 


"Bom to be a hick!" 

M/'/ce Simmons 

Allie Cuozzo and Sam Lasher 

Kayley Heise and Michelle Politano 

Grayson Dorvel 

Jeanne Murphy and Stephanie Daniel 


1. Matt McCann, Melissa Middleton 2. Lori 
Andrew, Kelly Pasquantonio, Kayse 

Eichelberger, Chrissy Walsh, Tracey Nygren, 
Lori Wardner, Lindsey Fontana, Natalie Chipman, 
Danielle St. Jean, Tara Cuddihy 3. Maggie Cross 
4. Rachel Addison, Marissa Butera 

Tiffany Spigarollo, 
Brianna Murphy 

Nicole Plympton, 
Abby Lambert 

v 7 





Craig Ewer 

I^P Pride 

Dave Condlin and 
Tim Hutchinson 

Bridget McGovern 
and Meghan Gaudet 

Amy Petruchik and 
Katie Lawler 

1. Austin Ashworth feeds Brian Briselli. 2. 
Lindsey Fontana, Chrissy Walsh, Lauren Vesty, 
and Alex Wessman go shopping in Boston. 3. 
Jeanne Murphy, Katie Sharon, Stephanie 
Daniels, and Michelle O'Harte go out to dinner 
together. 4. Katie Gundlach, Bridget Perry, and 
Stephanie Hart love to party. 


Lei lii id the Scenes 


Micaela Muller, Amanda Bickum, Jackie Lomp, Steph Fontana, Bridget Hutchinson, Vanessa 
DiDomenico, Allie Agnew, Amanda Dion, Rachel Burges, and Samantha McGilvary 

"Weekends give 
time to relax and 
with my friends." 

me ^^HQhJ 

hang Wf "* jft 

Dan ^^Ish^^^^m 

ftrf Friend}- 

"Weekends are my 

time to hang out with 

my friends and just 
have a blast." 

Kayley Robsham 

Sqter Fa/ft 

"The Patriots parade was 
an awesome experience. 
The crowd went wild 
when the players came 
down the street." 

Matt McCann 

Emily Cannon, Sarah Kilburne, Lorraine Boulter, Jordan 

Walker, Jackie Lomp, Kaitlin Beach, Laura Younf, 
Mackenzie Walsh, Bridget Hutchinson, and Kim Webster 

Sara Tatnall, Emma Perkuhm, and Krista 

Rob Hall, Allie Tuminelli, Tom Dusseault, Meghan Ross, 

Jess Leslie, Hannah Guild, Jane Ross, Carly-Rae Haughey. 

Heather Knowles, and Brittany Desprez. 

Caught off Guard 


"Watch out Yankees, 
we're braking the 

Kelsey Brennan 


"Sometimes you just 
have to be weird to 
have a little fun." 

Kevin Baker 


"ii - Ji 

"I'm doing my "Where's 
Waldo' impersonation." 

Dave Mackun 

Jaime Cullity and Lauren Wencus 

Nicole Leonard, Lily Keyes, and Meghan Klaskin 

Elizabeth Peterson and Holly Johnson 


Molly Hall looks pretty messy after the pie 

eating contest, which was held during the 

senior pep rally. 

1. Julie Robsham and Julie Williams looking like 
flashbacks from the 80s. 2. Alicia Gahan and 
Christina Devine imitating the cookie monster. 3. 
Mike Rayner lookin' smooth. 4. Colleen Beals 
manages to shove a glass all the way into her 

Nora Turner 

Alex Bradford 

Becca Winslow 

Embarrassing Moments 

Mindy and Michaela 

Alexandra and Carter 

Nick and Leigh Ann 

1. Lauren and Kelly Vesty are best friends 2. 
Pam, Chrissy, and Kim Walsh are all members of 
the yearbook. 3. Jennie and Kim Morton had a 
great time at the Father Daughter dance. 4. 
Natalie and Sam Chipman love to watch their 
brother, Andrew, play football. 


Partners in Crime 


Steph and Lindsey Fontana 

"I love driving home on 
Friday afternoons in 
Roxie (my car) with the 
top down and my sister 
driving shotgun." 

Sara Tatnall 

"I love playing sports 
with Mary because we 
push each other to 
work hard and to do 
our best." 

Kelly Pasquantonio 


"My brother and I are 
so close, even though 
he is taller than me, I 
know he still looks up 
to me." 

Danielle St. Jean 

Tricia and Katie Lawler 

Michelle and Lori Andrew 

Kaylee, Charney, and Lindsay Gallagher 


Cool Times 

"We love coming in 
from the slopes and 
keeping warm by the 

Abby Lambert 


"I have had some of 
the best times with my 
friends on the ski trips, 
like when Jeff Chin got 
frostbite on his chin." 

Natalie Chipman 

A/ar/tf Dtafc 

"My friends call me 
'Sonic Boom' on the 
slopes because I ski so 

Lauren Vesty 

Laura Duffel and Michelle Andrew warm up in the lodge. 

Emma Perkuhn 


Emily Cannon, Cory Rowley, and Amanda 

Ian Sullivan and Emery Wenger 

1. Miceala Muller, Amanda Bickum, Nicole 
Plympton, Jensen Mckee watch the Thanksgiving 
football game. 2. Dave Holmes, Lindsey 
Fontana, Natalie Chipman, Jeff Chin, Lauren 
Vesty, Brian Briselli, Austin Ashworth, David 
Condlin, and Emery Wenger head for the slopes. 
3. Jennie Keniston and Amanda MacKenzie 
showing off their furry eskimo jackets. 4. The 
skiers and snowboarders take a photo before 
heading to the lodge. 

■ttHL' ; A, JL, m 

^^^dUSS*,*''^*' » 

*f,< "*■ ,— j^BBBjBh 

j^jji^T!*^It^'"*J^ ^ 

Ofeft J'tfM 

BMfflPP 1- *-' 

^■1 ■♦ m\ 

njb -***■ 1 

B< * mS 

T7,4f " *J| 

IKBr ' ^ 



A , 

I *"^fc. 

^^ ^^ 

P ■ 

Dave Condlin 

Danielle St. Jean 


Tara Cuddihy and 
Sean Noble 

Cory Rowley and 
Emily Cannon 

Diane Girouard and 
J.T. Sarno 

1. Lori Andrew and Scott Smith enjoy the 
Holiday Party 2. Kara Gulino and Sean Cochrane 
at the Junior Prom 3. Suzy Piccione and Andrew 
Litchfield are so cute together 4. Ryan Cameron 
and Kelsey Holleran pose in front of a Christmas 
tree at a Holiday Party. 


b.'.'^*Life : - l\(\vc - Lauclrk 

» « ♦ • * i 

Seniors Kelsey Holleran, Caitlin Chipman, Lori Andrew, Kayse Eichelberger, Allie Cuozzo and 
Kelly Pasquantonio painted their lockers in tribute to their friendships. 



"1 love that we both 
have our licenses and 
we can drive around." 

Sara Isner 

^k H i" 1 

"We loved being part of 
the Frisbee club and 
hanging out with our 

Austin Ashworth 


"Liz and I have started 
our college search and 
visited Holy Cross 

Kelly Sheehan 

Laura Palioca and Megan Good 

Lori Wardner and Angela Cole 

The girls of Deaf Kaltanc 


Rest and Relaxation 


"Rest now. Run later. 
That is my motto." 

Eric Whitehouse 

////J? Da/icfa# 

"Over February break I 
had the chance to go 
to Hawaii and perform 
with the Backstreet 
Boys at the Pro Bowl." 

Sarina Habib 



"We finally crashed and 
got some much deserved 
sleep, after being up all 
night at a marching band 

Laurie Kalaghan 

Abby and Alex Gilmore pose for a picture while sightseeing in Boston. 


Kristin Little, Pardees Safizadeh, Marie DAngelo, 

Krista Pearson, Rob Campbell, Cathy Burt, Sara 

Tatnall, and Laurie Kalaghan. 

Christine Linscott and Angela Cole 

1. Matt, Dan and Tom Dusseault on vacation in 
Florida. 2. Rob Campbell, Hayley Uyrus, Eric 
Whitehouse, Jess Purkis, and Emma Smith take 
a group shot in France during their senior trip. 3. 
Sisters Alex and Andrea Yavarow on vacation. 4. 
Wendy Perry, Colleen O'Connell, Alex Wessman, 
Lindsey Fontana, and Jess Quinlan tour 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Rachel Pagliarini and 
Colleen Harrington 


Allie Tuminelli 

Julie and Kayley 


Mike Simmons and 
Matt McCann 

King Philip DECA 

Tara Cuddihy, Jenn 
Fuller, Julie Williams, 
and Danielle St. Jean 

1. Stephanie Hoyceanyls takes a photo with her 
young friend at the Holiday Party. 2. Francine 
Chi and Diane Girouard opening presents. 3. 
Tanya Wilson collected flip flops for children in 
Honduras. 4. Alicia Pacheco, Jennie Kenniston, 
Katie Sharron, Michelle Davison, Charney 
Gallagher, and Danielle St. Jean pose with 
"Arthur" as they walk to raise money for cranial 
facial disorders in Miles for Smiles. 

Charity Work 

Helping Out 



Arielle Diplacido, Erin Donovan, Andrew Chipman, and Abby Lambert 

"Working with others is 
an important part of 
high school. It is 
rewarding to help the 
less fortunate." 

Tara Cuddihy] 

"I think that giving back 
to the community is a 
rewarding experience." 

Kate Sutton 

"Christmas in the City 
was such a blast. I 
can|t wait to go again 
next year." 

Stephanie Fontana 

Nick Pini and Carylann Long 

Lindsey Fontana and Chrissy Walsh 

Whitney Zion, Laura Palioca, Seth, and Alex 


Daddy's Little Girl 

li%afj^eecafah/{f Fa/Z/rr-Da^ifrr. 


' 1 ii *" /"^T" 

Mm Pr P* 

"This was a special 
evening. The highlight 
was 'Butterfly Kisses' 
by Bob Carlisle." 

Erin Knowlton 

k%afi fte^afaut Fa/tier- Da/^f/r A 

"I had a great time 
getting dressed up and 
spending the evening 
with my 'favorite guy'." 

Alex Wessman 


■ "The Father-Daughter 
Dance is a great way 
to spend quality time 
with your dad and 

Colleen Manning 

Seniors take a group shot at the Father-Daughter Dance. 

Emily Cannon and Abby Lambert bust a move. 


Kristen Lamb, Katrina Crocker, and Kathleen 

jghan Good and Sarah Patterson 
dancing with their fathers. 

1. Shayla Billian and AM Fair sing along to the 
music. 2. Kara Basque, Lauren Vesty, Natalie 
Chipman, Alex Wessman, and Lindsey Fontana 
take a group shot with their fathers at the table. 
3. Nicole Plympton and Jackie Lomp are all 
smiles at the event. 4. Kayse Eichelberger, 
Danielle St. Jean, and Tara Cuddihy have a blast. 

Meghan Gaudet 

Stephanie Fontana 
and Amanda Bickum 

Kara Basque 

Father Daughter Dance 

Ultimate Frisbee 


The team takes a quick break for a group picture. 

"It was fun when the 
entire Frisbee team 
dressed up like pirates, 
including Mr. Grover." 

Jon Burgess 


Frisbee is a lot of fun 
and it was a great after 
school activity. 

Dave Condi in 

"Frisbee is always fun 
and it's such a great 
way to get everyone 
together to have a 
good time." 

Christina Devine 


Cory Diamand, Evan Butler, and Dave Condlin 

sprint up the field as Cory makes a spectacular 


Austin Ashworth and JD Chaisson attack 
Evan Butler in the endzone. 

Teammates watch while Kelsey Brennan attemps to 
complete the dive over Evan Butler for the Frisbee. 

l* J 



future CEC $ 


"It is my privilege to be 
the President of this 
organization, which 
has had such an 
impact on my life." 

Danielle St. Jean 


1 . mk 

L • ■■■ 1 

"DECA has prepared 
me for college and 
helped me with my 
career choice." 

Susanne Doane 

SM? OMm 

"Joe Moscariello and I 
are DECA state officers, 
and it is a great learning 
experience for both of 

Nick Benson 

John Robbins, Jennie Kenniston, Matt Cardillo, Alicia Pacheco, Jordan Bergevine, Abby 
Gilmore, Bobby Gaughran, Lindsey Fontana, Michaela Burke, and Amanda MacKenzie 

The King Philip DECA Chapter Officers. 


Alicia Pacheco and Jennie Keniston show off 
their first place medals. 

Emma Donegan is having a blast at the 
Induction Ceremony. 

1. Amanda Mackenzie, Julie Robsham, Julie 
Williams, and Jenn Fuller at the District 
Competition. 2. Katie Lawler, Kelly 

Pasquantonio, Kate Fox, Michaela Burke, Katie 
Sharron, and Jeanne Murphy take a break for 
lunch at the Fall State Leadership Conference. 3. 
Adam Siegmann and Justin Trout show off their 
first place trophies 4. Allie Tuminelli, Kate Fox, 
John Robbins, Jessica Simpson, and Erin 
Radowitz at NARCON. 

Heather Knowles and 
Allison Schrader 

Senior DECA Girls 

Jenn Fuller and 
Amy Bullock 


National lienor Societies 

A/afimaf Fmt/i /-fm#r S&etef' 

"It's an honor to have 
been inducted into 
FNHS. It's a great 
opportunity to help 

Ellen Ferrara 

"FNHS participates in 
many community 

service activities such 
as holiday events at 
the Pond Home." 

Sarah Miller 

A/ott&m/ /Irt tfp/t&r Jtef 

"I'm proud to be a part 
of a community that 
can help others 
through their artistic 

Emery Wenger 

Board member Tim Czyzewski welcomes new Inductees. 

National Art Honor Society Members 

National Science Honor Soceity Inductees 

'resident Emma Smith speaks ar 
NAHS Induction Ceremony. 




NAHS Board of 

Joe Saia 

New Inductees into 

the National Honor 



Drama & GADS 

D/wna /nsa/rt.. 


I 4k 

"long hours of learning 
staging, but a great 
reward in the end." 

Jeff Crompton 

1 i rif 

Dram MfMJ,,, 

"dressing up and 
playing different 

Lauren Doughty 

"becoming comfortable 
on stage and helping 
one grow as a 
performer and person." 

Renae Lessard 

The script for "You Can't Take It With You 

The Women of "The Long Christmas Dinner 1 


Craig Ewer, Montana Palmer, and 
Georgianna Gatcomb 

Emma Krishnaswami, Renae Lessard, and 
Montana Palmer 

1. Dee Dee DeVore, Debbie Cordo, and Anne 
Powers listen in on a meeting. 2. Mrs. Martin 
with her senior editors, Joe Saia, Alex Chalifoux, 
Sarah Doherty and Tyler Thurston 3. Hannah 
Willoughby working hard on her section of the 
newspaper. 4. Mrs. Martin and editorial staff 
looking at the layout. 

' ■■■ ■"'-'-'■'<-.' I^E 

Hannah Willoughby, 
Danielle Doherty, 
Amanda Lavallee, 

Shana Eatman, and 
Becca Winslow 

Penn Chen, 

Dan Piva, 

Brianna Chamberlain 

and Becca Savi 

Editor in Chief 
Joe Saia 


Board members 

Lauren Vesty and 

Chrissy Walsh 

Board members 

Matt McCann and 

Kasey Costa 


Miss Frey, Mrs. 

Meyer and Mr. Lawler 

cheer on their 


1. Debbie Riddoch and Lizzie Davies help sell 
food and drinks during half time at the 
student/faculty basketball game. 2. A group of 
Peer Leaders attended the Peace Takes Practice 
Conference. 3. Shana Eatman, Debbie Cordo and 
Chelsea Bautista were the juniors who attended 
the conference. 4. Lindsey Fontana, Kaila Smith 
and Brittany Dorer pose for a picture during the 

Peer Leadership 

Student Council 

K%$ EffltfMr 

The Student Council Executive Board: Hannah Guild, Leigh Ann Benson, Tim Czyzewski, Allie 
Cuozzo, Ellen Ferrara, Kara Basque, and Caitlin Chipman. 

ft. t^B* ^» "^ Tl /» ' r 


122 : 1 

^ J 

1HIBF *.*"^ 


Allie Tuminelli and Alice Shiebler at 
SEMASC Conference 

"Student Council has 
helped me build strong 
friendships over the 
past four years." 

Meghan McGovern 


"I am proud to be a 
leader among such an 
enthusiastic group." 

Hannah Guild 

rfuMfarp AAfler 

"My favorite part of 
Student Council is the 

Allie Cuozzo 




Kayse Eichelberger (second from the left) 

after being selected as recording secretary for 

the SEMASC Executive Board 

Allie Cuozzo and Kayse Eichelberger were the hosts 
of Mr. KPHS 


Brittany Collentro 

Rachel Powers and 
Kelley OToole 

Cara Savi 

1. Editors Chrissy Walsh and Amy Bullock pose 
in front of the planning ladder. 2. The yearbook 
staff gathers around Rick, the artist, to watch 
him work his magic. 3. Kayley Robsham and 
Nick Pini help out by making posters. 4. Brittany 
Dorer and Kaila Smith work diligently on the 
baby ads. 


Lee Club 



Members of the Leo Club 

Members of the Leo Club 

"gives me plenty of 

opportunities to help 

out in the community." 

Julie Williams] 



"gives me the |^^j| 

opportunity to practice L^^i - 
leadership through [^F^ 
community service." ^ y 

Kate Sutton I J 



"is about working with 

senior citizens and 

enjoying their reactions 

when we help out." 

Lori Andrew 


Jess Walker, Lily Keyes, and Elizabeth 
Peterson serving as hostesses. 

Tara Cuddihy poses with a couple at the seniors' 
Senior Prom. 


Pat Gahan 

Rachel Gura, 

Jeannette Gerry, and 

Kelly Fanty 

A group of seniors 

hold up their 



1. Vanessa Wudyka pleasing the crowd with her 
performance. 2. Seniors in Band and Color 
Guard pose with USSBA 1st Place Trophy. 3. 
Mike Donohue gets ready for the big 
performance. 4. Chelsea Sepe and Dan 
Guglielmo during the big show. 

Marching I and 

And the Beat Gees On 

i i 

KP's Pride and the Passion in competition at Giant's Stadium in New York. 

...friendship, dedication 
and hard work.. 

Emily Fant work and a 

feeling of 

accomplishment when 

you're done. 

JT Sarno 

Moflrt&tf Ba/tsf/m/?J, , 

.friendships and a 
second family. 

Kristen Lawler 

Mike Brennan 

Kristin Lawler, Marie D'Angelo, Erin Lawler, 
and AN VanBaars 

The marching band practices for the big show. 


Color Guard 



"I've dedicated 6 years 
of my life to Color 
Guard, and never 
regretted a moment." 

Vicki Gilbert 


"The hard is what 
makes it great." 

Sam Chipman 



"In the last six years, 
I've made a lot of very 
close friends. Our 
friendship is still 

Michelle Simard 




Michelle Simard twirls her flag with grace. 


The girls show the judges what hard work and 
practice does. 

Color Guard gets ready for the competition. 

Vicki Gilbert and Michelle Simard end their 
performance with a bang. 

1. Kelsey Brennan warms the hearts of her 
audience with her trumpet skills. 2. Mr. Tileston 
directs the Jazz Ensemble during a performance. 
3. Evan Butler performs a beautiful solo. 4. Tyler 
Huth plays the piano for the audience. 

Kelsey Lovejoy 

Sarah Miller and Tim 

Matt Kowalski 

Jazz Ensemble 

/Hath Team 

Matfb ram mazM. . 

"pushing myself 
beyond my potential.' 

Nick Shipley 

Ma/A ram mamk. , 

^^^ ^^B 1 

"hard work .... 
yielding great results" 

Syed Rahman 

Mafib rmm mmm. , 

"being part of a team 
that participates in 

^plItMfill Srujith Kudikala 

KP's Math Team takes a team photo before heading off to the League Playoff. 


The math team at Old Country Buffet 
before their meet. 

Dan Tijerina and Syed Rahman review for the 
next round of competition. 

Harrison David and Peter Girouard prepare 
for their round. 

1. Mr. Grover playing the fiddle 2. Kyle Kurkjian, 
Tom Dusseault, Jake Zeigler, Sarah Danielson, 
Mr. Grover and Kayla Harvey pose with their 
instruments. 3. Kayla Harvey and Brendan 
Smith perform for the crowd. 4. Kayla Harvey, 
Brendan Smith, Jake Zeigler and Mr. Grover 
performing at the Franklin Farmer's Market. 






5S[J_^ \ 





■(' m H 

^0' ^ - 


Captains Matt Procyk 
and Brendan Smith 

The folk group, or the "Casual Folk 
Implosion," founded by Mr. Grover 
and the class of '04, is one of the 
most unique and exciting clubs at 
King Philip. It has been embraced 
by the students as well as faculty, 
especially those teachers lucky 
enough to be in the science 
hallway, for they are serenaded by 
the group's melodic resonance and 
angelic singing every Thursday 
afternoon. Since the group's 
inauguration, it has attracted 
musicians willing to take a dip into 
the unfamiliar waters of folk music, 
and the members can truly say that 
it's a swim that has opened their 
minds and their souls to a new 
musical frontier: the boundless 
world of folk music. 

Kayla Harvey and Mr. 


I pledge from this day 

forward to do my best to 

interrupt prejudice and to 

stop those who, because of 

hate, would hurt, harass or 

violate the civil rights of 
anyone. I will try at all times 

to be aware of my own 

biases against people who 

are different from myself. I 

will ask questions about 

cultures, religions and 

races that I don't 

understand. I will speak out 

against anyone who mocks, 

seeks to intimidate or 

actually hurts someone of a 

different race, religion, 

ethnic group or sexual 

orientation. I will reach out 

to support those who are 

targets of my harassment. I 

will think about specific 

ways my school, other 

students, and my 

community can promote 

respect for people and 

create a prejudice-free 

zone. I firmly believe that 

one person can make a 

difference and that no 

person can be an "innocent 

bystander" when it comes 

to opposing hate. By 

subscribing to this pledge, I 

recognize that respect for 

individual dignity, achieving 

equality, and opposing 

anti-Semitism, racism, 

ethnic bigotry, homophobia, 

or any other form of hatred 

is a non-negotiable 
responsibility of all people. 



r U».DC£ 

i ■ -\ 


aoos .__ 

1. Angel of hope art work 2. Members Cait 
Bickum, Carrie Cahill, Advisor Mrs. Rumsey, 
Nikki Duell. Kelsi Elland. and Amanda Grenier. 3. 
Students signing the World of Difference Pledge 
during lunch. 4. Diversity Club members believe 
everyone should be true to themselves. 

Diversity Club 


■'": .'_; . ■■ ■ . ; 

Iw ji EricJ 


W 1jOO> 

.ar H 

^^C * ^ '■ ^L 


■4 " 

^* v . 




Goes on 

And en 

-9 Bb ■ 


liflr 5 - 


I . Sec-V-v, Jov~\, Tim, aiool /jvnv Bulloc-W <*eT <Anej&*>exA up 
"fpr <* -j-awiilY pUcnb. Z. V-**\, CUryE^v, a*'"*?! Pav*i WaWU pe*€»e. 
-for a pic-lure, dumo<^ playtime.. 3. >4llie- Cuaazp waWe^. up 
■\row\ a v\cxb *^ V>ex- ca-^o. A. Y-aw\ "Swim c?)re/E> < E>e/& up cv& a „ 




Jennifer M&rfirn 


We ceuMnTaik jfor a better daughter. 

We fovepu and are 40 proud 'of you. 


Mom, Dad, Kim, Lauren &John 

Brandm Stewart 

We are W prettd oft ymf 
you're the Seiff 

Love pu toft 
Grandma and Marty 

Shawm Grant 

ConfratufatteM Shannon ff 
We are to proud oftp-uf 

Mom & Cameron 

1 f p"« 


I ma ''**-"■*'' 


mm ■ 

Dear /^e, 

AMvu^h we knew pu will continue 

W o&mS W the hi^he^ ihaP ^e h^ t& 

tfjjjer pu, pu wtUatwaytte &ur 


We love pa and are 4& my prvud of 


Love, Mm and Dad 


We toveffmtr and MppvrP pit to ivkaWer 

Mm Dad, Alex, Drew, LMe, BruMk, 

and Belle 

PS. The dtuito drfakfr atmtof 

Thank* far 6eto# agreaPMter. 

tuck to c&tte§e next year f 





Congratulation Christine! 
We are so proud of you! We 

wish you continued 

happiness and success in 

the next chapter of your life. 

May all your dreams come 



Dad, Mom, Kim and Pam 

Artane Werfoffi 

Rain vnhute, pur mite ft$rf& up 

We fare pu, 
Mm, Tdad.and D&nUniaue 


Matthew Richard 

Congratulations to our 

Matthew McCann! 

Ail our love, always, 

Mima, Aunt Gail and 

Uncle Stan 

Great job Ell! 
Proud of you. 

We are & prvud dft pu, 



Mm, Dad, and Cow r 


y&ur heart tt a* bi# a& Texm and 'fuU 'offauh Lettheie 
wrcfo k pur guide afrpu Mart pur newjvurnef. 

In everything pu d&, put Gvd 'frit and 'he mtt direct pu 
andcrvwn pur effirtt wtih iuccm. Prwerk 3:6 

We fovepu and admire pur determination and hard 

When if teem* pur pafo are put &( reach, d&n'taqfW 

' acti&n 4tep4>f Cvntfuciut 

Mm, Dad, Dan, Bruin and Andrew 

7tetoyinfttl^miemeuu»jfvu." Kflyte, pit changed 

lkifvi^mW^me^iH§mM'§reaier.... Beauty, titfctftgence, 

mngthanddur BESTFRTEMD. 

Lm, AuMn & Retd 

ConfratulaUoni! Wu km grown info mch 
a gentleman. Vou clean up nice. But, we ao 
remember green hair, blond hair and the 
look. We are to proud 'ojf you. 

we love you, 

Mem, had and Kpttjf 

An frtih B&Mng 

"Dana ai •# 'no one mi watching. 

Sing at ■# no one mi ditening. 

And fre emj day ai $ if mi your 


We are ■» proud. 

Love Mom Dad, Kjfte& Keliey 


WeVe almy* 6een there {jor 

each other and we atwayi will 


Reach far the mr¥ 


Ccngratualations to the 
Class cf 2CCC 

20 Dean SUeet 
Norfolk. MA. 02056 


Knowles Construction Co., Inc. 


Custom Builder 



Uveweffl, Laugh &pn, Owe much! 

What a ptieoMtre tf ha* been to watohyw 

grm into the perm yvu are today. 

Lmyw prefer andiepnd. 

Mm & Dad 








Studios, Ltd 


)' ■■ 





62 Taunton Avenue R 
ionk, Massachusetts ( 

(508) 336-4777 

four Veardmk 



Betwe to purtttft. 

Betwe to pur dream. 

r§eP, we'll atwap belkre to pi 


Mm & Dad 



to the dlreea&nA v( pur dream Litre the 
ttfepu have Unowned. " Thereau 

We're very prvud eft pu. 


Mm and Dad 


Mm, Dad, MaW& Michael 

Sean, Cochrane 

We are wptvud tfpu and all pur 
ammpMmnt^, Gmd 'luck next -year and 'My &ut ~v( 


We fare pu fa piemi 


Becky & Kntff 


Matthew Bmck 


you have brought love, laughter and 'iff much happlnm to our ttm. We are 
very proud o^ you and hope all your dream come true. Reach (pr the Mar* 
and remember we mil alway* be here pr youf We wuhyou alt 'the good 'thing* 
that 'fyje hoi to o/jtjer. 

Be Soft - Be Happy f 

Mom, Rod and Bryan 

Good Luck BrW 



C&ngrattifati&nA and ' pvd 'tuck in m 
We're my prvud tf pu, Markf 
Mm, Dad, and Stephanie 

Jide VHUlam 

We are 4&ptvud tfyvit. 

Dad, Mm, and ' Kettfa 



I§e$tkph&ne, and Ufa far mef! 

Mfrfa$M&riM#tfiidenfa Ktftjf and 'Dana 

Lauren, yeu hm 6m a temp daughter, Mter, c&utin, Mdent, tutor, leader and FRIEND 



Dad t Mm, Kelly & Dana 



What a great sense of adventure-steamers at age 3, 
Mexican food by 4, and a wonderful sense of style that is 
all yours. The passion and determination in which you've 

pursued your goals, (Macy's NYC, Hawaii, dance 

competitions, art, college) is awesome. You are anything 

but ordinary. Keep learning, meeting challenges head on, 

and lighting up the world with your smile as you follow 

your own path. 

Love always, 

Mom ("Trish") & Dad 

Kath & Joe 

P.J. Stnt&natter 

^jou^e come a long \tfa^, bab<}!!!! 
Lots of lo-Ce, Auntie Wan} and Uncle Ra^ 

Cengrata Brandon - Excellent Jehf 

Seme mrdi qf wWer wudem: 

Thing* mrlh achieving mllalwaifi ceme with wrifece. 

Take nvlhing fer granted - quetiien everytfiing and everytme. 

Be patiifjuMtf fmnetf with purielfi -geu'll have fewer 

dmppeintmenlb and even fewer regreH. 

When faced ' wUh a Wugh cheriee er decmn - 

geur femilg will alwagi have lhe 6eU> advice. 

Gvvdluck - Live life W the max - Be happy/ 


\ \ s c ii i ten 



W >w^ 


Ai pit embark m pur new adventure, (/firm 
Vancouver apparency), w utith pu att &ft the 
fuippinm and f 4uecm that pu dewef Wearealwatft 
aph&necatlapwf... and 'can't 'wait >W ery&tf c&tlege 
again thrvugh pu. We love pu bvth Wff much. 

Allvur fm, 

Jeftfia and Rvl) 



ym M atwap ie the center mge in &ur heark We with pu a fong, 
fieafflijf, hapff&fr. May att pur dreambc&me true. C&ngrattttatiffn& and 

iett withe*, n#w and prefer. 

Mm, Baia, Kian, andCanUe 

Kern McClttAkf 

Good Jot Kerrif 

We Love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Stephen 

Nic&le Hughe* 

iMttmiMyvu 40 much 

when you go to coitege, 

you're the betfotder Merf 


Where fiM the time gone? It : 4eembM though you have grown 

into a beautifut, intettigent young fadyinjuiea Stink of an eye. 

We are my proud 'ofaUof the accompMrnentt that you have 

made throughout the year*. We know nothing Witt 'stop you 

(rom succeeding in atf that you pursue. 

We toveyou i/erymuch. 

Mom, Dad, Atex.and ' Otivia 


Sarah Kennedy 

College lift Mil be amp after 
putting up with the two ofj ' u* 

(pr all the*e year* 
Good luck jjrom your bm'. 


Rich & Tom 


Vmr beauty and talent ft 

exceeded 'vnfyty pur pterfflfy 

ofijptrtG There H no fanil -fr 

whaTpu can achieve andfo the 
feeling eft pride we have in pu. 


Mm & Dad 


'$"".. MSI ' 

^P^V' "^ If h$$ 


si 1 • 



you've made u* io proud! 

Mom & Dad 

i. V 

Congratulation* Nick on all that 
you have accomplished. Thereto 
40 much more ahead 'ojf 'you, 40 
Hay confident and be courageous. 
We are proud ofj you and love 
you very much. 
Mom & Dad 


"How much ftr your women?' -Jake 


Pillaging the countrywide Once 1927. 

Love, Tm, Alex, and T-Bone 



you've come a long wayijrom being 

a convenient hair ribbon holder! 

Iwtthyou all the beifin all that you do! 


Ben JduSk 

CongratuMon* Ben! 

you have atway* been a terrific ion, with great attitude, determination, 
and dream*. A* you travel the road of life, remain positive and focmed, 
and 'life wiM 'reward 'you a* yvu have rewarded ' u*. We are very proud 
ojf your accompMment* and we will atway* love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Laura 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 2007 


Your friendly Holmes' bus driver waits for his cares! 





to school bus ca 

Safely transporting our school children since 1932 

22 Myrtle Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 




Kw */* #7^ fl%? tf Ged'* miracle* - jftvm tmpvund* fratfrntf 
joy. We fare yen and are prvud t?{[ pu. Happy ccllege dap ahead. 

Mem, Dad, and biuret 

ben Wardner 

C&ngramlatienA Lffrif 
Vm mean the mrtdfo U4>. 

We're wprvud eft pa. 

May Ged 'him pur future 


Mm & Dad 

Jennifer FtMr 

lam *o proud otf pu, Bestotf 

luck a*pu begin at the 

University oft Hartford. I know 

put 'do great! 



ben Andrew 

Smite and the world smile* with 

Keep on imiinf Left, we love yew! 

Mom, Dad, Michelle &Jazz 

Kritien Brvck 

Congratulations Kris! 

aire afaatf* deen so proud O/f 

your accomplishment*. 


Mom. Dad & Evan 

\ \g/Sf& "'" "**~'' T^^t- ■ • ' A 

v iBj 2 


M 11 


Believe tit what pur heart ttsaptf; hear the metedy that* plapig. There 1 * 

n# time to waite. There 1 * & much fa celebrate. Believe in what pu feel UiUde. 

Ana 'give pur dream* the wing* to (jty. Vm have everything pu need. I{j 

Mom, Dad, Kfltftey and Christie 


Jvfm R&66M 

andwppwPjrm pur 

Setfpafo, Grampa Red, 

Gramme Lorraine & 

Grammie Patty, 
They wuMbe tfprvud! 

We are & pr&ud tf the 

perm puVe becvm. May 

atl pur dream c&m true. 

Keep reaching fcr the 4tar4i 


Mm, had, KriMtm, & 

Attmn Cm 


We foveyvu and are w my 


Mm & Dad 


y&u c&nAtantty amaze u& 

Be heaithy and happy. 

The rettwittcvme. 

- Cvngratutaavn&f - We fove 

ywprvud Grandma & Papa 

Kara Marie Arvid&n 

Dear Kara, 
We ceutdn't have keped t» k & 


§randchifot. yvur(jititireMffl 



Grammy, Grampy& BeSSy 



We are 4eprvud fffpu and 

attthatpu have acwmpMed 

ever the pati pur part. May 

afflpur dream mm true/ 


Mm, Dad, &J&teph 



ym kinf Mchjeyfo &ur &m We are mybteMedfo 

have pa a& &ur daughter andmer. May pa atwap leek 

the truth anddettre fogive cheerfiuttyabyvu &pn d&. 

Mm, Dad.Jm, Becky, Tm, ChriAtme, Jen 


Cmurrjofa Crm 

~ i 





To give anything Sm •than pur Seat : iA to wrifice the gift." 

CongratutiaOvnA on aft 'of pur achievement. 


Mom, Dad, & Mam 




Congratufottm to our "UttteAmff 

you make U4 proud. 


Mom, Dad,jUf& Meg, Ructy & Motfr, Wot 

"For I know the pkn* I have (or pu, declare* the bvrd, pSam 

fa prosper (feu and not harm pu, plan* fa give pu hope and a 

future. " -Jeremiah 29.-11 

God lompu, and we tovepu more than pu can imagine f 

Mom & Dad 

BrieHjfn Sexeny 


* 3| 







V I 

you were Seauttfut 'then and more lieauttfut now. Inude and ouft 

Mom, Dad, & Nick 


Witt, you cannot imagine how proud we are of yew! 
Von have 40 many tatenfo and 'ftiie quatiM. We know yon witt 
achieve whatever pafo yon MPf&ryourbetif in tife. your future tt 
timttedontyliythoie Soundare* you ptace on it> io dream big, 
think big, andyvu witt 'mrefy achieve great 'thing*. 

We A tt Love you, 

Mom, Dad, Atmn, Brian & Kate 

AMey Gregory 

you have atway&Seen "the voice of reason" and a 
joy fio watch you. We know that you witt f 4oar in 

in att that you purm. 

With off our Love, 
Mom, Dad and Mark 



We are 40 proud of a% you have 

Our SaSy hm grown up. 


Mom & had 

Almn FatoUffi 

We are 40 proud of att you have accompMed from baAyhfiodfo 

now. A wonderfut future awaitt you/ 


Mom, Dad, & Corinne 


haniet Franctt WaM 



Our with for pit: 

Mm, DM and Daw 



5th Grade 

10UI Grade 

1 85 

Sean Cochrane 


Hw cfo pu put ~m paper thefieetinf vft werwhetmintf 

pride, J^, andfjrtenMp that we fleet towards pu and 

pur manjf acwmpttthmentt thrvu$h&ut pur Mfmt 

pirtf Frvm tfarrinf at the mirrvr m the watt t& pur 

appvMtMnta&favtAatt captain, we fuwe watched pu 

grw andbee&me what we can vntycatt "apvdnuin " 

Thanks pr the pilvitege^^aptf, "Sm, we are very 

prvudtfpu'7 pur great per&nattty, easy mte and 

intensity can and wittfizkepu wherever pu chmte in 

ttfe. Chmewetttt 


Mm & Lad 

Amanda MacKenzie 


lam i&pr&ud qf wtoyvu are and 

att yeu are atpirtnf fo k Keep up 

the mnderpt mrh. Reach far the 

4tar<k..pur dream wdtceme true. 



Matthew Carditfo 

Ittm tjeen wprmtege t& watch 

pu bmme the perm yew are. 

We took forward with pride and 

ton tie Mn# pur fiature unfo&t. 


Mm, Dad, and Rochet 

U/tihtifpu fove, taughter, andmxm. V&u made it! 

We are wprvud vfipu. 



Mm, Dad, Andrew &Je4hua 



T# Our Sknttf Star 


Martin, Beth & Derek 

C&urttieif Nacewttz 

When 1 btkk my eyeb, 

tfUA -to what* 1 'tee. 

Vtm'll atoaffi tie my tffl&girtto 




Sham Cteary 

We areprvud qfpu and fove 

pu very much! 


Mm Larry, Erin & Bailey 

I( at fr^pud&n't succeed, d& 

it tike pur Mother fotdpu, 

- We Love Vm - 

Mm & Dad 


Great IwyUttUny .... great 


CffngraMHW^, Daniet! 


Mm & Dad 


m0Mk" ^^^ 

Cen§ratutaUMt BettuM/matESF. 

evtkjfe year* are 4&me vfithebetf 
year* &( yvur ttfe! 

Mm, Dad&JiMn 


Sarah PaBrm 


"Ih&pepur dreamt take pit .... tothe corner* v( 

purmiM, to the kghetfvfj 'pur fwpe&, to the 

window* rfpur vpp&rttinitm, and to the mo&tpeciat 

ptiace pur heart hob ever knwn. " 


y&ur fjOnuty 

Laura Petrme 


Veur loving and caring waythave won the 

hearft efi your (fiend*, the elderly, toddler*, 

Brownie*, and baby pat*.... but metf efi all, 

U4. CongraMlaUonif May all your dream* be 



Mem, Dad, Brian, Becky & Kevin 

Adam LMrie 

To aceempM greaf thing*, we mutt net 

mtyaeP, but alio dream, not only plan, bun 

a foe believe. " (Anatftfe France) 

We believe in yeu Adam. 

Mem, Dad and Re** 

Chrism Twine 

Tea very fecial daughter, 

pur dreamt. 
We are & proud tfym 


Mem, had, Maryanne, 

Elizabeth & bam 

Erie Le-PrM 


VeuVe ceme a long way in theiepa*t 

eighteen year*. We've enjoyed watching yeu 

daeever the world and your urength*! 

We are iepreud ojfyeu/l 


Memmie, Daddie, and Julie 

Laura Mu$uzll 

My DeareH Daughter, 

Veu have always had yeur ewn unique nyle andieme ejfjftairf Plane dm'tlet 

that : go. It 'i* what make* yeu fecial. We are proud etf yeu and with yeu the 

betfe/l luck in cellege. Enjoy the nexl -{pur year*, beceme invoked, Atudy 

hard, and take (ult 'advantage ejf every opportunity that will help you (ul^U 

your life and career goal*. Be happy and know thai we love yeu/ 


Mem & Dad 

Jmeph MulCahy 


We are very prvud tf att 

pur ammpMmentt 


Mm, Dad, Jutie and Andrew 

Jeffrey Crvmpfim 

A tmufitfjtdPvtf... 

Gdvdtuck wUh pur next 


Mm & Dad 

Laurie Kfa 

LMn to pur heart. 

Ifovepu, ntore than put ever 




Hear Jem - wptf Dear Bean*, 

My My My Abjfvti Leave frr the Real W&rH, Ad I Need 

fa my tt Hang faugh and Puth the linMeven when pu are 

fired 'and 'Angry. A Rett Step after a Dizzy bvng Day can 

put any Mad Semn m perfective and keep yvur SmtlEver 

the Same! Ift thing* get Bent afong the way, ytm'ltfuwe n& 

Prvflem Girl getting Book 2 Gwdf 

Mpr the (future? I Am An fflutimf 

We are teptvud tfyvuf 

Lwe, Mm & had 


Brendan Smith 

It : fm been a realj&yfo watch pu §et ■& thtt •pctnt : ln pur 

t$. We are ptvud 'and 'fiappjf -for pu/ 'We kn&w pu MM 

keep pur p&tifive vtfa ana 'ftlfow pur gwd 'heart : to 

Mm & Dad 

y&uVe ctone a§rea$fe6! 
Be$ tf luck to c&ltt 

Lm t 


Brianm Murpff 


ym'tt atway* k eurfjawrue 


We foveyvu! 


MtchaetA. Murphy 

Vm arem the rood 'to warn We 

hM ym a heatthy, happy 

prV4pervu4 future. Mayattyeur 

dream c^me true. 


Mm, Dad& KrMtn 


"Vm're a tittle mr^ wmetum, pu 
knew that? BrlManP. . . Sufmry: " 

We're extremely- prvud tf yeu! Gmd 
tuck In eettege and beyendf 

Lwe, Mem & had 

The farce ttttreng in my- family-. 
My- father hm i£..f have &.. and my- 

'Beceme the pillar efj 'mpperPl Aim 

Beit et tuck m thefaturef 
Iwe. Ben 


coi^atuktions seniors 

Best of luck to the 
class of 2006 

Wrentham (fS> ) Co-operative Bank 

Jeffrey M. Liber, President 
102 South Street, Wrentham, MA 02093 


Mattthew McCamt 

&r today, pu are ativayi> the betfMaWf 
Keep mifag and gmd tuck in c&ttegef 
Kritiln, Dave & Steve 

Rebecca Sort 

C&ngratutattoni> Beccaf 

V&uVe atmp been a "ShUting Star. " 

Nm'bpur chance to thm pur tight to the mrtd. 

Mm, Dad, Cora & Entity 

Angela Cvle 

/ Vm have mch length, ceurage and 


Wtih fove atwayb, 



Vm are a shining exampte e( what every 
parent 'withe* their cttitd 'to be. Vm are mr pride 
andjey. Reach far the '4tan and 'keep m dancing. 

We twe pu ativayk 
Lwe, Mm and Dad 


flfl^fr Clark M(Mr 

In a Galaxy n&tw fior away.... yew future pu wiMptd. 

It ft there, in (rent d( pu, a path to be (eryed. 

Gd with mn^dence and 'determination. Have ^uth in purie^. 

Never underestimate pur abilum. Give it pur alt and mccm wiM be pi. 

Aim high. Fetfow pur dream*. 

Abeve all, BE HAPPV! 

Always knew we fovepu and iuppvrt pu. 

And Remember. . . Vm are never (or (rem heme. 

May the (erce be with pu ...atwap. 

We're tepreud e(puf 

Lm, Mem & Dad 



Govdtuck La c&ttege. 
Give tt pur "te^^&f 

Mm, Dad & Chrto 

Gmdtwk in the "reed wrfot." Thank far tdmjft being there 
when I need pw, Vm're the Seaf, 


Im P. Suttom 

1 ' : $MKNHK/H^£l 




We are wprvud efiyvu, far off the tknppuVe d&ne, 
andaiithaP* to wme. 


had and Mm 



A terrip m andS/vther. 

Lwe, Mm, Dad, and Matthew 


That tt why thttnt&ntent 
tt called the present. 


We are Mprvud vfijfm and all that pit have acc&mplMhed. Vm are a wmtderpl 

daughter, Mter and (fiend. 
Mm, Dad, C&n&r, Patrick & Keb 


Miehaeh Burke 


Learn {font, yesterday. Live far today, H&pefrr 


Vm are the fare &{j vw dive*, and we are wprvud vfi 







Hepe atttpur dream* ceme true. 


Mem & Dad 

Kateflp Feoc 

Cengratutattimbf We are prvud tf 
pit and ad pur mnderpi 

ymt were vur SaSgi andnmpu-'re 

ejfjf 'to cvltege. 


Mem & Dad 

Jam Mi 


Tm prvud vf yen. 



J.J. Perara 

We're att wy preud e( pa. Hepe 
atte(yeur dreamb and aApiraO&nA' A 
eemetrue. Remember tie take it ene r 

i - jtk 

day at a time. w 
Mem, Dad, MetiM &Ja4en 

KPTA Executive Bmra 


KiMf Phdp Teacfwrti 'Aweiaa&n 


RvberPB. LawM 


:ardte believe yeu aregemg te ceUegeailam fauafung. 

VeuVe dene a great je6 grewutg up and I am preud te have a Srether like yeu 

Geed luck next year. 

Cengratulatieni! New, lefiinniza/iizf 


We are ie preud eft yeu, and 'ie thankftut 'fterthe yean 

thathave given u**e much te k thankftut 'fter 

We fare yen, ReS, beyend werd* that can even Seym te tell yeu hew much; and we held yeu and yew happinm within eur hearts each 


FeUew yeur dream and 'alwayi reachpr what yeuwanti Be hind. Remember, geednm will k rewarded. Be cenftident a* yeu begin 

the next wenderftut 'chapter in yeur tifte. 

Veu alway* Unprm with yeur music and mirth. Se keep en touting, Reddle, yeu ifune ie Srightfy when yen de. Hang en W that me 

efthumer,- it will take yeu a fang way. 

Ei/en theugh reday- tta fang way firm theit 'chddheed 'day* efi 'xraped ' knesi and 'heffjeaw the fa/e that hugged 'and kitted 'yeu then 

a the iame fa/e that gee* with yeu and want* the Sett fter yeu new. 

are an ittcrediile penen, Rei Lucky are the peeple a6eut te knew yeu. 
Cengratulatieni! We fa/e yeu. 

Tim Czyzewtfti 



$ % 


6e fovkinp pr &" - Therm 

We are veryprmtd rfattvftffmr acwntpltthmntt. 


Mm & Dad 


Even ttivugh pure 6i$jer than me new, Tfflatwapbe 

pur burner. 
Gevdtuck next year tn c&ttiegeandiM the future. 


We fovepu and are iepreud 



Mem, Dad&Syd 

Laura Pamca 

Geedluck, Laura, in ererjfLhlnf 
that pa teteuPZeaceempM in 

We are preud 'eft ' pu, 
Mem, Dad, Tgter, Liz and Alex 


SfiMeur &a$e Angel, afttzralt 


VeuVe made u$< wtf Prtrud. 


Dad, Mem, KaUfyn, Janet and 




Dear AiMn, 

CengratutiatienM Tm my- preud eft 

pu and 'pur accempMmenfo. I 

knew pur dreamb wiMceme true and 

'Geed Luck ' in wkifa/erpu cheete 

te ae in pur fofte. 

I Lwe Veu. 



VmVe aiwap made U4 preud/ 
F&tfow pur dreamt! 

We {eve put 
Mem & Dad 


Dear Kate, 

yeu have alway* been an amazing child, capable &{j 
great thing*. M pu befn the next chapter e^ pur 
tye, cenUnuefoitatffacwiect 'and 'dedicated, butm&it 
06 alt be happu> and eniw 

Lwe, Mdm & Dad 


I wilt mm pu next par. Gmd luck and 

have fern atcvttege. 


To my "daughter}," 

Ab pu prepare fop pur separate wop, pteate 
remember pur feienaWp tt ■ evertatiing. Thankbfar 
the memem. HavefjUn (and be Mmfjut) at Mtml 
I will mm pu all. 

Leve, Mr*. S 



Wmf M Bnte far pur high Mhmt 'year* fo bec&me d&rrmnt 

at pur fature 6e§M fo rurnile and 6ec&me active, y&urltfe 

(A muting to erupt Mth primate tf all thing* mnderfalf 

Vm can reach any mmmtf and traverse any crater that life 

putt m pur path. 
May the G&ddmbe withpu abpu cltini every rwuntamt 

We are wpr&ud djfpuf 

[Me, Mm & Dad 


Hep Kid, 

We are to proud ofj you andoMoftyvur accompMment* 

you have grown up to quicksand we wiMchertth thete 

year* (ewer. Stay *tmtg and fii^ pur §&a^ everyday. 

Mm, DadS- Bridget 


Jaton Maykw 

you can achieve anything ab 

tony a* you ktieve in yourtttf. 


Michaet, Mom &Jo 

Und/ty Mane Fmfizm 


Vm have been afey> fo abobwe have 

watched pa §rm info a arvny, 

cariMg and retpentiile punf ladtf. 

We wtthpa wett, and know that 

pa wiMiucceedon attpur endeavor* 

through £b$e. 

Nana & Pa 


Wherever ($ fcad&pu, 

take ear Hove with pa. 


Mem, David, Frank & Matthew 

ChriMfrpher Hamitt&n 



- « 

N - 







We are 4ureyou wWie happier on pur tiatfday o( dwoi 

than yvu were on your firm Direr the year*, yeu have 

4/wwed 'murage, patience, humor and 'commitment; We are 

irery proud 'of you/ Keep up the geod work, and 'mem it 



Mom, Dad, Steve & Matt 



Thank {feu far att pu have dene far me. M great 'having a br&ther tike pu, thaPt my Sett (fiend. When 

I need W, put me in tine. Vm have hetped me mature wer the paiP gear*. VmVe taught : me many temnb in 

my tlfie thaP I wltt never fargeP. I knew whatever pu chwie tt> de after high iehmt, pu'tthemmfat, 

hut... have fan deing IP! 



Tm proud o( the man you have become. 

your #1 Fan, Dad 

Mtf Bran Mu$n, 

you are a great perm Mde and out. 

Mthafpu accompM on & offitheffetd, you mttativa^hwe me cheering. 

your #1 Cheerleader, Mum 

Kara Atvufan 

"Hmdlum" ' n ait 'grmvn up. 
Thanh far hang gut Me 

"Bmmrhmm. " 

We are very p mud eftpu. 

Gevd tuck m cettege. 

Leve, David & K0tyn 

P.J. Strutmatter 

. .' . .. 



I'* m 


I - * "" 

V x 


-- 9 


IP hat hem nice growing up with 

tonmne tlkepu - i&nwne Pe tean 

m - i&me&ne t& e&unPm - tfwwne 


Gmdtuck and rememher, lit 

always he here far put 




C&ntfraJutafi&nft, Niwte, pu made tfand we are 4& 
prmtdvflfw fill 

"Nw I tee, a 6miM^uiidd^, fovltinf tack 0me. 

Keep m tinging //// 


Mm, Dad, Mand &JiM 


Briawuz Murpff 

TvvurB. B. K.P. 
Reach far the $zr& - thetkyttthe huff Metope* 
pur dream c&me true. We wiM atwap be pur biggeM 











H^ jW^^B 

^-r*.*- a 


C&ngratutativnb! I 
Maypu have a wmtda 

Mm, Dad, Jet 

v to p/md &f ym/ 

happy, MMtfjUt fjUturef 




We are to prvud v( pu and att vfi pur 


We M atwayk be here far pu. 

Vm are a beautiftut perton. 


Mm and Dad 

Success by R.W. Emersen 
Te tough efien and much; 

Te win the respect efi intelligent peeple and the 
afijectton qf children; 

Te earn the appreciMen efi henesf crUic* and 

Te appreciate beauty, Tepid the betfui 

Te leave the werld a bit better, whether by a 
healthy child, a garden patch era redeemed 
secuU 'cendlOen; 


Te knew even ene 
because yeu have uved. 

This u to have succeeded. 

Wishing yeu success .... 
today: tomerrew and always-. 


Mem, Dad, Andrew, Mum and Grandpa 



RvAerP Lawleto 


' f r : 'A 


' atreadyacfuwedremarkaite tfity 


Vm make me Mprvud. 


Aitnfie Fran 

Angela C&tie 



Catifon BtokuMjk Brtanna Murpff 

Cmgral/* Bmnie Tiwp 4751 

CaW&Bri... toMgml 



Conflrattitatton& on your 


We're my proud ofi you, and 



Dad, Mom, Mark & 


Matthew MoCam 


We alway* knew that you weutdwcceed 

tttfyje, you had a way eft atway* lettinf 

u& hnm hew you {jeto, juti iiy the look 

en pur -face. Jutf fuddtnf, MaW. you 

knew we love you and are very proud efi 

you, today and of way*. 


Mom and Dad 

C&W #$2006 

phtmltn Cabinet CUorp. 

ntfifc&H 1 1 2 p ° nd street 

u -7mMt£ JCT RTE. 1 A & RTE. 1 1 5 
r?pPiy|| NORFOLK, MA 02056 


Gwd Luekf 


Tim Czjfzeiv4ki> 

Thank* far 14 year* &ft great heckey mem&rie*. 


Jeanne Murpff 

We are att&prvud v(pu, 
Wetwepu. Gmd tuck m att 


Mm, Cvtteetn, Jmca, J&hn & 


We're prvud vfi pu, Temf 


Mm, Dad, K0e& 


We are mpr&ud &(pu & pur 

Reach (pr the mr*f 

We twepu LMdsey Bug! 

Mm, Dad& Matt 

Brendan SmUfp 

rfdm ZmM Pafi/ktp 

Thank* (pr being mch a wnderfut 


Nffl idem* tu tnunfjara* en tu 



■ ■ iUK 1 

Mm & Dad 



Atway* tru4t 'pur deamn* and 'remember, wetovepu 

and are atway* here far pu. 

Aunt 'Patty, UncteSceW, Ryan & C&lk 


Brendan SmUh 

From your mete that warm myfimrP, to attyour 

acheivemenfo, you make me proud. May attyour nope* 

and dream* come true. Vou deserve it 'M 


Sam Lazier 


Keep the (ire burning .... 

Vm are an awmme human 



Mm, Dad, Dana & Kyfe 



Mm & Dad 

Lffn Wardner 


Tim Czuzewtkt 


TfmkApr atwayt hotdtnf mjfuind. 
Good tuck next year! 




yea are #4. ene e$ eur tittle $uy* and yet 

amengWaHe^ u&, yew are the i/etce eft ream 

.... Befretre in all that tt true and right. May 


that new leave yea. yeu are an enernwut 

teurce eft pride ftr yeur parenfo Alway* 

■■^m / * 


We fare yea. 


Mem & had 

Bv^^^^ B* " 

\ Wi —. 



Set high §#ak Work hard, Stay (pouted. 

"Ufa Waiting (pr Vm " 

"G# Get Em. " 


Mm, TdadandJ&e 

Atwfa C&tie 

C&ntfratutatfanA, An§ef 


C ' -— 

Gradtna & Grandpa 



Gmdtuck in cettegenext 


Thanh pr always 6euy 

there - rttntitoymf 



Nick Bemn 




Leigh Arm 

Daniel Stijean 


rtt atwatft tovk up W pu... even 

though Tm tatter than ymt now! 

Gevd tuck is cvttege. 



Emma Lynne Perkakt 


lXT"i MJjf 

7{jmad¥anW(mt$dentfytii thedireea&n tfhtt 

dream, and 'endetwm to iive the tifr that -he fm 

Unowned, he wtftnwePwUh 4mm unexpected tit cvnwwn 

heurk"- Thereat* 

May att yvur h&peb and dream cvme true. 

WUh att &ur twe, 

Mm and Dad 


Brwna McHale 


^- ' ' M 

• «ty 1 'j! ^ 

/■■nj J jff H ^H 

"H 1 M 

Bren, Kara & Angela, 
Nv matter where pa pid purtfftreb, 


a mite w pur (ace and(riend& to tkire a Saugh. 
Everything efoe wittfatfow. 
We fow jfeu girfo, and can't wait fcr 

Meg, CaW& W& t 


Emmy, Hp' JL 
yvitr mfc atwap tighti up tk \m> ♦> 2- 
rmm! Gevd tuck tit yvur lc^> m 

upcoming adventure*! ^^5 
C&nyrctititatt&nA with (we, fT , ^^ 

20 Dean Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Knowles Construction Co., Inc. 

Custom Builder 


Great pi) Eric t We are & 

prvud efi pit. GomHuckm 

the rvad ahead. We knew pu 



Mm, had& Ryan 

Brand&n D. Stewart 

One vfi m# (jtmrtte Svtft. T : ^t\ 


Lwe, ww *^f wf 

NanaDeP I •" 2« 

mm A 




• Senior AM Leagues 

• Adult Leagues 

• Women's AM Leagues 

• Junior Leagues - Sat. AM 
^2f^3 • Bumper Bowl Available 
—— • Birthday Party Room 

• Glow Bowl 

• Automatic Scoring 

(508) 528- 1 1 42 




Can thttbe "Heavy D"? "JdifflM? We're wprvudtf 
pit! Dare to dream .... Vmcan make it happen' 


Mm & had 

PS. Here'ttorvadtriptyfavvrueciiwte, "Mmy 
Sentor Vearf 

Ttfter 'The Qyvknumr" Huth 

"Hemayfovk Mean idi&l 'and 'tatk &ke 

m (dirt but den'P Set that {pvt pu. He 

reatfyttan idwt." - Grvuchff Marx 

Gmd tuck at Cernett! 


Mm and Dad 

Mx Kveefwc 


We're & prvud tf pu. AH ^ pur 

hard wrk hm paid effi. NmUfa 

Ume tfrfttfow pur dreamt! 


Mm, Dad. Nick, and Amanda 


Cmgramkami! We are iepreud e^pu. 

i ruwfpr i 

Be kind, ie true. Se ttspefjut, ie Mrvn#, ie irai/e. 
BehmaC. iettoughlfrU, iul motf* importunity- ie 


Mm, Dad. Adam, and Uuidie 

Laura Shaw 

Live, Laugh, Lwe.,,. yvur 

Wtih Lwe Attwp, 

Mum, Dad, KflUe, Gevrgina & 

Att Yeur Fanufy 

Jew M&w 

HHM * ^Kf -j^^^^^^fe'*^r^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

A i W . -flftc ^H 

We're my prvud tf gmf 

Mem, Tdadandjm 


Tvnffetfow ctamateb 

Iwuhpu allmcm in pltoMnf pur dreamA. 
Dm'Pprgetto live each day- to UbfatkM 

I MM lie attending mlte§e at UNCP, 

(in the beaufiftui Mate ef Nvrth Carvkna) 

with h&peitf 'teachinf high tchwl 

Mathematics in the (future. 


~ MindyPike~ 

(bmetodai4@ya/m. mm) 


Vm are the fecaatkm thaftyhfo the mr&t. 

Vffur ftindnm and twe add* to pur beauty. 

Ge and enjvy ttfe. 

Be happy- and be ia^e. 


Mm, Nana, Tmmy, Kara, Brady and Zvey 

Catherine Lawter 


Dad, Mm, Tricta & 

CvngrattiMenA Alexandra! 
We are wyprtrud ofgm 

Mem, Dad, Mty& Carter 



Vm turned eutto he a ptepung 

man Gevd 'tuck wtih pur (future 

plan*. We are my prvud vfj pu. 


Mm, Dad, Temmy& Kel 



Vm have mine (aii arck \ 
Gwdluck a&yvti mwe 
to the next phate qf 'the 
track, Wealwapknew 





Mm, Dad, VuM, & 






We are ieptvud eft yew andattyeur 

ammpMmentb: y&u have §rd<wn info 

titch a wnderfiut yeunf mman. We with 

y#u much happum and 'utcm with y&ur 

adventure* ahead. 


Mem and Dad 


Vm are an awmme Mter and friend. 

We hepe off pur dream c&me true. 

Beit &{j luckf 


Larim and ' Chrtt 



Vm are the perfect ~way> (&r vurfamifytftend. A beaufifiut 

daughter, Miter and (fiend, Vvur dreamb and pur §&afc mtt 

c&me true in a Me. Staff true t&pur4e%, and 'd&n't 'fate pur 

mte. Take att &ur fove and mppvrt M pu p. M been a reat 

pteamre t& watehpugrm. 


M&m, Dad&femiijf 


Vm are tk be4£Chri4fM0thatanpne c&utdever kMh 

(pr. Thank ptt (pr pur fove, taughter, andattthe 

j&^puVe brvughtfo everpne'* titfe. Vm tire a bright tight 

in thte mrtd. Keep thiMng. We are wyprvud &fi &ur 

Mm, Dad, Carvtp, Jack and LMe 

Patrick Rpn Setrf 


Cvntpattilati&nA m pur amntftltthmentt. Vm 

km 6ec&me a pun# man that we are alt *4# 


We lwe pit. 

Mm, Dad, Rebecca & h(0e 


May the good lord be with you 

Down every road you roam 

And may sunshine and happiness 

Surround you when you're far from 


And may you grow to be proud 

Dignified and true 

And do unto others 

As you'd have done to you 

Be courageous and be brave 

And in our hearts you will remain 
Forever Young! 

And when you finally fly away 
We'll be hoping that we served you 

For all the wisdom of a lifetime 

No one can ever tell 

But whatever road you choose 

We're right behind you, win or lose 

Forever Young.... 

Go Get 'Em Class of 2006! 

The Future is Yours! 

With much love, 

Mrs. Greenleaf and Mrs. Lambert 


Wit rock 

The wortdk 

Mom, Dad& Brian 



We are proud of yen! 




takefryou. " 


Dear Bream, 
Congratulation^! We are w proud oft t^u. you are the 
be$ daughter, 4i4ter and 'friend, you atwatft make our 

day a right one. 

Love and God Bfctt you, 

Dad, CaU&n, Meghan, LUm, Ronin and Striker 


Aide C we 

VmVe atwatft been the cuMf 


We & Biz 

Angela C&fc 


Anne, Rick, Chrtt, 


Nafizk Chip mn 

ym'tt 6e fate fcr Mkevt, 4 

Gmdtuck & 

Mm & had 


Class of 2006 

Front Row: Mr. Toby Shepherd, Plainville; Ms. Claire Sullivan, Wrentham, Vice-Chair; Mr. George Cronin, 
Norfolk, Chairman; Mrs. Maureen Howard, Norfolk. 

Back Row: Ms. Margaret Biilian, Wrentham; Ms. Charlene McEntee, Plainville; Mr. Pat Francomano, Plainville: 
Mr. Tim Czyzewski, Student Representative; Ms. Beth Gilbert, Norfolk; Ms. Lisa Kelly, Wrentham. 


y&u are an amazing perm. We are & pr&ud that pu have uiedpur many 
t&tenB to make a peURve di^erence in the live* ofj ether*. Aipurj&urney 
c&nUnm, ive kn&w that 'put 'do even greater thing*. 

We'll mm pur fan-tovutf, creative ener§yl 'Stay true to pur dream and 
rememSer that we mil alway* be here far pu. 

Mm & Dad 

Rv6 CampAeie 

and the C&m 0ft 2006 
ftr0m y0ur pr0ud 

We're 40pr0ud 0ft hmv 



Mm & Dad 

Kfira Marie Arvtd&n 

Dear Kura, 


We are 40 prnud 0ft y0U. 


We fare yen! 

Mm & Dad 

Kftety* T&dd 

May ait 'vft 'pur dream o&me true. 

We are mpwud 0ft yew. 


Mm Dad, KettyandPhitip 


Sarah M tiler 



S&me career decmnA are nuide earltyi 

Atlvur fove and mppvrP, 
Mm, Dad, Rachel & Andrew 


AUttvn Cwzzff 

Cait&n Chipman 

Sam UMkr 

Betf friend mcenumryMhmt. 

Neighhm tince the age tf ene. 

M Seen amazing watzhing ym attgrw up, 

iharing id many good 'Unw together. We knew 

pu'tt continue fo alway* he there pr each other. 

Thanh {pr the memvriefr. 




We are my proud &dyeu. 

May att your dream come 



Mom, had, Mtehaet& Matt 

Congratulation^ PJf 
Atwap rememSer to nay 

pmutve, don't 

procraUinate, tie happy, 

and "Stay on your Feetr 

VmVe made u^ proud f 


Mom & had 


I can't ktiere pit are graduating. Matt gene tytefatf. 

had and I are wprvud tfpu. We want the very Seit far 

pu and att that pit tjeevme. Vm wiMmake a great 

Firef/gheer, AecauM pu are a very caring perm. 

We fovepu, 

Mm Dad, KtfMy, Mike &J&ey 


Marie D/ 


And pit havegrvwn, 
And next year y&u'tt 
be m pur mn. 

y&or {we &{j teaming 
hm made u& prvud. 
When pu're pne the 
h&uAe wm'tbe 04* faudt 

Mm, had, andNiwte 

KriMtn Lawler 


We are 4& pr&ud ^ puand we witt mMpu next 

year. We knew yvu witt 'uieceed '- enfoy every minute &fi 


We iwey&u, 

Mm, had and Em 

Emn> C. Butter 

Thank far a{{the muttc and taughBr - We can't wait 

t& tee what pur ftutitre bring* 


With pride and tve, 

Mm, had, Miehae{& Emity 

"One t?{{ the mtrtf ceurageeitt thinppu 

can cfo & identify' purie/jf, hnm wh& 

pware, what pit SeSm in and 'where 

yen wantfrge. "SM.B 

David, Gevd luck in att yew d&. I 

Urn ytmf 



Fr&m pur Ittdaytftthmt 

Uncte Craiy, Aunt Cathy 


Amton Cmzzv 



LwinftUtfeMer. Great bl# MBr. 

Wffnderftd daughter. 

S& nuitf memvriM &(an amazing high wtmt career. 

We idve pu LOTS! 

Mm Dad, K0eandj&fm 

Thank&far wer0iin$ 

J&fw andAigm 

Best of Luck to the 
Class of 2006 



145 Washington Street 

Plain ville, MA 02762-1309 


Cory Tdiamand 

VmVe been vne &( thej&ift tfmffyje. 



Vm're the crazy- aunP &ft &ur generatton 
wke alwatft make* ua iaugh when pw're 
trifing t& k ier&M, Vm'li ekr mper on 


Niche&tt and Stephanie 


wry Wen$ 



CvHtfrattiMtl&nA, Emerg 



Mm & Dad 


T& tk ChiefjtMn Stajjfj 

IP ha^ been apteaAure wrkinf with each and every vne &( 
pa, y&ur cvmmttitwnt 'and 'dmtfon have made thtt year* 
Chieftain a mrk tf which we can afflbeprvud. Thank pa 
far cvminf tfr the nume/vu* evening meeting and 'abutting 

T&AmyBtdfockandChriMyWafah, Amanda and ' (JndAey 
- l^^ufpi^4M^^^Mma^nandc^un^ uttfoffl 
h&m, theyearbevk wuM n#P have been c&mpfcted. A 

hearty fc THANKS fo atttfput 

Once again, thank* W ait 'the tfudent* wh# wvrkeet 'tfr 

produce tfu* yearbwk, 

Mr MttChett& Mr*. Scanned 

Grajft&n Ca4e Id&mt 

Tv Our Start 


Mm and Dad 

■ ..-».» 

Brum Zttztik 

Brian, thing* are "fovking upf 
Gevd Luck, 

Mm, Dad, Tim & Paige 


Mike Stmmn^ 

C&ngrafidatiM* Mikef 

We're prvud efi pit. 

Gmdtuch to yen and 'the Cltwv(2006f 


Mm, Dad, Chrtt, andAprtt 



Ce(er Guard 
Hetpi,n$ other* 
Pride eft pur ftanalfc 

Mem, Dad 'and ' ChriMy 

The Fetfowtkp 
'The read §eeb e\rer en and en" 







L© Bogdan Cnsta/ReutejBCMis 

v l v4r>r> Colledion 

"~~" ~ 



Vi^B Ml 








._ a^ i - 

■S 1- ^"B^B ^**»Mj»1 " "■"— 

■ * J ^^T- 

r «5^-- ^J 

■ t^^BSS 

'' , • 1 'IT. 


"J *- 




w ?% 




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* f UMI 

f-J •**-, 




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'EteGay/APWde World Photos 


Mario Tama/Getty Images 

19 «*'■'-. 


25 Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida. 

Hurricanes ravage the Gulf Coast region in the fall of 2005, posing an unprecedented test of 
the United States federal emergency response efforts. Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands 
are left homeless in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Katrina, followed by Rita and Wilma. 
The tragedy spurs contributions of money, talents, homes, food and more in an attempt to 
raise spirits and rebuild the area. 


28 Mandatory evacuation of both New Orleans 
and Mississippi is ordered as Katrina becomes | 
a Category 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico. 


Downgraded to a Category 4 storm, Katrina 

hits land. 1.3 million homes and businesses 

lose electricity in Louisiana, Mississippi and 

Alabama. 30 levees are breeched, flooding 

New Orleans and leaving 100,000 people 

stranded. After slow government response, 

civil unrest and looting begins. 


President Bush surveys the damage. 



30,000 National Guard troops are deployed. 


Gas prices spike to as high as $5 per gallon. 
President Bush visits Louisiana and signs 

a $10.5 billion relief bill. Nearly 154,000 
evacuees arrive in Texas. 


The New Orleans Superdome is evacuated. 


President Bush and Congress pledge to 

investigate the flawed disaster response. 


Government-issued debit cards are 

distributed to evacuees. The program fails 

and is ended days later. 


Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency 


Management Agency, resigns. Flooding is 
down to 50 percent in New Orleans. 

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces 

a phased repopulation plan. 


New Orleans begins to reopen. Katrina is named 

the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history. 


Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco 

declares a state of emergency as 

Hurricane Rita strengthens off the coast. 


Rita hits the Louisiana coast and heads 

for Texas. 


Thousands evacuate eastern Texas and the 

9th Ward of New Orleans floods once again 

after levees are overrun. 

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Hurricane Wilma hits southwest Florida. 

i Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, 
President Bush and New Orleans Mayor Ray 
Nagin survey the damage in New Orleans. 

Thousands of Louisiana evacuees receive shelter and 
medical care in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. 

41 *Jj^ 

ael DeMocheiajqwhouse News Service/Landov 

Many animals left behind during 
evacuation are rescued and given 
shelter or reunited with their owners. 

I Damian/Dovarganes/AP/Wide Wdo'Photos,» , 

Homes across the country 
are opened to families left 
homeless in the wake of 
Hurricane Katrina. 

Thousands of volunteers help ■*■ Three months after Katrina 
Habitat for Humanity rebuild strikes, the first New Orleans 

homes in Louisiana, Mississippi public school reopens on 
and Alabama. November 28. 

On October 15, Iraqi voters ratify a 
US. -supported draft constitution that 
establishes a federal state. A second 
election, in December, creates the 
new government's first parliament. 

■*■ Several airlines declare 
bankruptcy due to huge fuel, 
labor and security costs. 
Passengers see fees for pillows, 
aisle seats and more as carriers 
seek new revenue sources. 

During rush hour on July 7, 
London is hit by terrorist 
attacks. Bombs strike one 
bus as well as the city's 
underground trains, leaving 56 
people dead and 700 injured. 

■*■ John G. Roberts Jr. becomes 
the 17th Chief Justice of the 
United States Supreme Court 
following the death of William 

Gasoline prices surge in September 
before falling back to pre-hurricane 
levels. Major oil companies face 
federal questioning after revealing 
profits of over $35 billion during 
this period. 

X;4, ; Ww5i^^ :; c ; : 

In January 2006, Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn 
in as Liberia's president, 
making her Africa's first 
elected female leader. 

Vice President Dick Cheney's 
top aide I. Lewis "Scooter" 
Libby resigns after being 
indicted in October on criminal 
charges relating to the leaking 
of a CIA officer's identity. 

Despite his years of anti-gang 
advocacy while in prison, on 
December 13, former Crips 
gang leader Stanley "Tookie" 
Williams is executed by lethal 
injection for four 1979 murders. 

Methamphetamine use becomes a national 
crisis as meth-related crimes skyrocket on the 
West Coast and in the Midwest. Pharmacies 
remove pseudophedrine products from shelves 
in an effort to control meth production. 


On January 2, 2006, an explosion at the Sago Mine 
in Tallmansville, West Virginia, traps 13 miners 
260 feet below the surface. Sadly, only one of the 
miners is pulled out alive. 

► In October, former Iraqi dictator Saddam 
Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad, pleading 
innocent to the murder and torture charges 
against him. 






r u 

Hoping to restart the peace 
process with the Palestinians, 
Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, 
an area it has occupied since 
the 1967 Six-Day War. 

Civil unrest rocks France as more than 
300 towns and suburbs explode with 
riots and arson. High unemployment, 
racial discrimination and rage are 
blamed for the outbreaks. 


and nature 

A global pandemic is feared as the avian 
flu claims 73 lives in Asia by the end of 
December and threatens to spread across 
the world. 

After seven years and 2.88 
billion miles, NASA's Stardust 
capsule returns to earth carrying 
dust particles from the tail of the 
comet Wild 2. Scientists believe 
the samples hold clues to the 
formation of the Solar System. 

■*■ The American Dental Association 
cites bottled water and its lack of 
fluoride as a major contributing 
factor in the rise of tooth decay 
in children. 

According to recent research, 
chocolate can be a healthy 
treat thanks to its high content 
of flavonoids, which help maintain 
good circulation and reduce 
blood clotting. 

A vaccine that may potentially fight recurring 
cancer cells is successfully tested on 14 
breast cancer survivors. It is hailed as the 
first step toward preventing the disease. 

Jessie Cohen, National Zoo/AP/Wide World Photos NASA TWAP/Wide World Photos 

o/AP/Wide World 




The Sichuan Wolong Panda 
Protection and Breed Center in 
China deals with a baby boom — 
16 pandas, including five sets of 
twins, are born between July and 
November 2005. 

► In August, U.S. astronaut Stephen 
Robinson successfully completes 
an unprecedented emergency repair 
of the space shuttle Discovery while 
in orbit. 

-*- Hikers scaling Mount Mendel 
Glacier in California discover 
the remains of Leo Mustonen, 
a World War II airman whose 
plane crashed in 1942. 

U.S. scientist Gregory Olsen 
pays $20 million for a trip 
to the International Space 
Station aboard the Russian 
Soyuz spacecraft. 

The ruins of what may be the 
oldest Christian church, built 
in the third or fourth century 
A.D., are discovered on the 
grounds of Megiddo Prison in 
northern Israel in November. 


Anticipating the G8 summit in July, Bob Geldof 
organizes musicians for a series of concerts 
around the world to highlight the problem of 
global poverty. 

< Natalee Holloway, 
an 1 8-year-old from 
Birmingham, Alabama, 
becomes the lead 
story for every major 
news outlet after her 
disappearance while 
vacationing in Aruba. 

< In August, American anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan, 
whose son Casey was killed in action in 2003, holds an 
extended demonstration at a peace camp outside 
President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. 

Shops that help you prepare 
meals to treeze, take home 
and cook offer a fun, quick 
and easy mealtime solution 
for busy moms. 

Pets receive the royal Nmj 
treatment with gourmet pet 
foods, available in upscale pet 
food shops, pet food bakeries 
and even ice cream parlors. 


Due to high gas prices, 
consumers opt for smaller 
cars with better gas mileage 
rather than gas-guzzling SUVs. 

The popularity of poker on television results 
in one of the biggest fads of the year — home 
Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. 

< The new food pyramid recommends 
that kids eat more fruits, vegetables 
and whole grains than in the past, 
and exercise 30 to 60 minutes 
each day. 

Blogs become the biggest Web 
craze since the inception of 
the Internet thanks to sites like and 

<9 warnet Bros./courtesy bverelt Lollection 


I Bureau L.A. Collect* 


Praised by critics and audiences alike, 
Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 
classic King Kong becomes a giant 
box-office success. 


Golden Globe Best Actress 
nominee Keira Knightley 
shines in the hit movie Pride 
and Prejudice, based on the 
1813 Jane Austen novel. 



W A 


Vj WarUr Bmj /Courtesy Everett Collection Jfft 

^ MT 

■*■ Moviegoers rush to see Marc/? of 
tfre Penguins, a surprise hit 
documentary that follows a year in the 
life of a flock of Emperor penguins. 

■*■ "The boy who lived" returns 
for more adventure in the 
fourth movie installment of 
the Harry Potter series, Harry 
Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

The life of the late Johnny Cash is the basis 
of the Golden Globe-winning Walk the Line, 
starring Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix 
as Cash. 


Box-office profits are down 
in 2005, due in part to the 
trend of movie fans opting 
for the quick release of hit 
movies on DVD. 

► The beloved C.S. Lewis series 
comes to life on the big screen 
in Walt Disney's The Chronicles 
ofNarnia: The Lion, the Witch 
and the Wardrobe. 

Best Picture 

Academy Award 


Brokeback Mountain 



Good Night, and Good Luck 



t Collection 


■■■K ■• '-- - --- •-,.--..- 

inilii'jiuiiiiwWijBliWiltiilNi :,, '" : i 


I Fr7 . i *. 

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X' TI 

© 20th Century Fox 

lilm Harp tll< 

Courtesy Everett Collection 

< America's No. 1 rated show for 
2005 is the CBS crime drama 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 

■ "Survivor" (CBS) 

< Surprisingly 
high DVD sales 
influence FOX to 
bring back the 
formerly canceled 
cult favorite 
"Family Guy." 

m ■- 

▼ Green Day tops oft a career year 
with seven MTV Video Music Awards, 
including Best Video of the Year 
for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." 

With Late Registration, Kanye 
West maintains his status as 
hip-hop's top dog, landing on 
top of Rolling Stone's Top 50 
Albums of 2005. 

A Reggaeton, which blends 
influences of hip-hop, Jamaican 
reggae and dancehall with Latin 
American bomba and plena, 
reaches its height in popularity 
in 2005. 

* Seattle indie favorites Death 
Cab for Cutie break into the 
mainstream with the album 
Plans and "Directions," a 
series of 12 short films. 

► University of Texas 
grad Cowboy Troy 
bursts onto the 
country scene with 
a new music genre, 
"hick-hop," which 
he proudly displays 
on his class ring. 

► Strong releases by Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, 
Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani rule the music 
scene. Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi earns 
eight Grammy nominations and is the top-selling 
album of 2005. 

2006 Best new Artist 
Grammy nominations 

■ Ciara 

| Fall Out Boy 

1 Keane 

1 John Legend 

1 Sugarland 


Nintendo DS owners can now 
be virtual dog owners as well, 
thanks to the wildly popular 
Nintendogs series. 


-*■ J.K. Rowling releases yet 
another bona fide best-seller 
with Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince. 

-*■ The Star Wars franchise 
remains a juggernaut in the 
videogame industry with the 
winter release of Star Wars: 
Battlefront II. 

m I 

Gamers wait in line for hours to get their 
hands on the year's hottest holiday video 
game console, Microsoft's Xbox 360. 

0XSOX36O _ i 



£) "x-0 

The addictive numbers logic puzzle, Su Doku, 
captures the attention of crazed puzzlers 
across the nation. 

i The classic game 
of 20 Questions 
gets a makeover 
for 2005 with the 
artificial intelligence 
powered 20Q, 
one of this year's 
hottest toys. 


i Music videos and TV shows 
are accessible on the go with 
the newest must-have item 
from Apple, the iPod with video. 

▼ In June, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 
NBA Championship over the Detroit Pistons 
in a thrilling seven-game Finals series. Spurs 
forward Tim Duncan wins MVP honors. 

In February 2006, figure 
skater Sasha Cohen leads 
the U.S. Olympic Team into 
the XX Olympic Winter 
Games in Torino, Italy. 

■*■ Danica Patrick, 23-year-old 
race driver, wins Rookie of the 
Year honors in both the Indy 
Racing League's IndyCar 
Series and at the Indianapolis 
500, where she finishes fourth. 

A Citing conduct unbecoming 
to the team, the Philadelphia 
Eagles suspend wide receiver 
Terrell Owens for four games 
and deactivate him for the 
remainder of the NFL season. 




■*■ The Pittsburgh Steelers hold off the Seattle Seahawks 
for a 21-10 victory in Super Bowl XL. Future Hall of 
Famer Jerome "The Bus" Bettis retires after the game. 

© Kurdzuk. Tony/Star Ledger/Cojtafc Gary C. Caskey/EPA/landov 




NHL hockey returns in fall 2005 
after losing the entire '04-'05 
season to a labor dispute. Fans 
flock to see players in new 
uniforms and exciting innovations 
like tie-breaking shootouts. 



► Hawaiian golf phenom Michelle 
Wie turns professional on her 16th 
birthday and signs endorsements 
worth $10 million, making her 
one of the highest paid female 
athletes in the world. 

*> In November, WWE superstar 
Eddie Guerrero dies of heart 
failure. In 2004, Guerrero was 
only the second wrestler of 
Hispanic heritage to win the 
WWE championship. 

American Lance Armstrong 
wins his unprecedented 
seventh Tour de France in 
July. Armstrong then retires 
from competitive cycling. 

BMX superstar Dave Mirra wins 
the gold medal in the BMX Park 
Finals of X Games XI. 

▼ Longhorns quarterback Vince Young 
leads Texas to a national championship 
with a dramatic 41-38 comeback victory 
over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. 

-*■ Swiss tennis superstar Roger 
Federer wins two Grand Slam 
titles, at Wimbledon and the 
U.S. Open, along with all four 
ATP Masters Series events. 

■"• Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at 92 in 
Detroit. Parks' refusal in 1955 to give up her 
seat on an Alabama bus eventually led to laws 
desegregating public transportation nationally. 

Beloved "Gilligan's Island" 
funnyman Bob Denver dies 
of cancer at 70. Although only 
98 episodes of the popular 
sitcom were made, Denver was 
typecast as the nutty Gilligan 
his entire career. 

■*■ Kristin Cavallari, featured 
on the MTV reality show 
"Laguna Beach," becomes 
one of Hollywood's hottest 
young personalities. 

Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang 
shines in the lead role of 
Sayuri in the film adaptation 
of the acclaimed Arthur Golden 
novel Memoirs of a Geisha. 

■* Actor Tom Cruise, 43, makes headlines all year with his controversial 
views on psychiatry, his new love, actress Katie Holmes, and his couch 
gymnastics on CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and NBC's "Tonight 
Show with Jay Leno." 

► Actor-comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65 in 
December. Pryor's concerts and movies in the 
70s and '80s inspired performers like Eddie 
Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Robin Williams. 

© Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection 

Sino DomeiiicoAP'Wirte World Pliolos 

AP Photo 



-*■ Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's 
"World News Tonight," dies of lung 
cancer in August. The popular TV 
journalist held the anchor position 
for 22 years. 

jostens 9 

Coretta Scott King, legendary 
civil rights advocate and 
widow of the Rev. Martin 
Luther King Jr., dies in 
January 2006. She was 78. 

© 2006 Jostens, Inc. 05-0645 (1836) 



• ■ 

• # 

« * 


^■k ^■fc.SBBr- — " "7 " "•""" " 

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v if w *• ^W f /#« If- - r* ^ >'# , « H i .V^ „ 7^7%ir 


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